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Spaz's Big Announcement 5-21-14

May 21, 2014|

Spaz dropped by to drop a bombshell on the morning show....that being the coming birth of his second child.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online -- on your schedule -- WA AF dot com. Announced. I was while I was somewhat anti climactic -- it is kind of like my life. And I thought that was appropriate was that like your life. Yes I'm -- -- Khamenei said hey listen I really -- command I love the listeners and I really wanna make an announcement I wanna tell you guys something in. And and wanted to come by this morning and so I there's listeners hear that won their way into the pool party. There's people listening waiting to leave -- mail messages I'll tell so what is what is your what is your big announcement. -- -- -- -- -- You guys in my team -- and I thought that I you know if I was gonna make this announcement I should tell you guys first foretold my family. I'm Greg knew I you know and something I've been dealing with I don't know maybe six for six years now right I. Learned what it was like to deal with the situation and I've been dealing with the situation for a long time ago. And I thought you know after my father passed away maybe it wouldn't do -- something and maybe it wouldn't come -- oh yeah. I'm day. That's not that what you told me the -- and -- -- right now. -- And I tried that let you not learn you're not going to. Good talent -- I had -- that's -- question -- that this man I'm -- economic team that I am here you impregnate -- with with your daily avenue Q did you know -- -- gonna get -- let me get this straight you. -- launched a new trashing business. GG has got to raise and and and and upgrading job to travel the country yet and that's so so stands going to be looking after your newborn. What is your brother standing -- So you you you knocked her up well maybe -- maybe Ryan -- I was not really sure who I'm I really showed whose job it is against getting married. Well I -- father has anything to do any gas it's really disease at the house last night it was a I have to get my shocked -- are we gonna do this in the next week or two I'll tell you and I was like. He's insisting the in there yet he absolutely in some Obama he went down the line last night of you're a loser -- don't have a real job you don't make a realty check -- quickie job because you didn't wanna work I think. You think you got to get in MIC in the money you won't see a dime ask if you go right in my granted stiff you -- -- you're both. Our graduation right now I'm taking your interior that's dostum is. On -- he obviously you don't follow the take jumped out a philosophy. -- I would've learned -- -- -- LP announced they'd seen that myself a little bit of money by wearing a condom you know. That two -- could be reasonably. After. A big deal -- -- -- -- -- and happens where you you weren't planning. It was planned a what are you talking and we talked about it for months and months and years what's the pay out for the people that had the as we'll have another child before Daniel has won yeah I look. May I felt awful lot when I when I called -- out I was like and I got to talking now before I make this an officer that she can and can't handle it ideally you cry happy that he stream to mention on the phone probably -- We that was evident now that he be great. Eight a techsters says that clearly. Gailey has daddy issues because that's why she got knocked up wouldn't -- ups that path. As I act and state and I mean this guy was absolutely here's. You know what. I like the -- I like being a bomb in the first thing I said I go hey you know while. We can get better have health insurance the mass health now. Listen to get it sounds like -- -- pandemic Annan on how much my man mr. -- -- did did did you know do you the -- we literally yes I am divorced I was officially three days ago. -- -- -- It takes like hundreds when he is now finalist yeah. Just in case yeah. Now so the so apparently is if it can ovulate it that it did it do ovulate is that how is that how that goes adds I'm. What a text it would like to know what type of backwards Maine you're going to -- this time around have an Angel what do I want. High seas are here's what I wanna name Cesar season why why I just I love -- I -- are you name for the salad there. That city goes you got any Mike Reid after dressing I area it's NAFTA and emperor. I should just like that I'm thinking -- Pressly. Well you know why. The burn -- -- normal name is -- is the guy is that for Jean -- -- elements that I. And I. Oppressed Salinas and yet I also like kings lead kept the heat -- -- 00 you are a kicker drew it Kingsley care editing. I came hey I think my name charging opting Stanley parziale can stay in the present my good dinner roll. -- Okay king parziale -- -- good -- goes you know most of -- I want you all about it. It sounds like any good isn't it sounds like a casserole that was what it sounds like like -- that you have Britney. Like hit that one and if imitation crabmeat one can't think -- Kosher -- French's green have Brad I don't know that's my -- no sign of -- that. Know you don't know the avenue. Boy I don't and it's going to be a boy there's no way if I hadn't thought he did not listening to honestly a doctor told me so I'm having a -- so -- -- Mike Garrett at the -- and can you imagine I've said this long sentence -- worst possible thing you can be in the world Hewitt is there -- ugly chick my daughter would be so ugly and so he's -- -- like everybody up -- -- pro life would suck because beautifully don't get everything. An ugly girls did not think they -- honestly it would probably be like game three on the other night. Where where. Everybody trouble. And I -- yeah. -- -- -- Although he got it comes to the ugly parziale -- and and Revere one read I can't posture. Public -- didn't -- Yes but she has both male and female genitals -- -- father doesn't. Almighty god and -- -- I don't he hadn't. I -- I can't believe. I mean that I guess we should be happy for you but I just I can't believe -- and you meaning I can't believe the didn't. Covered covered up that that you're the you're making it. I now I'm -- my one shot at making a ton of money or at least that enrich their grandfather just passed away which means I'm one step away from getting the money yeah. Plotting to listen you don't like epidural Mike obviously laws and -- President Clinton is there any of -- additional. So long to sit out. All right well IE so I am my job back now. What about -- Why does every hits these guys guess it -- -- this every kid. -- item is Q that sucks you thought -- Yeah so that was why Anthony wanted to share would you. Because you're his WA AF family he wanted to share that he is having another baby another child. -- -- around the block -- Half I thought I'd like -- I actually get to -- clocked -- Opera now and I -- -- -- -- fulltime dad -- economy like it just takes -- quick takes you so I'll. And act like why I like a year if the house of -- I've had my kid but. -- apparently I didn't realize this but ugly people usually have attractive -- the techsters as is that true. Now and I am and Jaret Wright what John random yes Jon Voight had to Angelina Jolie. -- in a -- so damn good point that's a pretty good point. All right. Well if you would like to and I know you would leave the hill mail message about that you can do so at 6177795463617779. 5463. They lessen my ex wife was like a great job you ruining someone else's -- Real wing not a real work visit. It you know you know -- great -- is it takes about. Takes about four years -- on your -- being together. Aaron -- -- how am I gonna get like eight years Iranian. Just understand it took about not to vote for five years for Andy's parents to give up out like you -- I like. We can't be miserable anymore she's not leave in the jump the BF of it is so -- -- -- treat -- -- yeah.