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Inside the Warped Female Brain 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

A poor guy wants to know if women prefer a man who can give them mind blowing sex and cheats, or a man who is ok in bed but is faithful.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule -- WA AF. -- got a text from a guy. -- and I feel bad for this guy think. Because I know which guy he is in this scenario look at. This is that inside. Warped female brain question for you Danielle -- from a 617. Text there. And you know what the ladies who are listening to show right now can weigh in on this also because it did presents an in an interesting question. Here's the -- Do you women prefer. Adequate sex. With a nice guy they know won't cheat. Warm mind blowing sex. With a guy they have to worry about cheating. This guy sounds to me like he's probably the nice guy with the former with the adequate. With the adequate that. -- our kids I don't know warmer and warmer warmer he had guys that that are able to do the mind blowing -- that cheat. No well there are now that -- I went in Pittsburgh they announced they bite -- if they don't yet there. But the what do what do women really what do women really want. See you can't even figured out well it is Hillary well it depends in your age -- because you don't care about longevity. And you're not like you know this is going to be my husband I have not invested you know whatever you're lucky enough to have -- -- -- -- to a cheat -- -- Bravo but then Tokyo abrupt but. Thing is I guess the nice guy -- and the attic with sex he'd probably be willing since he's so nice. To -- And to try to learn goalies you have to take him applying yourself who trained him properly. Used those airplane you know -- things guiding it down the runway but you know -- the plane bringing over here do this distorted and every out -- The text from a woman 617 -- mind blowing any day and another 617 text adequate there's shoppers. Jack -- amber. Six -- 617 tax nice guy he can teach him yeah. It depends on the girls level of insecurity and what stage of life there and if it's it's stage it is a big thing for the question it is. Make a blanket statement across the board nice guy all day every day -- says is that true ladies college -- 6179311. And a half. We sex -- cheat on you is only be mind blowing sex for a little while until he's doing some -- and it kind of is like and it gets old and then. It from a female this Texas from a female being -- -- on younger female mind blowing sex and have fun wiser and older nice guy. And have some place. C running and doing it and -- a break into it. And around it I'm not a trend or her right Randall. Black trigger no sugar thrown all vermonters -- that -- -- -- -- thousands -- -- if it upsurge split the scripts -- cannot be right trying to Kremer. It's only -- here's the text that says only straight up -- seem like poking some acts like there's an extremely important and important part of her relationship the only thing it's even you only need sex to have a healthy relation no matter -- in the power spray. Here's the text that says why can't I have both yeah there's -- and there's a woman who just wants to know why she can't have. Mind you can -- I'm here to tell you -- -- -- -- normal with just a normal nice yeah a lot of our guys now -- I'll -- -- Hello Chris that that's what's up -- them. When I was a little while and I would hate in my -- tax any day -- -- -- yeah I'm almost thirtieth married. Completely get. So you're basically what what's your husband's name. So you're basically saying Mike sucks in bed. The other thing and -- you do this. You just said my eggs eggs that bad but. -- And a hell no I'm not art Harris that. Pop up what does that we're busy work. You're Adam Feldman on the road about them -- Okay so as the younger woman mind blowing sex he didn't care whether the guy cheated but now adequate sex and a nice a real nice guy that's what. Addict credit that adequate but I believe -- -- like chalk it up then yeah -- as I'm -- That you so we don't want behind you better be at least line jury at the moment he used in the when he gets it from where the retraining and haven't worked radeon. At the yes yet something I keynote that chick. Is someone who would go for the mind blowing sex with the cheater but she's convinced that she's the one that's gonna make him not cheap because her sex so my mom she's a better wrap our courts and -- -- she finds out that you noted she kills your ass -- Here's the Texas says I'm decent looking normal guy total gentleman pride myself on that why can't -- find a woman. Not as your standard that you just told us and probably a slightly elevated your -- not really that attractive and kind of a little bit of a deck he's too nice. He's -- -- -- I don't think he's as nice as he thinks he really isn't you know guys like -- good looking nomination in the public. He's great to catch a kind of a deck the probability Dick nobody wants to be around you them. And -- can texture the commercial real -- the dissuade people incentives -- those of us. Let god has a plan for him yet. But but but but everybody -- everybody finds their dream a street person. Off heroine finds a dream -- time I was joking being. And the text. Their says the reason why Mike is having adequate sexist because these are traveling salesman having mind blowing -- there were -- -- he's tired to have my life cycle that you know he's again. -- -- -- You got. Interesting question. Is though. Inside the warped female brain. Guy wanted to know. Do women prefer adequate sex with a nice guy that they know won't cheat or mind blowing sex with a guy that they have to worry about cheating hello Jackie. I say hi Jacqui. Well it's really -- role that you kinda moved -- Did it any cash stock quote the mind blowing. So that he can teach you the rule. Change back -- the nice guy who just aren't rich so. In your younger years. ETV I assume is what you're saying it would be on the mind blowing guys do that's probably gonna cheat on you. In your latter older years. You're able to teach the nice guy to get better than adequate is what you. Yes. Interest -- now. Have you won it when it comes to Cuba I assume you've had both. Are you comfortable with the adequate because at the nice guys that which is the -- wanted to. While that's happening at target at a quick enough it got there OK okay I got better legs goods that I knew that I think it. Qualifiers here a little subjective detail because you could have a guy who won chick deems adequate in bed because he's just not. The -- out for her -- for another chick. It could be my XX. That depends on the the person who's receiving said -- here's a guy texting can contain you know define adequate missionary. Really visionaries just announced component it's not speaking out of the blocks and opponents and -- Of not -- senator Syria there watching TV together while you're haven't set a record but you're quiet that. If you're not if you're able to get up and easily move about the house and do other things afterward that adequate of that -- -- people vacuum and I got. -- -- Pace shot and a day -- -- -- Deutsche Donna I'm doing Barry you know excellent thank you via your opinion. I'm Lila -- labor leader and he really love you shouldn't yeah. My badly for that you know little potty you can't you can't swear okay. John he'll quit and ever -- it into -- lucky yeah it was two seconds if you are lucky that. Actual quake hit second yup you're lucky out his back and not a bet but now I have. I have a guy who's not in my in my god -- what are not. -- you're young and you mind blowing. My at all so you prefer to do well is he sleeping when you prefer the mind. Well I want you to aggregate time -- aloha hello -- So. These girls would like if -- on the guy might -- circular a 21 year old. Real leaving nice body except that these girls you're going to take care itself BI can be taken in. Turn it though are not at all okay in my you're right on the and here into the -- so we're saying you know like I race -- well you know girl. Didn't go to an -- to protect any time we need some help us out there's. We need something to get the mechanism. You know and you. -- -- -- and you DNA they get worried that they gained fifteen counties he. Did you get her on nine is not the courts have thrown a girl's legs -- get a big guide to -- switched -- the groups all optimists and I don't. You're supposed to turn stage turned on. You're underneath the water the -- is that is -- a lot of laborers. There. I'm taking two steps below that not getting keep up with yourself and that's men than the fact that the. -- moving a little concerned on with I guess so hello Kevin DMA attack like that. I would try to everybody. And how I have to say that this side of Leo and analysts something. There's a complete turn up -- always envisioned you is -- sexy vixen I'm error in this school -- arm varies. Her. It's like while mailer happen -- all the big stick to achieve this -- -- throw throw divorce under cooked up. I mean. I think she was saying that. EU could have both may -- the most guy -- -- -- you talk about my bedroom life you know we sit well no not yet not now these days now -- us off an older critics now. Absolutely not but anyway. 'cause -- -- probably you guy asked her to stand behind me don't ban them. And I don't even -- talent but none. Did device probably need a about it. She makes -- me Bob Barbie probably -- a lot of mind. Went blank check because they had a bad right -- it's literally plus managing. -- -- So the recommendation there has -- bonus early. Early years take the mine a guy who cheese isn't latter years find the nice guy who's adequate that was. That appears to be the overwhelming. Philosophy there.