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Mistress Carrie interviews Chris Cornell from Soundgarden

May 19, 2014|

Soundgarden are getting ready to reissue Superunknown, to commemorate its 20th Anniversary. Chris Cornell called in to talk about the demos, remixes, and live versions. He also talked about what it was like in 1994, before the album came out. We discussed the tour with NIN coming this summer, and his love of the Beatles.

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-- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF. Everio. Well how are you know pretty good I always like to ask first where you are because most times it. Orangutans have no clue where they are. Yeah I was until for a few days rehearsing with stronger -- on Los Angeles which is like this sort of stuff over to do some interviews. Well you have a lot to talk about there's a lot going on with sound garden which is very exciting. Yeah -- wherever and -- a busy year. There's a couple of years nearly so good. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was talking to you when you said yeah -- probably never get back together and now we're -- super unknown and going on tour with Nine Inch Nails. Guess a follow up to our our most recent release. New record. So yellow championship yeah. Either the most unlikely part of all of that to me I think -- it is just that. Affection and or the feeling that -- this twentieth anniversary and and kind of what it's dug up and away. At I'm not someone that really looks back at pebble and it's. I don't know if it's something that I felt would make him comfortable or not they added I think about it but when the idea came -- it was one of those -- I don't know why people even do that. -- but now that we're kind of in the middle of this. It seemed like like the great thing to do -- a great thing I think for. For a -- and penalties for -- -- to -- -- stalk -- and -- a moment to recognize -- something. Important for all of us it's important for fair and important for us as a -- and individuals. And it's been it's been really amazing to just kind of think about it as this this moment in the history of the -- that was special. Looking back. -- when you were getting ready to release super unknown -- while you were working on the songs could you feel all that it was gonna be the special. Album and it was an end to know that it was going to be as successful as it once. I didn't know any interest in being special I think. When we were starting to be pressed for a song. You know my my memory of really understanding that that we had done something really special was was. The days of press in New York when we were we're paying them officers and if it was a small office would like. Cubicles who's just -- politicians in America room at the end of the halt. And that was a room more than stereo going playing help local and over 44. Just. Different oppressed people who would talk to them that they would hear a couple times we've talked to them. And education are no matter where you were on the floor of the walls -- fan and I are members sort of midway through world or -- way through the first day. For the twentieth time I heard that and -- I think it did I tried to live. Started and whoever what I was talking to. Journalist -- me you are you ready for what this is gonna do and she's headed away that was. Did at that kind of suddenly immediately changed my perspective public she says that in a way that that kind of more. Like a factual statements like -- are you ready for the is going to do as if this is going to do something that that. None of your records of dharma -- now and I certainly accepted that as you know that I feel like you're -- is so there is something about this record. Home that's gonna change things for us. And I don't know what the question by -- get ready to hand as if for anything but. But that was the that was the time -- I was passed all of the I guess -- this analysis that I typically goes through I'm in the middle of making a record and and that's pretty brutal for me -- -- from beginning to end. I don't really let it off the hook. Until it's over and it's out and and then just kind of useless seasons and I'm pretty good at letting it go by pan. But I couldn't say right now is that in the middle of recording ever see -- even even two -- through. I knew what we had I didn't it was a it was a collection of songs and we were just kind of chipping away someone's song of the time -- was trying to get the most out of each idea that we have and fueling new idea. That album is so iconic for rock fans and you did something extremely brave with this whole reissue package. You're letting us hear the damn dollars. I think that that's. I think that that's one of the fun things to do as we like being very you don't have a big huge Beatles fans have. A little earlier we talked about that many times we both -- It's when they put out demos I don't know how long ago that was like eight years ago ten years ago and I look at those it was just amazing. Sort of revealing thing where you won't -- -- and The Beatles. Well do these kind of rough first draft what you -- can be inconceivable idea has set up just what came out on the record whichever one kind of unanimously believed would. Perfect. And to me that's it's a look behind the curtain that I don't mark I like it I think it's. I think it's disagree about that can be endearing even when I wasn't sure they hear sort of the infancy of the -- And -- this desperate. Attitude of it's kind of trying to simply get an idea across. Two you know for the band also listen to agree on and that's when that's an idea it goes from being born to being able to be communicated you know where where does the whole idea was down most of communicated through to get somewhere to the bottom what that ideas. And -- vulnerability in there that's -- -- got a little time it could duck you know depending on the outcome of that moment. That little demo so. I love the idea that the Obama. The early ninety's or you know a huge part of of my musical life because those are my colleagues years and so the fact -- -- Gotten together with another iconic band from that air. And you when Nine Inch Nails are going out on the road together I mean this is like something out of my wildest college dreams happening. How -- -- -- come together. I was just an idea someone threw out -- and it's stuck immediately I don't think there was anybody that said. Everyone because everyone heard for some moderate effect that's -- access and this all -- after that was okay folks let's figure to make this happen. I think adding the death -- do it for me really also made it. And this type of package tour December he had done -- early on in -- career we're always sweet tour to if for example Faith No More room and boy I thought you know that was when this was where it felt like everyone lies were -- different afterwards and he and people that were at those shows still talk about them now. And that's why I'm hoping happens. For this tour we're not one that should be a tour aware. People. Ten years from now most of the talking about it -- -- summer and remember that tour don't they don't do chores like and especially important for. You're going to be at the -- Kennedy Center with nine snails on July 29. There reissue package for super unknown comes out on June 3. And what are the other cool things that I thought you guys did is you know you've gotten involved with record store day which you know for music fans dislike this new holiday with these final packages. Do you go to a local record store and shop on record store day because I know you're such a huge music fan yourself. For the last couple I was actually in the record store -- -- three. In the record stores on record stores that are doing like you some type of an exciting part of sense. So I've participated in a lot and and I'm not I'm not. And never have really been record collector in terms of getting things that are hard to find. If you with the exception of you know something really obscure that wouldn't be able to find even in the record -- record store day but now. It's -- fourteen I have to I look at things differently I look at it as this is. This is my license was my entire childhood listening to records. And look -- vinyl and going into the store and and that like taking a chance on something for example where I didn't know. I was gonna like it or not and spending all the money I had on it. And that's something that is this is. If if you're watching it'll go away -- -- gone forever. So this makes me really happy the record store day existence getting people to come out and still kind of the interest -- in what that means. Before you go because you mentioned The Beatles I decide there was there was memorabilia auction and someone paid. Almost 700000. Dollars for red George Harrison's guitar. You said that you didn't. You know collect a lot of like vinyl and stuff growing up but is there a piece of rock and roll memory -- you are something that you have that. You know is is from a band that you idolize story that you've been able to collect and kind of have it be that one thing you would rescue out of your house if it were on fighter. Glad I have thrown just Buckley's. Twelve straight Richard -- -- his -- -- -- after he passed away and and he was a good good good friend of mine and -- and I admire them. I would probably be more likely to rescue -- -- -- them than anyone in my own but I think it was a but amazingly talented -- and and let's see you know one of these. One of these things that I care about you know I'm not like -- certainly had a big collector of us. I would leave -- back in a fire or flood. Well Chris I really appreciate you taking the time out of what I know is a very busy day -- and obviously with the re issues coming out in the big Nine Inch Nails tour is just so much going on but thank you we'll see when you get to -- on the 29 July you -- -- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF.