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Hill-Mail 5-20-14

May 20, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours and the topics were all over the place this time.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions deal made up. And Pitt couldn't -- LB -- I'm going to happen because it doesn't recognize that on any. It won't be VO LB hologram of the bowl tomorrow -- be -- be -- the else. He'll be lights -- tomorrow morning's broadcast. I text -- loves it when he talked about being armed and you know they think I. The big turn on it and you you shot weapons before absolutely yeah and you go to the range occasionally I didn't like very much -- -- in real quick movement. Target practice and I heard that doesn't own your skills if you're gonna -- firearm are licensed to -- just to protect the cats -- -- the squirrels there there's your valuables when does that interest you just because you enjoy issues that are right. Don't mail today -- you by noon turf care we -- residential and commercial line care provider. Visit noon turf care dot com. And mentioned WA AF for a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care this is -- dot. -- yeah Americans to wanted to throw it from that's about patented a girl next door. Yes. I want it to the perfect -- mentally and you know you're absolutely right and target I -- take you away from all this is that there particularly the moments. And he can -- You know war world. War well -- then how are not into -- Not this fallacy of logic. Was that is -- an SAT questions -- acting out of squirrels and girls club nights. -- is V than it would be legacy he does not necessarily love seeing your mind our own home Warner. Soon -- -- well complicit in the -- talking but great hidden story. Celebrating street and I gonna -- looking to try to radio who put the item. And that'll replicate. It who didn't and you don't -- -- in the as a -- talking. Who killed take you know when you happen in chronicling the events leading up to it was a pity is that. -- and now I'm not dying now I just I think it's allergies or a cough or the murders. I don't know the doctor now. I because I'm feeling better as the -- you know I can talk better I'm not escrow key and a parent it ligaments in busy packing and now I will I'll get on the Asif practices. As -- -- -- -- of them -- on time. I -- Ameritrade in -- originated after my annual interest to 600 feet. I don't know hours now on the way I mean I'm not I'm not view I don't get like a slight sneeze and then call in for five days isn't calling -- -- got to be aware that the -- -- notice on that. The fifth that there aren't any hand 40 PM. Eric I think what you think she didn't get it. Who aren't rock where that I was -- -- gold price in the case. And that can. You know I can I don't know whether it's better. To have the Canadians get absolutely. Demolished by the Rangers or if it makes you feel bad because you just think you know what. The Bruins should've beaten this team I think Dick Carey Price not plan makes the difference and of -- as mentally that's got to make it their top court. Of course he's so good and -- Bruins series stood on his head right and many don't have them. As a teen -- like -- what are. Gupta back up -- guy is it was is ridiculously awful in playoff factions are outsmarting the youngster or koskie yeah. So Canadians do and two in this series with the Rangers after last night. Who all hopeful. Money I had 18 PM. We're better all right well that little vehicle -- -- -- -- -- or -- -- typical I'm bigger target ought there ought to. -- Yeah. And then I enjoy it laughter and -- spaz out on the show as there is efforts that it was -- -- -- -- -- Bitter and and just -- and when -- all gonna come out he shows up so they'll be there tomorrow with the big announcement for you and he says that most of you. Will really appreciate the announcement because apparently of the opportunity gives you. To torture him back after the next some man several months. Stinks and he normal old. -- Where your barrel because there are no way. Al thank your current. Wave it currently we're located at -- and remember builder and aches freak thing app. I got so -- By my kids over those lightning balances that I couldn't even you judge I could you donate them. I think I don't know anything I could even put him on once to lose so I couldn't believe that I had selected sag but they immediately came to a close I got these that was pretty Dark -- and. Yeah like that compliment you on those less we like those I don't know if the neon green goes with the all of Sox well the Tennessee goes on. -- address -- student Molly I'm an -- you know you are the lakers are doing him no Billy what's and that's our socks and I could have I didn't I just it was dark this morning when I got dressed and you too fatter too much in pain to tie your shoes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's that's the ultimate battle I begin their body and that is a -- problem okay. The back this is a four minutes of a role vick's. So hold your ground bent over trying to you're selling yourself well I can't get -- -- that you want your you don't wanna be that guy like -- big -- I always you know as you get management when you turned when he got to put in your foot up on -- mean I'm -- -- -- on society issues are already -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of this back is almost better than it's just if I move in the wrong way I could have another two weeks at a like misery. Cringe like that cringe everytime you turn in the wrong direction always. It vendor overthrow our students out double boat has paralyzed six. For all. The woman who was mauled by the air if you had a better chance of making it out of the woods to Moscow. Then sitting -- and her husband is that it does it accusing -- of -- -- he would definitely out of. Beyond that lady in Anchorage Alaska was jogging their husbands and she got ahead of him this is on Sunday. And a -- she came on the corner and there was a mama bear there and he had attacked gap thing went for the judge -- And she saved herself she walked felt like two miles crawled out yet. And save yourself the husband balls in there playing down on motorists -- husband was nowhere to be found. This for rim in the opposite to rock him. She's the athlete -- in the ground I think -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- and Hillary and Evan and Matt. And I can't -- -- -- -- -- And -- I love that CNN interview when he said everybody was asking him to run period of course that you're everybody. Everybody is asking you temporary residents. I may still run -- like they -- that one out do I mean I. You don't know at this point whether you're running the president. A month. -- -- -- Urge you even imagine how you -- 38 year old at Wednesday at oh goodness but at 35 year old single owner would know that. That any time I'm 36 and their relationship there and the military -- on the hatred here right there knocking on a darn you know you feel it you -- -- -- to question. We're talking about -- yeah Oppenheimer and Carolina -- Imus less than when I was at -- after the Weston was probably. I would guess like twenty years old and seventeen or eighteen years old so selfishness and I get out of her misery two years prior to her. She was like who put on the right in the bathroom it's gonna keep food election like marriages now let me die and you like all -- And. Just because every animal -- comes under your care dies mysteriously not -- 24 -- not sure I don't think that everybody else is no excuse the poor animal who want -- to one of the live at nine riding kittens under my treatment right. -- 630 Carl and him. LB he might not all of -- -- -- couture. Or you wait the harder to do it didn't get. And no one can go anywhere in Vienna who what you think about this -- got a. Don't look at I'm active now that that would be fine -- -- if it was possible. Today it -- Today is not to tapped Tuesday LB has rescheduled his comedians tattoo for next Tuesday day after Memorial Day. Or twenty all. That great north that they were here for the community but there are cute girl and New York Brinker. -- -- -- The price endless -- and nineteen -- Well. Under a job at an Acura. With that unit rate more than nineteen million. And I doubt they. When you get it in any impact it will happen this statement -- was going to be permanent. Because it -- there. Oh yeah now to our group identity he could pull that one. Think taking mixed old man. -- you've got to kind of outdoor all of them out there it must make the call bill because they are. Tomorrow it will encourage them they're there to -- -- On the message spirit be awesome but -- -- to weigh -- -- LV. LB's one million shelves. Way off off Broadway. Tyson can do right -- there are you gonna ride if there isn't just going to be the -- -- the top of your head. Battling it out just I'm just -- -- come to do the recording -- an ominous start from the very beginning now. Backing -- wind Saskatchewan and I'm gonna roll right through turn today right up until today. Well -- erratic I'll be the one man show.