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Hill-Mail 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include the Bruins still and Greg who is going to see Bruce this weekend.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unitary ended talk bears the Hill Man Morning Show Brazil and still make up. They only look like communicate with the cap as of them went in the Bruin squad because club did you hit that kept doing it perfectly. Parade on The Who -- perfect feet. That's the place. On WAA. LB you'll get -- do in the studio -- Tuesday here at WA AF. All right your -- mail messages brought to you by noon turf care you're residential and commercial line care providers. Visit new turf care dot com and mentioned WAA. 48 briefly -- tick treatment from the experts at -- turf care. There's only 724. Older. You -- they always interpret the community and do it but it Utley. And then you know every day. -- -- half half half and improved banners argument. That's human easy that. There is little more than 24 old. And I didn't -- their diet and the only problem why -- diet -- you know our direct care. And under now and it kept. Yeah I know I attitude blinders on our. People -- Philbin -- -- and -- I was down at the patriot place yesterday talking with some guys. Construction guys in there. So bitter quiet violent hit it people are still really -- by -- I understand because. You know yes the best overall record in the league key Hugo one of the -- branded at least go to the conference by right. Right at -- and I'm going to break after the end of the regular season Pete authority news tattoo place to get the Stanley Cup yeah totally got to give it our yet it was like automatic is our business are saying is competitive sports anymore tonight it's it's one dollar is sucked it was automatic for the -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm learning to approve it and Medicare. -- turn. Eden. The. And then and then again and the last time this kind of thing happened was that Philly series was that 2000 and that that yes I was it. Yeah and -- -- and and -- and that but this this is this loss was worse the second round of the playoffs seven games. IEA you know I don't. You know again people. You wanna post Seles Jamie got a great core guys you agree upper management you don't agree goaltender. You know obviously. There'll be some changes. -- because of contracts and senator Sandra. But they'll find your mind don't illegitimate and every night you that your team has been relevant for like seven years or there. When you're in the finals last year and you've won a cup. Two years before I OK so you know if you make in the playoffs the year and you got a chance that's true. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I know a couple of rhetoric but -- I am I. -- -- -- And it's also been hurt but what about the right he held the ball well right back. -- that he's intend expect and get the easy way for game nine coming up there on the 9 o'clock hour. And twenty laurel woman. Well international golf yeah its -- or a -- -- pagelets referring him. Listen there's always you know a glass is half full in these kind of things happen now now these guys can play in the WA AF celebrity golf program. At foxwoods this coming up in June though I always I always look at that carry. There's a positive yes there is a positive. 738. And again. -- -- You know -- remotely true. All rule would be a way compared to get -- box. And that's why it is there's nothing worse if the worse it is for us fans that are always on the bandwagon now yeah did you have to was so like yesterday every guy called -- Yeah hey I'll be our combat game thread and you Dhabi golf bag. -- -- attitude does not value that he was gitmo about it. Down -- the text there says. That 2010 was worse. Second round ability to sweep Philly and then -- dozens of amid that was a collapse that that was in giving that was where the imports focus its Montreal -- Oh yeah no I understand this as you know from like nineteen. 29. To an -- to ninety -- you guys Cheatham. They they want every single player. Series -- every single series when he serving. Six years in a row yeah babies they want every plastered all doors to all. This team and I was not led by manually and Hillary Bork and company last won it in Montreal no guests of that but figured I'd take a popular face sex game -- windows we can tell on the bench legacy we could see. Illusory character as it does accuse you can address cancer reporting our own land. -- Let go back. You have a. Into that I'm. Scrutiny 827. -- -- up to carry through them you want respect. Like that other Canadian. Justin Bieber look like YouTube get together and compare our. And that that it is them who the guy deserves respect these -- great. You've -- and views and your team who PJ US yeah course you are loved pursuant. Absolute about it but I still I still laugh at Montreal whining about respect I now I mean act core of guys over that group have warned squat they've done nothing. Yeah you earn respect you don't demand it. Right why why why why should the Boston Bruins have been to a Stanley Cup final won a Stanley Cup the last four years. Do you view any and then BUN in seven game easier. You -- before winning the cup -- the year they won the cup why why would they have to give you respect yeah you never learn squat. There is -- final 34 will keep him. But hey what -- -- in the way of Boston sports tonight. And didn't know there was only last night you know I was laughs are there are the Sox played yesterday at 1 o'clock yeah. What you are thinking. It's in your mind you're like -- there's got to be in a Bruins game and I tonight or tomorrow night when the underwear when the next series though the ranges maverick is not a when is at all when of that series. 641. He can't. Oh what it is nobody's attention that these didn't -- it looked bad on this is the first one very aware of everybody you look at -- Every day. At that and Justin Bieber. Lost his mind again yesterday because a woman wanted to take a picture of him. He was on accorsi yea I was at a one of these stable writing places with -- ushered -- And he called her the B Wear and demanded that somebody yet I get her phone is -- niche he as he is. Just a do shipment. Just the big gigantic huge. Eight -- famous. -- got millions of dollars get over it you put yourself on YouTube you wanted to be famous Salma mom put me in YouTube now you got an obligation to take some pictures of people homeownership. Be nice to -- I wanna buy your records they wanted to support you have been nice. Thanks for teaching him -- him. And Mario where people were prompted an arrogant manner could open up for. That the -- and let them. He. I mean we talked about this earlier but that I don't know of anybody. We are shocked by that information when when Dan Connolly had his press conference yesterday and here you weren't that I was. It can mean. Because. When he came to the old Lloyd thing if you haven't heard much about evidence and stuff you know. You heard about the security says me but there's no gun then you're not sure whether it was one of these sketchy. Guys who hang around with. They're like. You know the Dan Connolly and the cops are like. He Aaron Hernandez took a gun pulled up beside that car and then peppered it would bullets and killed those two guys because they spilled a drink on. And Eisenhower it was it was like he's a psychopath we -- today allegedly there he's an alleged psychopath. But I guess I mean I get it I have got -- medical not a good guy but he did that anyone played football. I don't know that they're not like you'll like it was -- it definitely was nothing. -- 45 he had. There's nothing wrong with values. He personally. Until -- Mike goes over the 67 -- -- He's got nothing Graham fossil boulder created muffed. Yeah well CEO authorities ready to go so soon as we don't want -- mail John Thornton bold talk about that all of that coming up. Could you aren't -- him. And the LP period I don't want to build the car a lot of time out with. On that aren't particularly at what are what cooped up. Opportunity here and tell what the president. And Batman and Batman I thought that was going to be a saint Lawrence University I -- it was still out there thank god proof. I thought that's where that was going but yes Hofstra. -- have been fun to hang out with the Sanyo would choose a freshman at Hofstra -- that did not crazy at the frat parties. Go to Brad Ariza and what many have returning housing and I already did have a great system -- it was like either they would take over like a house and -- square which is one of the dorm areas or they like an off campus house. There's shout out to see -- as he hears it she can you fire pizza she'll -- I -- that I went 51 at that -- if that's at 7090. Man. Our current facts and we learned that a woman has -- about -- -- can turn here. -- order form located at Cleveland. Didn't help economic earlier this economic. A candidate yeah average woman has sex seven -- two times a year and that is suits. Six times a month. So. One week one and half one and have been easily. Seeks twenty pool and land. Thank you -- charity -- on eight in the pot there in the art -- get up there. Would. Not bring your. Until -- Where you're. Throughout our back -- to bring people. I think the -- escalation -- of a sign that says I threw out my back. Singing Bobby gene and -- approves -- Bruce brings me up on stage tomorrow night. Acutely life you're you're you're getting prominently so I guess another ridiculous look I if I'm so excited my it's nothing makes me happier than Springsteen show nothing. Well maybe the birth my children but rather not and I don't answer nothing. Police learned he had forty showboat curricula being held a county facility before. After beating them at work closely with -- -- after the man accidentally -- it feels that a lot of experienced group springs didn't show. -- -- -- mr. Joseph public comment -- that's been arrested it's not saying it was up there. Does that include Latin and it's anything except it's not a -- Think 41. Hand. Eric you're such action and you can even this simple word like perfect couple without making it about food. Kirk walked over. Well of course I don't get the message office -- flavored -- I had really never never now. I'm not a fan I know it's funny AM got into an ever ever got -- you know give -- hope that big eighteen candor -- Bros in March malls over the fire yeah you don't like that it's Mauricio go concerns about it.