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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 5-19-14

May 19, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers, this week we find out about a husband got caught having skype sex with another woman, we find out about Facebook whores, why men just disapear instead of having a talk, and a bachlorette who got an accidental penis touch in.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right you ready to go inside the civil now mind. These questions are rolling I credit that yeah I get us every Monday -- to all the time every Monday LB allows you in that to be simple male brains. The other question -- to 97107. LB why does my husband feel the need to turn every sexual encounter. Into an hour long affair even if I just wanted to be quick. He doesn't need -- people. Don't complain and opinion how many guys don't -- a couple I mean you either the lottery you can't -- -- -- -- get off me. And you finish your business thing and off me or is -- well -- better and some Franklin -- spend that just going easy sex land your side and let him have apps you can take a nap you know but the and I mean. Yeah it's the right there aren't full days he's actually. Split the middle of that one leg up in -- land on your side yeah let them hunt -- -- -- -- the period of big Fella. LB what is my husband drink more when his team loses then when his team in the drowning our sorrows -- -- -- man. You know. Policy -- not enough for an avenue lose you lose. You know a couple of three grammar and it felt right -- -- -- It's in the gamble you while you distinctly gambling and in India certainly he can sit down and and there have a chat review and discuss the game and you know be dazzled by his lonesome you know of spirit up. I caught my husband having Skype's sex with a woman from Arizona. Well I'll -- He said they have never met and therefore it's not cheating is it. -- -- -- Thank classes deny deny deny it's only got a guy and I did -- person it's the last person but it does not horribly the last person to neutral mentally she -- in the print and online starting -- -- -- I have to I have to think back because now they say it like that Santa you left LB. As we had this discussion once in anybody year a year and a half ago and it is really in depth. My initial thought is cheating I don't know I mean it's not cheating -- I don't vote she'll probably go to a strip joint. -- -- do what I do before it's the same is -- -- if you're watching a live sex show I'd just like -- watch and foreign what's different -- And in tricky. And canola flip flop and -- morning said. I don't think it's a big deal talks what small stuff and I mean if she shows up in town near intro well that's the other thing that army and at the problem yeah. Well on that same note. I had my bachelorette party on Friday night and we had male dancers -- every year. I was a little drunk. And at one point. Touched a dancers penis. I have I don't. I have been guilty -- weekend and I think I need to tell my fiance. Is it cheating and should I tell him. Jacko had insisted they had to say hey look carriers have a drive -- you know and blazing approach left -- to China. That's -- -- you know that's a bachelor parties -- for is now is that cheating. Yet now it's not cheating. My digital asked him what he did to the stripper at yeah bachelor aren't having his fastball -- him asking wondering costs and asked him how they do they're ranked Haas his bachelor Marion IQ what are the anger in your -- -- feel a whole lot better. But here's -- -- ask you this if it's not really cheating. Why would she tell is just the wedding the wedding is coming up America's. Again if -- -- it -- a particular date you were to the guilt if you feel guilty just don't. Just east actually imagine tons of yards in his career with the bachelor but that you know -- -- you know the -- our viewers you know in your skiing and downhill. You know 120 -- just -- -- all right I write that you is that Chandra is boobs are real quick right you know what I thought there and then you -- motor board -- the -- on. It -- assemblies in -- in arms and so -- issues that are. You know Sunday river with -- cute couple -- we say you know me -- yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Asked you -- on fire it's not. As she made like six runs at Sunday river plate its sales numbers -- -- don't know. Text that wants to know if you touched either piano or the other. But the other part of your body excuse me like I am I capitalized I'm sorry I bent over to pick up. -- dollar bill and when I lifted my head back out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here is that. Here's the Texas says there's guys to attend boxes anyway -- ten bucks said she had the guy. Like completely. Making love and then it started to cry and I. Straddling -- phase. That there -- that. I mean please -- your turquoise -- back on the road but I can't do that I thought -- And the poor woman -- and now it's been my hero and America hung up for my achieve them. String your -- I was dating a guy named rob for three weeks and I found -- three friends of his that were girls that he was talking to on FaceBook all the time. I contact to other girls. They said they were just friends. How many dumb to me and said I was crazy did you have to ask you know why do you guys get mad if you try to find out who these scores are -- for peaceful -- -- Lovingly let them feel well and secure our well follow up and I'm not I'm running on for another I just -- the key words there I just started dating I mean. Now guys can now aside time for at least you I would even consider relationship relation. Until a year and seems so -- year. Well well don't tell me you don't creep on FaceBook or you I don't mean well at Indianapolis I can't thank. And listen music I used you start just start beating a girl. You know you're -- -- -- allowed to tell you got to keep your you -- keep your your your. Other girls got to tell you throw the black balls away and now its own pocket not put them we. Actually even -- and I feel like hey I just wanna know what's up well -- question and I cut up my life support system. You know it means you you know reality a year later mine a year later -- I won't FaceBook any. But you know until then what do you don't you know I can -- guide him you know make them feel lousy and and I -- I get no black book anymore. -- they do it since suck. Here's the text that says it's from somebody who is -- that bachelor party -- And days say that the bachelor rat actually fell on that man's penis and that was awful so it was a legitimate -- actually fell and it fell right on top of that. That's not achieving. She's trapped in what happened what happens -- the bachelor parties that he can number and are you out a our our process technology and listen they're reaching out tosses fashion she puts up out there via. But again and don't bet that's just what to do have some fun -- -- penises. Com. The day right very ample and gone up right now. We are going inside the simple -- mind we do it every Monday at this time why don't men shape. I hate stubble and won't make out -- my boyfriend is he had a if you have it why won't mention it does a pain in the ass yeah. Pain in the -- -- it again. So you know all the chasers have for one -- to see what she's like dialect it's all right now and handler that I don't mess. Up and now. LB why do men lie about stupid things like the fact that they were at a bar watching the horse race on Saturday because you guys always pulled a fast on assisting notre. Just you know you just put. All they would go -- I. Here. Did you. Going with the guys just tell me it's like it's like. If you're gonna stay out could you just call. Did you huge just isn't too much to ask when you're out with the guys to pick up the phone at 11 o'clock at night and say hey honey I'm not gonna be home till. Three I don't care what you do -- turkeys down but that's a lie what do you ever politic your record your girl 11 o'clock in what is she sick. She lights -- because you're not home. I mean I don't want them and -- -- if you're nobody you're gonna get bit optimizes dilute a once you know yeah. And -- -- live happily all day every day on the -- nobody -- it's like you know it's like get it like for guys who viewing gals don't swat it like. When any dozens what went. I say you know I I call on Friday at lake wind from from council's -- -- good. I'm from -- beat hang or don't -- that big guys style a maybe sealer. And then I come home Sunday the president. You know it is -- -- what is your -- on Sunday. Resting on the -- -- you we want me to call at noon on Saturday or redoing the day two of the party and you light me up for afforded by minutes. What's funny is that. Not a what's what's -- I would say it would whose only talk to whether that he got another beer and have put that state former. I always get the Japanese wife that's so. I got into the -- Why why do guys disappear instead of having a breakup -- So once again I want to do you know about at the same thing I was just -- the same exact thing what do we want you wanna get that last word in context. You'll see guys show and everything don't -- you think you could just walk away from. Can offer here. You all -- know Jeremy either but they need closure. Is never did nothing is no longer there. Yeah you got conversation and then when he do you feel like maybe like slightly better slightly worse than five days later you're back to you thinking about all the great things you forget about everything -- crappy bubbly person in your I incidentally I should have been less of a bitch and you should grow more public that went on. I mean nag nag hanging and just equal care I -- Deloitte and light you up for 45 minutes. LB correction Greg never calls an eleven because he's already sleeping by nine pro gun I'm an old man. LB since summer is coming up my husband has started wearing shorts. He refuses to Wear underwear and his bag always hangs out of assured -- Yeah it's this and error saying why don't -- where. Underwear cancer because two months in their already. And that is a little effort there well too much effort and again god but god bless the big -- -- -- a prisoner turned around Larry when you can't judge is ugly incident where -- bank I accidentally published the -- out of -- -- like did I did you see that you like to it looked back to verify are doing is gone now ain't telling they do now and then you look back -- you. Inside. Our side that it's it's it's -- an effective inside the Obama. In the balls are not pretty you know it's many times you. Scarier than were underdogs. You know exactly what exactly is that the leg extinguished -- -- now. I could see him. We're going inside the simple -- mind as we always do with a man who knows. The ins and outs of the simple brain of the -- Lyndon byers I have been dating in the school guys stand for three months most everything is good except when we go out. He only takes me to fast food places. I'm so sick a Burger King Taco Bell and Wendy's. And I wish she would take me to a nice place for once he says he's on a budget. Because he's saving for a house why do men think women want to go to a fast food restaurant on a date. Everything big dog he just he's he's taking their -- by -- now it's. Saving for the house and BS and what -- -- -- it was what I say -- perhaps there and look different on Tuesday at a later date maybe cheaper the I didn't do it once he gets the house. Many saving for a motorcycle. And I to break him if he's saving it or something that is not going to be an -- for you again. Next. -- -- to reason so he should know potatoes everybody in the capital -- for you -- should she tell the guys I'm -- all you're doing out at America yet you're gonna have to demand that amendment right here. And it changed we're gonna have to manage. And now that's a great start to their relationship that cheekbone and -- bit. A -- A -- a match made in heaven -- Here's the Texas as I just tell my girl out -- is OT. Apple knowing that the iconic Jack how does that go over for a nice house and it. Nice romantic meal at the BK lounge by candlelight -- good -- -- and get some action after that. I used to hook up with a guy from work over a year ago I haven't had a call attacks an email or any thing -- from him since he split up. Saturday he basically booty call me why. Well because at this point out he had a girlfriend night and have a girlfriend bingo bank nobody cup. Yeah we found this in the if you have to ask told him now I've really. I'm not enough and he's on the list that -- Melissa yeah do you like it is not just at the time -- -- yeah well as and so blatant and now it's so I don't know I will do it it's exactly it's exactly what I was talking about early on with one of the questions is the -- Parker. Yeah yeah this is this is one -- when he had a girlfriend for a little bit now they just broke up bingo bank or Ignacio he's calling you want him when the good news is. Is should she be offend you know she's managed what you would you be offended that she does a good call for a year -- just finished already and she's in his top five. They may be actually wanted to compliment maybe when his buddies is asking what's what's the best you know XYZ you've ever gotten. Music you know that you're in the -- start letting an electronic text there via. -- I met this guy Aron -- a month ago we started hooking up he's fallen asleep on me in the middle of sex four times skyworks parties it's definitely not boring sacks. He falls asleep for thirty to sixty seconds in wakes up and keeps pumping like nothing ever happened is -- America let it might or might just not going to war. In as me. And look at what he comes obviously we are not uniform he just seriously I mean he's on right actor can't get like. But hook. That that's a that's a half point rate got tired so probably working hard of all the issues that you as -- as a guy that you you know going to be -- Before you were -- of -- good -- you could Caribbean you have a vote this fall. Sleeve falling asleep in the middle. One of my I'm 23 years old. And one of my dad's good friends came on the media at a graduation party Saturday yet. The thing is. I think he's pretty hot and I want to be with them is that wrong since he is friends with my dad god. If you -- torture your dad. Are all people probably at that you have to SAB pat dirty secret sex with daddy's friend you have separate sets of -- -- -- friend that's frank comes. To work tells dad are loses mine on his best friend's face and so I'm not at all corners it's -- it's not it's not Jimmy. It's still elicits if you want and your dad's friendship from his body then you go data is dated the bears -- other -- selfish there's other there's other men nearly 23. To -- a -- -- yet have a friend is going to be a hot -- down the street center and. Can you imagine noble the terror that father -- in even when he's hanging around with his best -- BofA shift. So anyway over the field. And hurled smoke show Palin plays -- young enough to be my daughter failed to win when you -- -- when -- -- in the have -- with me. -- -- -- on the value of its so I Julian. You know we've heard you know. -- Not you'd shoot me my boss is excessively hands. He always has his hands on me and it makes me super uncomfortable. I am afraid to go to HR because I don't want any repercussions from that is there a crafty way I can get him to knock it off. Yeah I've just got to go into his office closed the door and say are one race. Or I'm going to HR. This is a win win just the you know argue about this stunt -- IRAs. You have this you have to have -- -- -- one on one at a packed. So they -- Bob cute. Keep keep the -- two degrees in yourself. So we can have my promotion sounds like he might be a lingering hugger you know on you know to get good women -- that's creepy stuff sometimes together unless they ask you -- on the idea establishing or whatever I guess Cadillac is -- -- I'm I'm a big -- there -- -- -- -- big that big -- The -- -- ZO here's somebody says tell your boss he discovers good idea how. Yes it what do you what you should do is go on the list of jobs available that are higher than yours. And they don't want to pick the one you want. Up a pretty good -- our tight outfit today inside the simple -- mind I hope you all learned some things. About the brain of demand. The simple male brain.