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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact? 5-15-14

May 15, 2014|

A struggling LB after the game 7 defeat did his best as the topics included Johnny Cash's birth name, did Taco Bell use a slang word for a menu item, what percent of farm raised people have sex with the animals, and the #1 flavor of edible undies.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- please I don't believe such things there's nothing unsanitary home. Drinking beer and spirits -- to be a lot of demand seen what. Not only name you blather about. It's time -- facts she -- 707. Call now 617931. No one AA out. Is if you would like to play faction backs up against very depressed about to be tattooed Lyndon byers and the price today tickets that goes CD pretty reckless on September 10 at the house of blues in Boston. Tickets on sale this Friday for this WAA after. Presents show -- -- the pretty reckless -- neck. Good morning everybody our what's good about it. I'm not a damn thing on the local that we talk about how -- is not a thought oddly like where are your. It. A little bit like an obese and that sounds like we are now -- I Wright's neck according to a new survey. Chocolates. Is the least popular flavor of edible underwear. Credible but let me use a word that did Daniel hates edible candy -- to act or -- backed. Well. And I didn't want it like -- why -- -- I would go to that actually promote. Like Patrick announced the easier it is an act out spotlight. -- -- -- -- Your English math and I seriously not for NAFTA and it didn't -- dean is seen nine and a half weeks ago and every time you see anybody notable pan he's -- what what's the flavor advocates throughout that area right now as the number one. -- is so rich in overpowering in in only a little bit it's obligated to much chocolate. -- -- -- -- always. Are but I don't know as they make a few favored. I don't like yeah I'm gonna go I'm gonna go on a bush meant it. Coach Mac it's actually a back jock it is Lou the -- that I'm upset that other -- yeah. Isiah. Not cherry is the most popular -- players believe in animal literally simulate drowning. Out right now. I don't know how well I -- speed work out what's up Steve -- Steve Johnny -- is Britney wasn't Johnny it was a Leslie. Fact or she -- Are backed -- big. Down down down and Vernon ring of fire a little and down down down in London and the higher dollar billion. It it is back. And it's rack oh what anybody that he did not have a first name by noon it was named him. I'll leave well. When he enlisted when he enlisted in the air force they said he had to have a name so he picked Johnny hello to him. Very Tim how are you. Are not there. Tim -- bell changed the name of the Chile -- When they learned that it was a Spanish slang word for small penis. Back porch map -- but could Shelby is he knows. -- -- I know my team isn't doing you know anti well we don't know about you you know you're a Taco Bell giants dumped him I haven't had the stimulus that the I I mean to gush Matt. Re smack it's about us. And is. If I'm not mad at this ignorance you know you're upset about aren't allowed Danny. And it looks at. Slop slap a hole and didn't -- urged. Now you know listen. As long as beat -- bond gets his respect them a -- God Danny according to kinsey. Over half of all men raised on farms. Have had sex with -- an animal fact Porsche -- -- -- -- -- Well the fact that but it is fear from the from farm country a path back have a lot when I was a kid but we used it obesity we used to ride cheap and -- Yeah some of us that solace just just road machine but a movement that. And it was great just have -- narrows arteries begin on Friday night's Saturday night you know obviously -- -- you. Yeah yeah yeah crouched down behind him while we sleep and and then I'd be nervous and somebody else and yet. They may bolt out the -- and you know rattle -- the guilty. Paula this is this is it near the mount Arafat is eight years as Donald Sterling describing sex and millions we do a story every week it's facts here you're absolutely right it is indeed a fact and that his faction back here at WA.