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Masshole Theatre: Animal House 5-19-14

May 19, 2014|

Another trip to Masshole Theatre which features the classic Animal House.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hill Man Morning Show -- It's cold. -- Mondays at this time we celebrate. The distinctive vocabulary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We've created our own vocabulary here others around the country think it's comical. I think it's magical and then and of course we have a distinctive accent as well as we celebrate that every Monday. During mass whole theater. Where did you find it today's actor or actors is there one or two to theirs -- there's still married after driving around in had not to the -- area down -- Quincy area and then we went into Dorchester Duff and people kept turning me down I went. Back to the homeland -- Bridgewater -- accents are just a beautiful and where did you meet these individuals and this was again at my home place that merits a -- the lottery all I gotta warn ya know this one might have gotten a little sloppy -- really. As with Seattle -- there's no shot out -- this week on who they didn't want to be recognized that it -- -- -- -- Now trying to get them to read there may be. Few too many cocktail gala was a little typical oh yeah here's slurring Boca I had to believe again who -- -- on -- and their might have been come missed pronunciation. But within. Boston dialect of delegations. Are right well the winner today who get identified what film. This is. Through the slurring. We'll get a pair of tickets for the WAF. Pretty reckless show. We have at a leader is away there at the house of blues coming up on September 10. And let's take a listen in to today's a masterful theater selection. Lights honest moment so solicit -- slightly did you miss some of Filene's Basement -- looks like he's been stuck in -- -- traffic -- days. Lay off. It's old -- double within the boundaries drop the big -- you say total Hussein although. Kid who kicked in the file box until it's always say it's -- Was so when Abu -- a bar all the moss handles six tells now 06 car -- your touted whatever it would Mobil's Menino. That's -- also -- -- so in the house get rough. Tommy house get a rose so doesn't get it ripple who's -- me like Bobby says this is up and say let's go this. Right. -- out and -- here. And I don't know what it is it boy that's that's definitely -- anti Clinton. Of the I was. Going hey can you re cut them blinding and the -- and that guy didn't get any better now and I like we threw some lucky in their offense. Sparked at least it is -- even though that they do -- a little it's like a -- about that big a Sparky and all the -- role we knew what role of one of bread and the role like a rental -- Real people call us Sparky and I thank its lucky lucky in -- between bickering with the my grandfather and he thinks -- We're gonna get all pets and I'm honest I like 47 years here in Massachusetts that. Hello Michelle. I am sure you know right yeah. And went a little that went a little far afield from what do it would realize all the actors are getting it out budget techsters are -- it. -- -- What's up Brian. I don't know much similar you're. What that is the answer. The what. Are known not not the town. Negative. Hello -- yet hello -- Nothing's ever over. And it -- the -- the tab -- when a tad bit off the script but that's Nokia -- as a group. That it. You know I don't mind. It's our PR Texas has a spot he is a sub but -- -- saying it outside a bit -- at a -- as a role and then you make and it's a grind yet. Now is that it was always a grind that point now is. Go growing up on Friday nights when we get grind of strategy grind it's not a self notices -- -- All right so not call this number if you wanna be on here this morning 6179311. Area where you can text. The WA AF Ira motor group text line is 97107. And this is Karl hello Carl. This -- shout out to. Spiky -- -- go there early you're up on my our talk on it each party. It brought on the US but he's appropriate that the yes also Mexican lucky now you can really you know do the Larry anyway on the.