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Sit Down with Steel Panther 5-21-14

May 21, 2014|

Before they hit the acoustic performances the guys sat down with Greg and the gang.

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-- Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I always online and on your schedule -- WA AF dot com. Still can't there has arrived and that would bring them over rubble gave them a microphone let's talk to those guys desire. The steel -- guys spam link do we have a round of applause for -- took place. -- -- -- How -- the feeling that you making reunion over here hug -- around. -- how was the how is the trip down everything everywhere to come from Canada is that is that where you guys native Montreal Montreal -- was Montreal. Where was the show you as Canadian it was Canadian where it was great it was great when it wasn't last night where -- we in the metropolis. Of metropolis blunt yes they all -- about their hockey team Lucy -- a little down about that they were down about. Yeah yeah but would it be picked him up Montreal must be a great city for you guys to play with the Levys because the ladies love -- campus about. It it it was it was amazing -- -- they're loud they're they're a person's gonna have to go hard to beat him while Boston will go hard tonight so I -- you guys are the house of blues tonight which he had fantastic. On and the new albums out and do and while. Yes yes it's weakening Ali Kenny yeah you just -- -- I feel like -- us to have a flagrant I don't know we get some coffee and I just wanted to I just thought I want it essentially says smoking -- I think if that's going to be unilaterally. You went to sleep. Com we'll get some coffee and then I want you guys to help. Judge the bikini contest before the court go check out some of the girls now while I'm sure you already have our -- it mixes for CIA. Mile. And then. We'll get guys you know -- that we we're gonna have to figure out how on the public. Airways you guys to play alive but we did before in the studio it -- figured out we're down we'll self -- So that our guys I. Brought applause for steel panther there -- that's. And that it's. If you. There's there's some texting and and say who is steel panther if you have a sense of humor anyway enjoy parity. And do you are familiar with the eighties here and then you'll enjoy a steel --