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Ken Casey of Dropkick Murphy's 5-19-14

May 19, 2014|

After attending a Bruce show with Greg and promptly being thrown under the bus for a failed meet and greet, Ken called in to defend himself.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Well it's fine and your schedule. Today asked. Is -- on the phone right now can -- -- well Obama. Papers I've already -- -- -- an eight C word travels fast around ten Casey. Drop kick Murphy's on the phone yes Karen. Are gently put them. Calling about. But -- -- -- impregnated crawl. It text message from you. And what you're alleging something in ice. I don't I don't know what you're alleging there was there was nothing negative said about you. Walk OK now I thought it. Comedy what's preacher Rick. He's standing. Threads is throwing -- under the bus. And daisies a little beat up eating eating get to me angry -- the box. If somebody SAI -- saying that you all probably know I've been trying to get. Tentatively -- -- at the -- many many years now and it's almost like the -- consent she didn't hear it. And yeah it's -- security. I can tell you something this text says that you heard I was giving US on the radio all I said wise. That you have you always are promising a long time meet and greet with the group's. I got that one. When when he played badlands with the guys at house of blues he got me the one handshake thing but it was not an expanded. And that I don't know what happened on Saturday but it we were supposed to go back in the. How does that. To you for joining the season for -- a couple of story he sees the crazy right after you know in a corner -- fifteen minutes. No I -- promised an annualized time OK you'll all of the excitement of what. And in time's running out to guys like you know but he doesn't is Kenny as a performer. Is it amazing what he does at his age. It's it's not EU doesn't even mean he's my mother's age in this crazy. Stats show that shall. Assailant was. Well one of the best of that scene that locally but I tell you know what's gone to a band -- says you know he's like continuing on to. Very Alice plus that kills like rapist so clear and. Hollywood there always are -- are correct I Erica it's going to be that shell. Was I think 33 hours fifteen minutes long the other night and you you know. He didn't dismiss the -- -- -- and -- 'cause he wants to stay later so yeah he became I mean it was it was a great show is I mean -- eight. I mean as a musician you have to admire the guy I mean they. Create a home. I'm probably -- an -- well he might still be at the casino that he may be he probably is still there and it's got -- -- that was one more show last night. Greg was -- blocked by Ken Casey -- -- Iowa this. You're in radio and you can't -- -- meet and -- with Bruce you don't want to have let me get this explains the you get a radio meet greet it lasts for 12 and -- -- they take a picture being available on. That's not what you. You wanna be able to talk about sobs and and ask what. About. Thunder road -- could tell me let's talk a little bit about going through your. Why in the when he wrote that Boston. Big boss hey box canyon just tell me don't pony -- I just you know -- you just he can't -- -- -- I get into that I sneaking in like Freeman and don't get us some -- to more than my 32 like him off my freaking back. And a former athlete -- you know you can tell the people that are that budgets wanna hit your for an autographs there I forgot there aren't you don't get a general at that and then you can you can. The execute that's sad eyes like four people deep enough and you just hesitating I know you're you're tired your movement around train your. Trying to avoid hitting people over here on the right can you can't -- overlap because you're gonna get that percent and then your own. -- I think will connect like that my belief is that I believe there's an open book format which become best friends animal him you know hey Bruce you happen. Public you wanna trade numbers papers yet Adelson and I just a couple of injured in the 1985 T -- He signed that Atlanta and I get to start -- decide this awesome court collectible. I'll be at mini boss guitar do you like generals and then to. Always like Chris Farley. -- that show up. In the meadowlands. This summer of 1985. That was on some. Agassi announced in LA with a blown out like that -- -- you know wedge in -- number number just walks away. Texas is recessed the way for the wheelchair van before he can leave I'm telling. People who save that. Have never seen the show and I'm I'm in great day the guy is she yeah. At age sixty whatever sixty how old is looking out pieces he has to be. I mean he had albums coming -- in 1973. He's got to be 64 OB 65 in September's 65 in September community and -- and out there you know many 65 year old people who can run around stage like that for three hours. -- Negative. Willie negatively still addicted to will Willie Nelson he's not running around on stage or anything like that -- period. Does sound crazy to stepping dose now. All right this is Paul yes hello. Hey good morning to -- -- Here reference -- regulators Springsteen yeah. -- and I -- did when -- Chris Farley could you just about it. I just to the American Jewish by I just now. I just have not.