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Hill-Mail 5-21-14

May 21, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include Spaz's big announcement.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online -- on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Now each unit turned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- old man out. Yeah and I that area and is -- about. -- and her pet trick. Gaining -- current Erica. On WA anything. I right. I do want to mention that if you miss that as his big announcement earlier this morning he considers you. Who listened to the showed to be his family so we wanted to come back and tell you that he is knocked up excuse me -- -- he has is. He is having a baby with -- miracle my brother is all just an accident couldn't believe they needed I didn't tell anybody a heated town -- I would and I talked to my family my aunt Maria just facts and she's a cabinet meeting you don't tell -- person I run out on us now I guess I. Hi I got my running she's automating out. So yes so Caylee has -- as they're having another baby and I feel sorry their first the first. We'll meet the F I obvious is that is that something backwards lakes or not I am telling me this is one of the titans all OK I like tight throughout my tighten Ozzy out tonight. A former editor parziale he's -- -- on Moscow -- -- media middle name. -- -- I like now who knows anything autos -- you like to -- -- Atlantic guys that are not named source is my dog's name. I'm wrong with -- won't I have a kid you have a dog and designs. I don't myself support payments. -- it is not very passionate custody of a dog though. It is a -- serious get something out -- out. A lot -- now I know why you do these events yes because -- he's gone and you finally get to do is show. Without LD -- -- for years I've hated doing live remotes but one thing always happens -- live remote yeah -- as he takes off that's all right. I get to -- wants to do a show once and that's what we're not having LP. So all the techsters. Wanna know why you didn't Wear a condom. What they're all they're all wondering why did learn your lessons you tell me she was I don't know I mean don't -- I didn't love it might have been a couple of drinks. Probably -- one Arianna any kind of thin maybe -- was involved I don't know maybe John legend's new song was playing in the background -- -- mean on the thinking of critiquing -- you know I am of course you think -- thing in my ex wife. Well I beat him. I'm hitting it might drop volley and coming out of that -- I -- Seriously -- -- that all my stuff beyond Revere beach. You. Getting me hi Harry. You know joking around satire. Is this going to set you back financially. Can I go any further back. Right. I think we're not anything that helps me out financially I was looking up you know what kind of benefits you begin if you have to children. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What you get I think it's like fifty dollars a kid so you get a hundred bucks a week from Santa isn't real good while -- -- -- my recent. I in my I don't wanna work. I love taking -- hope I honestly not my goal in life -- never work while haley's parents that's the money and Jamie's parents have a have a lot of money. I'm gonna be going to Florida check out my new property -- you amnesty here right now I want him. Enacting these mom is it a place up by after a man you -- -- -- -- -- he's. This senior -- where the world where the where the parents. Where they were they happy bird for you to to use haley's father could not be more pissed off. What -- I'm Obama I'm a loose there at night raised it isn't the guy you're you're gonna that you could have Ryan mallet the guy who makes a million dollars a year sit on the bench and he chose to go beat a guy who find speak Rolex is in trash. That's period a loser and quits his job no doubt. No less. Whatever. When a bomb our rights well today's hill mail messages are brought to you by noon turf care. Your residential and commercial lawn care provider. Visit noon turf care dot com and mentioned WA AF to get a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. And here are. The best -- mail messages of the previous 24 hours. To me to -- -- what he thinks he can't. Yeah immediately show like he parent Greg part of my parents but yet our -- Danielle. Let's go to get over the little -- but there are a little bit but I'll be great thank. Now it's totally healthy amount of mouth that you don't you look globally in your sun dress isn't token Izod -- the -- yeah this will be do it is that you keep glancing over and I can see see your side -- I've resisted the urge to take a picture -- I warned Iran about that earlier isolated the the only sitting you're probably gonna get. A little side boob action here you know you don't care don't look don't look. I go ahead. Let me hand. It out and wrote in that car. It's. A trash like from. And we really need him. -- And that message that you imagined. I just love it there are so many you know good parents out there and -- working people they can't have kids. Problem now I don't want on the way. As people pissed -- right now they can't have kids. I was on this you don't want to -- -- -- -- next appropriate exit is made up your -- like the you're like the Antonio Cromartie radio. How many. And a half who's going to be next. Thinks that right now out of what our baby mom is everywhere but. I think they're really old. -- -- -- -- -- I think that's a little loud laugh at my situation as they're laughing at your expense and I'm laughing with me that's how happy like on a congratulation now right now they're laughing because you've got another woman pregnant that's. And ruin another. So you ruined another person's life you know what sucks is that moment you know and I start with Marian when he was old enough to realize I was ecstatic. This book it has to go through the same thing we're when it finally dawns on him. I'm like nine. This is not behind the you know work people that wanna go in the stall after kidney disease it's as has been in there thinking helpless -- -- Okay. Yeah. And I literature I promised my amateur titles on my body you know shut down shut -- an hour am I'm not sure if he's listening he might be on the -- -- now okay I love your body and I miss him it seemed like a month glad he's listening. -- who he he had. We've got caught our affect our opener at that Europe particularly young to. -- is talking about his business. Take junk. And the fact that eight drug addicts. Whose house it was stuff foreclosed on. Had been doing his his bathroom. Number twos in -- in a crock pot and yeah. 62 bags of human -- And that's better than than working on the show and I don't think there. With the listeners on a daily basis and using. That yes it here. Is it it doesn't do it yet. Doesn't give you a hot tying run at the -- crap is a pressuring me right you know kind of hill mail or anything like that it's just it's just smells it's right if you. And isn't that exactly who doesn't give me at home right now. All about today. I see it took a look at LP. He is dressed like a patent Jon Bon -- and it isn't he looks you know they keep that keep the traveling and aren't any winter boots -- here I love I love the -- body -- lovely job you know you know what you ordered that when you belly button sticks -- further than -- penis off. It's literally it's a biker buddies can demolish you -- Al -- I hope I'm Ali you've got to put the cowboy hat back on I -- I love the. -- behind. Police censor these photos. Omar Al Omar Omar I'm trying to take pictures shows going on all right OK here we go LB. Rock star okay. LB is dressed appropriately for steel panther and I am going to -- that picture for you. Right now on my Twitter feed Greg -- W goes along Johnston and now those -- broad as the as the days and just give you can't do -- -- digit. -- anything and everybody you know it. 00 in the boot. Our guys -- -- and vacate sorry went just squeaked out. He's got. Still bad and it made me. -- rock and roll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're magic where'd you get those -- help me was that like at the army navy store like where did you. Where did you find those things I've as a kid that's probably left over from the wrestling career out of soon all right go ahead branch forty continued. Thanks for England he can't. Erica. People -- can't put anything -- that operates 350 pounds and yeah. 640. Choose DN. -- a lot of that Patrick announced that it the UK -- here. A beautiful bride and pure. And that nothing. Are you guys gonna get married now -- any America and I I really have -- are you Mary. I'm not married yet no limit to -- on and on -- I am divorced but I'm gonna get married I really don't have a choice and I you know where her father was. You know we've Vista where he's gonna do this summer they'll get my gun right now -- JP tomorrow what are you gonna propose my daughter in this is the classic. I told them I didn't have money for a ring. He said he by. -- yeah I egos like Fiji he goes I'll bite to tear out what are as a whole -- as a father of the daughter in must be the worst possible thing when she tells you. She's like I'm pregnant and that it's with him I mean it must be just so depressing I would say it's so disappointing okay. We'll look in their eyes I went through -- and honored. The hollow look in their eyes is ideally there -- For the cameras like Monday night sky you that hey this is -- guy a break up frank and I that's when you just you Justine in weight right now pregnant I get -- So. And a lot of people thought that that that text again about whether Ryan mallet is actually the father of this of this child -- but I but it's you mean you -- yeah I am -- -- -- and I think it could be Floyd. Oh boy in the you know data trips to rock Colorado yeah Floyd yup and it and it I hope it's timeout had not to have a -- -- like six looked on an athlete who do you know a texture is reminding me do you know what Paul reveres. Horse and and -- have in common a they they were both ridden hard all might may have patriot I don't know. I can go ahead. When he speaks -- Thought what you don't wrote on your new child is -- -- -- and her work in Ormond street while daddy you're. I don't know what now to your kids must have daddy issues that if you have a girl they're gonna have I did I do think he -- married exist like five dance I was at a -- I'm here my kids looking around target everybody's got like ten grand parents paid that they. It it it it's let me -- it's that may he burn our baby is that Derek spot I don't know I think it's that they would Emma and just I get you shall be my dad. Guess you are human I think to add more boring. Thought that -- you're adding we're going to tell my stones did I I just got to keep up with steel -- and yeah I hope he went he's got a full leather vest on cal lawyer. And all the rest it. Are right I am read tweeting a picture that Ernie took of the girls in their bikinis getting ready for -- McKenzie has a guy so. OLB took as Michael who is going in the dressing indigestion aren't that serious server here. I think Leo I'm doing an interview for my -- client. Now listeners vote MacKenzie news. Kweisi shedding the dressing room door a little bit -- some compelling on Will MacKenzie as. Is his microphone. Yeah my my were only here because there's one -- little girl I serve my freaking out where you were you with you Richard. Shannon did you and all the job if you want. I'll let you out if you want -- -- bass says the same thing when he -- -- how. How could she wanted to and I'm just adjusted all right obviously the go ahead energy. -- grew old and it. And it can go around. They couldn't they'd be you want to mom I love me anymore. Formed a message. Does not -- -- not Marion now does he know he's having -- siblings I I thought he was very excited. I wanted to know who the finalists absurd. -- Old man. Okay -- lower notebook line now. But the battery political reporter but a bit of. And the did as -- -- -- music town for one day to meet with -- Jackie Bradley knocked up I they've got -- and you and you taunted police. 709. AM. As a -- they evaluate here and they're worried about it pavlik yeah it though -- -- and was then it. I -- that is. The don't have the it'll have if it doesn't soon and it won't just thank you you need to get it done and I am 37 lead on the with the -- -- -- coming -- about -- -- the -- don't worry about the money now what does that you added underwear. Aero is not -- Pat Dawson out -- he's. I didn't show off my penis and -- with the black the black was hiding my -- don't like I have those nice Spinal Tap you got -- me that's rockers as -- I got to that it would abandon them in these guys are legit I can't fool around again have masses today man yeah my opportunity. As well I don't know. But does he does have a -- -- he does have a was knuckled. That's disturbing erratic can't look Robby he can't look at that. I think and we need to raise yeah absolutely after this when I -- it. Seven and ninety and -- Well that Britain where you have the right there in the world. That. And that's gonna go to -- -- him the ideal and go to our -- telling -- it's -- -- can feel good about that I'm working entering he can't be thrown in the pool. 7190. You know predictable until today I. -- -- realizing that I really don't -- that little world. The -- met a lot of people are saying that. But people want to laugh a lot of people love you -- people I had in my wrist so a lot of bring Max as a lot of people a lot of and I -- I. Had a reason for me I've nobody really tweets me anymore. I 6:41. AM. Who played a lot of you -- ordered. That these young kid yeah and our. And I didn't really do honestly we know I -- and -- the heights kids. 7:39. AM. I can't eclectic how to. Bad. If Britain Italy and punk rock music picked you name. That that. If everybody's asking the same question but we're happy -- alcohol or happy yeah. You get -- -- did you go back to when it happened when that it went conception was that you remember what it was and certain neither was -- giant is I don't know like I couldn't -- it all I know -- there was drinking afterwards. So I feel bad you know I I totally -- thing with it I love my -- return I'll find it you know I didn't know for -- -- -- -- cruising you know god knows what's gonna happen I did yeah. Accordingly think they have with your mama yeah. We know -- I found out.