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Ernie Boch Jr and Paul Geary 5-20-14

May 20, 2014|

Our pal EBJ joined the show and had a special guest with him in Paul Geary.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Pace speaking of tomorrow. I think Ernie is joining us from his home studio this morning earn eight. Greg Hill Paul Geary we're. All very. Oh hell -- -- Former extreme drummer. And now music industry magnate who I guess I assume here and Ernie those homes that journeys home studio. Why -- I am Greg and I I. I stayed the night last night and in the in the -- mansion here in the -- and I became jealous. I tied the guy up by barricaded the doors I'm not leaving -- And this is me now and so. Well and you get Paul -- Wallace's. Along his years you know able to let -- and for the pool party and you have the proper chemicals in place and everything and that's -- about straight and like you like LB like a team you guys are in. All -- -- and you guys there you guys work with steel panther and their playing -- tomorrow that's right we're gonna steal at this managers. And you know. Still Panthers really I guess the old -- remember when they played live here in the studio it's probably like three or four years ago now but they really. China became well known in Los Angeles because all the musicians and -- actors and actresses would show up and sing with -- ranked yet that's potentially treat you wouldn't believe the films I mean everyone. Yeah. And. I am -- give them credit I mean that effort and energy they put in to have to do to make steel parent there what it is which is. At the nominal like give people had been don't know still apparently got to go check from our eighteen years and older but. Get a check when a new two man it's got incredible. Yeah they they really adds I've never seen anything like it myself I mean with the they picked comedic ad lib the you know along with the ripping playing that's saves and for me I mean it. I I've seen them open -- Metallica in Europe and go over huge because you know it's hard to beat him up when we get top player rips every bit as well it is -- -- earning an outright. You know well and you're watching sometimes and -- probably like wait a minute this is the parity of extreme right here this. -- -- -- A tactic of the unity. Just. Well we're looking forward to be there tomorrow morning he's staying in town -- be there -- I am yeah I'm I'm waiting in fact of the buses and roll up right here from Canada with a -- and excellent you know you the united it's the greater. And then there at that there at the house of blues tomorrow night and all so that's right okay. Well listen it's always great to talk the you the year long time friend this station in the shows though. We're delighted that you've gone on to. To be the I don't know the does The Who like who I compare you to lake. The government one though who went from I was elvis' manager. Can colonel Tom -- group Parker. He'll let you know partner colonel -- -- like the current market to Italy elect the colonel Tom Parker of our generation. Appeared. You know Peyton did you. He probably worn out but we were talking earlier. About spirit the being in spirit he and now they filed a lawsuit. Against Led Zeppelin saying that that -- intro stairway to heaven was ripped off from them. How. What are you -- was in here and he was saying that that Led Zeppelin is actually accused a lot. Of of ripping stuff off as a musician what do you say about that. Let's actually really interesting because I'm Jason bombs manager yup and I was on his bus just two days ago. And that the plagiarism thing actually had come up and we were. Shoot the breeze about it and thinking well you know -- Jimmy Page absolutely. You know the in Robert took took riffs and lyrics from from the music behind them. But I think really what happens is they they they revolutionized at all. So late if you prefer me at all flies I'm OK that I love Led Zeppelin love everything that they've done and and and they took everything they did to the next level and and plugged it into sort of there. There. You know way of delivering music so yeah so. As a musician. You're not bothered by that that that's kind of a common thing essentially. And it really is any PP you know is the idea here is look we're all influenced. You know they going. Always back him in The Beatles were were ripping everything before them because that's when you grow up on -- excited about for extreme. Is -- actually listening to it it then we were taken Led Zeppelin. Riffs -- -- and guys. Islam I'm gonna play you this is the -- tourists. From spirit and you tell me what do you think it sounds like this there way to have an intra OK -- hearing this I'd take a listen. Yeah. What do you bank -- dissimilar phrasing but when it comes down to it. There actually musicologist. That you can hire because this that this. There's a definitive law of how many notes. Over so many measures. That. Have some lineup I think it's like -- and -- the right you may have your aggregates like over seven or something like that. Right right. Well. -- hopefully. More than words isn't the next song targeted by. Art or you're gonna have to give them money and I. -- I can't wait to see guys tomorrow's yeah he's -- -- this -- not going to be there you get the -- get media get the pool ready and I got to try to get you guys in the house of blues tomorrow night yes. It's not what time is -- that I have to be in bed and nine. Lucky I'm 47 years -- so LB I got to try to get in the host of boost the we stand here I can't wait. You guys solid straight day when you let -- out -- we set alone it's great to talk to you. Where -- thinks there's Paul Geary.