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Mayor of Boston:Marty Walsh 5-15-14

May 15, 2014|

The mayor of Boston called in not only to fulfill his commitment to the show, but also to discuss game 7 and his bet with the mayor of Montreal.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Joining us right now the mayor. The city of Boston. Who made another bat and a mayor Walsh good morning. How are never make -- again well I think I think there's no more Hillman jinx I think it's the mayor Walsh jinx I mean he you lost that Denver -- And now you lost this bet on the game last night. Yeah although I couldn't I couldn't play illustrated as you might we will work eight this we needed so. You were there last night right. Yeah I would their stable timer did you do what I do and leave in the third period I have -- 31 sector but -- that he had to get a thick of a. Now. Is that a reflection of brutal there are realities you know just -- Much euros straightened fast it all not at all over some. Couldn't -- games in the truck -- all over the place our site. -- it was a LB says we are limited and -- residues that. We get one bombs are those. Again Larry you know by the -- that was just not one option on what crouched. Obama's -- denies dating and you know working not -- union are getting the bounces you know air. We could use they'll be out there last night and regard for what could it got. Drink suck up the water. That with. So the that would Montreal with the what what's the mayor of Montreal's name. -- court record your words somewhere -- yet. Good idea but there. -- he's -- sense of security which is -- talks. And the flag was going to be tougher. Yeah the flag I can't believe you made this bet. The committee announced that it is. What does this series should won this year you know you lose it ticket yeah yeah. Think that it you know but unfortunately I don't know Annika I think Iran -- August 19 to be -- about Iran. -- -- -- -- So that it's the flag of Montreal or is that Canadians flag that flies over City Hall plaza. Oh that's going to be able to structure our people are. So it's the the that was that the Canadians won the marchers to the team flag team. Yeah always secondary and fight as hard as we are pathetic are we could. However whatever you know and is apparently -- take at least he gets taken -- down I yeah I yeah I can't let us. LBS to get a tattoo LB made a bet at the end of the show like threw it out that he give the Bruins a lot he was so confident. -- of the Bruins lost he would get that Canadians tattoo and now is to get a comedians that do. Now they're old -- there are bottled up out of the and you also have to go to Montreal. So what I have to go to Montreal got up and are you on the -- where the first Simon and mr. Yeah oh yeah OK guys that -- could spot that if that's looking by looking at this iPod and I respect your co producer but that's a through our -- It off. You know -- I want America technical it's the last. As of march Hillary or Obama guy. Well you probably. Well. I mean -- this is what happens when you make Betsy and you made the that would Denver and then Allen didn't work out so well -- he made the Belmont job you are you gonna swear off betting. I'm sure very little line well we don't we will be very angry -- -- you have to. I mean god. -- dad and you have the Red Sox do well please. -- -- -- domestic weakness at its. Let's put up our -- now. This could not call Smart. I now it really it really is -- additional -- best record in the NHL I'd just. They just. To ActiveX thinkers and you knew you'd to -- elimination games and they blow. Just you know. Is -- because as you play these ridiculous at all. It yourself at all on the court today as you get you know yesterday it was the first all the important goal to get. Didn't that game and him. You know at the moment to regain issues like. -- -- and -- fire. On the Bruins try to adjust to they try to play their -- -- in the -- should have. Try to force -- on their style. And then you know remarkable and -- -- Calgary again and -- that. That's over here and there are negotiating game not a playoff game is -- that probably and I encourage people -- yup that's I don't it. Here it just you know not not that it. He can't complain about it we have a the -- these playoff hockey league web part in the -- yeah yeah. The boy chuck call was pretty lean to left it was brutal process -- Pierre -- was -- wraps up from the middle from from ice level last night who is -- -- -- back there are very -- work today. That we can't whine about that right mr. mayor. I'll tell -- lawn and and -- -- certain commentators -- comment. Summit's common we can't really complain. Protesters first place they -- -- You know that they -- edit currencies and you know what sports you win some and you lose some. Something double -- -- sort of collapsed at fifteen -- -- won a lot we want only area where it can't. And I well at some point. -- Montreal Canadians flag will fly over City Hall plaza here in Boston that'll be a day. That none of us want to. Be apart of the witness see it I think your idea of like midnight. Did to 1 AM is a pretty good idea I think that's the. It would effect it would like effort ticket LB is everywhere structure right I don't know. That's the way area only he wears -- its anyway but I thought that. All right mr. mayor -- aggregate or you're a good man your honoring your honoring your bets and the word I I recommend that you -- -- more for an extended period of time and I hate bush so -- on Iraq. Put a stop on -- that you give -- approval. Just. We'll talk to you again soon thanks for checking in in and thanks for being a man hey listen you know the good thing is you don't have to worry about my guess is not a good thing but you have to go through all that. Hey here's here's whether you can watch the games in the bar mania ray it and dollars dollars stuff right. The actual proposal that's gonna change a lot of that our partnership so we worked out OLO rule will trigger followed me. And October don't. Tell me the you're gonna dare to let people actually watch a hockey game in a bar Don't Ask Don't Tell me you were gonna do that believe it or not I was gonna let that happen really on my floor that would have been I can imagine craziness that would ensue as well -- though it's our adversaries. Ethics ethics lecture America. Noted that -- -- -- great -- at that. Well hopefully get a chance at night. Thanks guys have a great Heidi thank you there's there. Mayor Marty Walsh. Who was good I guess gonna reverse the long standing tradition of his predecessor. And let people actually watch a sporting event in a bar -- -- to remain. Playoffs I would Darian and you imagined by shutting down after the first period nobody anywhere nobody's allowed to. During that it's -- duck boat parade nobody is allowed to celebrate now five.