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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

This years final Thursday's/Friday with Thorty wrapping up the 2013-2014 season and all the playoff drama that came with it.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I hope this is not last time I say this is the last time I say this this season it's time for Thursday's -- authority. Brought to you by the city of busting credit union. The place that -- does his banking and also brought to you by EMB Serrano and EMB -- pour and Sean store and good morning. They're -- how Mario. Old all -- Debatable -- -- great kid yesterday who we've heard stimulate the show little drowning of the sorrows. Fiat -- did that continue last night's. Might it carried on. Well this is going to be it's going to be a long one act. It is usually usually takes it takes probably 34 days yeah local. And then I whip whichever fellas you're runway at yeah they're going to its reputation on camera a bit but it that the itself. -- -- You about a you about it dated to digest. And you know I. A little bit when we met when it comes to game seven -- -- we'll talk about that will skip game six -- a game seven. Did you feel like and yeah thank you very honestly this did you feel like you guys were prepared and ready to win that game going into. Yeah on the percent think. After that there was a great feeling in the room and game six they say they have been. Paula we're -- all of game six saying that that unfortunate bounces it just kicked off them off the boards right in front of -- don't want nothing to -- Games setter in. They're pictured -- then. -- Couple this place churns up the pot it's directly at that you'll hear them. So. -- -- them. As far as the backdoor there that are fighting. For it from behind. When it plays if you like that can be given -- presbyterian. Battled back from behind is it not very -- What was the you know is is there a leadership issue on this team in and if if not. How do you guys -- your game seven experience. Appear in that first period at least two captain band wagon over here to not be able to recover after that goal scored. No no leadership issues they. As -- occasion were very very hard for us we get that they don't they were corrupt and we're still shop there. I haven't. A little popular velocity is. Because you know we expected. We expect to win at all we did so. Battling back and it was we try to. There's. Timing and all of business are you -- We. Our chances we -- That barrier. You know importantly -- -- in the offensive zone segregated sick you know it was over 23 minutes. We just couldn't. About patent. Didn't they got sort -- to succeed and what you're doing well. We're fighting -- frustrating was it you know went in front did frustration kick in all games are authority because it's you know. -- -- -- -- It wasn't. What Saturday. But the general been frustrated before but it was. We -- on the bench in the room nobody's. Yeah I know there's little regard carefully tussle with a lot of campuses you always -- this -- there's there's not it was. Like just keep going keep going it's coming it's coming -- is that it did and -- confident that -- All the local frustration there. Or is that not forget about excuses uplift your logic as far as frustration with her but you -- all the -- and let it get to -- he. There's the awful war it was never all got to -- register papadore. Swept through -- that. Will be ever will be everybody's as a matter keep going. Well I will say this started when it -- have a chance and I don't know if you guys there ever do -- if you have ever have a chance to see the pitiful officiating or called. It it's you're gonna make it ten times worse if you may -- you think you because. The good that the officiating is brutal I mean Pierre McGuire during the game was like flabbergasted. Literally. Ripping their raft going you know what what is this is game seven went out -- out of that is kick off. And yeah and it's not just your series suits you know because your plan. You're not watching all games like Jack I am the officiating NHL as a major issue and all series and it's a major issues they're gonna have to tackle. Because. You know whining or not it -- I. I saw them. But Margie who interferes already across certainly had -- Especially I certainly had a little little -- but. We'll let you know they make mistakes but it if you're. Idea of what appeared -- hit seven let. The greatest rivalry in sports may be out of here seven I'm rob although just -- teams. I'm not -- flagrant what seems sort of notebook but I guess of the -- work. So John Horton our guest here on the Hill Man Morning Show as he was all season. So. -- clearly hurt right. I don't know it's not at all I I mean. From that player that I I don't. Nothing where I'm at -- sort of society here. Oddly get more info assured he's a guy though -- could have broken leg and you get they're playing on it cannot tell you -- event and never. You know wanted to play it about these. It is part of that comes off the title but very about. About remote from the hospital -- look so. -- What about. Post game in and -- case who bonds saying that they weren't respected. Did what did you guys didn't respect the Canadians did you. All I'm not sure sure they're probably what I don't typically I don't know where the we have a lot of respect for our -- we get there could see -- -- with her parents all -- -- -- follow the puppet master we're gonna face. Throughout the playoffs so. You know. They. Use that as motivation and they get what -- whatever to keep all of sorts. Also on our side it was. Never a lot of respect and here's rivalry we don't like -- there's don't let -- -- percent true but that's not a lot of respect that. Let's just in the ninety year rivalry and it. Why don't know sir I'll start with with the empty -- when Lucic was. Deep in his chest and I've used it -- -- I was kind of befuddled with the whole comments from Weis and and because. Everybody celebrates. A goal no matter what had he went exists. Yeah that is what this summer look although -- celebrate the fact that we despite the cold but the game yeah. I thought game one -- aware of it bothered and we didn't win them into what. We got through a lot of -- questionable. Stoppers of frustration back into what looked all. -- folks. Whatever I think -- -- it tackles were used over what the game not a gold little -- It is celebrated. They ever let all year and about celebration starting lineup. That's. What I could whatever you know blurred out I'm going to guess it's not. You shouldn't. He pointed fingers and at some of them don't access the capital here in I don't I don't know I don't get it and the other -- -- I saw is the way to compensate. -- -- It just just women just want to. And operator what what the couple split talking about what's going on afterwards if you want to -- the laws that. Absolute cash. You know did you hear -- said on the ice. No I wasn't the couple behind -- Olympic tactic a little like local. Yeah so that's not a you know because you know way LB talked about this all the time the whole handshake thing in. You know people call it the greatest -- It -- -- -- yeah I mean I was gonna say what are you thinking when you're going through that line. -- -- -- I think I try and let everything -- I really do it's not -- Sunday site. I'm surprised nobody's got I was gonna say murder for the final letter -- words cities if. We're playing a grown at home. I've tried but we've got knocked out during what -- -- -- to convert. Emotions are all the time. Why did you know because technology lose track -- same old same old you know because when he fourteenth. I'd I'd I'd gone through that line told guys who have themselves have to you know I mean yeah I slapped guys' hands decision to their hands. -- a notch or two guys hands. You're totally OK with him doing that. That I mean. We'll that he doesn't like Koppel does not -- and I think yeah. The -- out there are real but you're probably a lot warriors in the the best decision all the -- the he has sold about that you want to be about in these. He's a competitor -- is. He's the type of guy you want these that it would nominate people look -- do it he doesn't. When he's. On the other societies you don't want him angry so I think. Even the very fortunate that we haven't heard what you order. John -- of the Boston Bruins are guest says he has been all season and and I appreciate that and we love you from being on all season night. Any regrets on the Watergate the ask this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And healthier so that. But up top and -- all day every day and you act exactly and I'd wind up our best in people's ordered water receipt from. Behind me if it happens it really doesn't. Putted well this happened or didn't. Nice -- -- it it is not to let 9900. Right now happens. I'm not. I'm not whine about it is that didn't sit by -- -- these people don't go running around acting like but the raptors started I don't go to the camera guys -- what happens in the and it usually just take it it's funny and you go on or whatever so. Saying I got caught up in the money what Albert doesn't. I don't think. I think it might regret is that it got way blown out of proportion to the top of the time he says he got. Workplace violence sort of once -- assuming somebody didn't wait for I didn't didn't get caught just yeah off on -- -- That is that is you know indicated they had -- the -- or assist it took away from soccer. But you know -- a great game and it was a good period that that should be. That deficit in the -- -- little water -- don't say it shouldn't you know water. -- -- -- So you mean we shouldn't mean a song about it like we did. -- Here. All of you I've got to work on your move because I mean you're somewhat I mean I thought. The what you did it was pretty good leg you know a year casually -- bring in the bottle up -- and then he went for the drink afterwards that's good because you have the player now -- -- -- that. You have to complete the move but he -- got to be got to practice but look around for the cameras right. It's ordeal there now right. I don't know you know that close body heat because -- it's simple (%expletive) magic yeah yeah -- I think Korea -- -- also whatever. What ever faced the -- if you think Citi analyst although. Then or whine and complain and hopefully. That's the difference at all. Look what I regret that if there's actually like. A story that somebody actually at that aren't as well and the paper and actually write about it or just whatever social -- it. It was a tradition of American players that we -- and everything it wanted foursome now. Do you when you look at. This team you look at David -- -- you look at marsh and feel you look at Lou -- we know shots in game seven do you. I mean does that just happen in hockey. You know or do you think as some are saying that there needs to be some changes made. On this bruins' roster and before next season. And -- all the sort of forward. But -- -- where hereafter. Sox won them. Almost seven in the yellow and the changes haven't -- because somebody attitude seventy secure I don't know I can't remember. So people are gonna say -- stop. I honestly don't know what what's gonna happen here and also called me but I will say whatever happens. You don't wanna get rid of those guys who says there. Remarkable remarkable hockey players and I. I would. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's something happened in your credit. Just like. You've got heated race shutting people down on all year. They're they're very it is pretty good job. Trying to shut down our solutions that and they -- -- -- in that third well it's not let -- in your -- that care at all. If in the -- there's really really really care and another objective really care negotiators like Barack. All that well I'll get a connection as a bump down there. We've been checked. Shoelaces and belt is a deadly game. So really legit you guys are pests. And. The side of this list we wanted to we thought for sure we're we're in the chair yeah news and not just like other characteristics from the ice and -- -- happen would be. We water we really get so worked severely disappointed. Some sort of what what size so -- with your situation. What's the time -- and what what what happens now being in. In an effort to freeagent. And I certainly don't but we had a meeting today saw it might have a better idea here. Meeting with. Peter implode. Obviously now this is almost -- the circular. As a business so -- what looked at it happens I think. The a picture created -- -- are still a lot of it and that's it I know what that means they. Usually. An extension of that place before the meetings so listen this little -- -- July. I'm sure there will be some talking before Latin. -- all -- it all that in certain political skills are. You look decision -- though aren't that America an episode order and would you be willing to take less than you might get somewhere else that the state to stay here. Yeah now wait a lot and I am I can't tell us. Can the US -- -- Analysts at 48 for 200 -- forgot about it for like forget about it this is kind of -- the -- fourth line in hockey -- -- -- The gates had been hit it but you'd be willing to work out you'd be willing to work on a deal because you wanna stay here. Of course and yeah I'm I'm sure we will try and -- open it all works. Yeah. Well listen. A lot of lot of tax series saying thank you so I think that means that enough time has passed that people aren't angry there'd -- just sad and a whole. A lot of people on the thank you guys for the for the for the year and even though and ended the way and ended. Even though you. Had two elimination games and you could finish. That's the -- there's a lot of people who who who who say thank -- and I know you guys feel the same way about the fans right. A 100% there. -- to us all year actually been around town last couple of days and -- heroin and thank you thank you what do you know great here great run sort of work out there you know little on the launch so are. We appreciate it we do. I -- a lot better. The about the Rodriguez in -- my life. Now there have -- -- honor. That Iran but also we -- very very very knowledgeable passionate fans we appreciate it. Did you did you think at any point during game seven about. Starting something to get the guys fired up. -- -- -- always. I am fairly limited in the last couple examples that would -- -- strip out let itself. About point -- you know he's trying to create energy and we try to do because we're out there but you know trying to hit people in China has popped you don't want -- It looked you're gonna -- a lot of your -- the two seat belt achievement and so. Play hard and try to you know -- -- somebody here. You know slaughtered and you have to have a willing. -- -- on the other side and it's the adhere to the seventh but if there's not -- -- on some. And I was I was hoping you grab that -- character and throttle them for whatever reason that it costs America to South Africa I was I was I was wears an old school. Hi Joseph I don't if you don't you pictured here incorporated. He's -- -- Game six we'll see you as well a little bit different. Now lie about first time you plan next year you're here. -- if you're here what do you -- are we're what we're tired when you're because JJ. Because you're here I wanted to be here because they. It -- that big. Will see that they well you know the real answer is epics of the -- -- the track. But yet there's nobody else yes you're right I'm not around anymore you know yeah. I guarantee a game one next -- the Bruins data uses so no doubt. It's going to be yeah I've thought about it now where you. All right Doherty well. Listen you're great to -- on today and I. Events you know you job you don't wanna talk about it but. We're glad you didn't we're glad you're on call all year and we're by the we'll get to see all summer -- Yes sir copier all -- yes we'll see at the golf tournament CIA needs unfortunately here you'll be available but -- -- Yes June 26 foxwoods so I don't theater we'll see you there right shot. There is shot a man and go back to bed. But when you go last night. Are we weren't simply drag and actually on the inside the earlier nice. Vocalize what blocked -- about size all the lives around yeah that's not and I probably not -- All right well maybe we'll see you guys and it just -- it doesn't -- have a -- I -- thank you. This there's John Norton of the Boston Bruins are guests all yearlong here on the Hill Man Morning Show.