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Ernie Boch Jr 5-15-14

May 15, 2014|

Giving the show an update on the Boch-Kini pageant and a new contest for listeners to get into the exclusive event.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- hear any pockets here and Ernie how -- yeah hey good morning I'm good. You're all right yeah him in these cool look and not upset about not upset about the Bruins. You know I I I just woke up I don't know who's in charge a puppet. While they're all done and that the more the Montreal I know you had a big and I like the Bruins feel like I'm not a die hard in not a guy in Canada it's in the electorate. Hey everything ready at the -- for Wednesday. Everything is going to be great. I'm actually getting some -- guitars so that they can -- -- give away some. Autographed guitars by steel -- Yeah now steel panther is playing alive during the miss bikini pageant yep. And earnings pool and that week where are at all the listeners are getting and get get breakfast right we -- -- and actress Aaliyah with that I Tony Ambrose breakfast the great Sheffield there are preparing breakfast for everybody. And of course here offering 1000. Dollars cash yet is to miss by -- this year yes and done if you're a woman and you would like to get in on the contest all you have to do is email a picture. To bock at WA AF dot com and and not only will you enjoy the contest but you'll enjoy being there. It that their earnings grotto it's a gore gorgeous pool in and we have a lot of fun last year alone -- -- yet going to be great don't forget 500 to this number two yeah. So yeah I'm pretty good chance CF AA winning a thousand dollars cash. Or 500 dollars cash. And and that had a lot of fun during the second annual miss -- bikini pageant live on the show on Wednesday morning -- injury call last year I couldn't get female. Lifeguards just angry I could but I got them this year are you importing them from Sweden -- I don't know but I told may have to dress like they were on Baywatch got excellent excellent it is the red suit in that that that white thing strapped on him right. No prudence we don't want any no prudence. Now. You you're gonna do some on Twitter. For somebody get in cracked. Yeah yeah I'd like to pick a winner you know or couple winners -- a few winners you know depends how much action we get you know you can follow me or tweet me at Ernie Boch junior a guy. And put in the hash tag. Steel -- rocks yup and men. You know I'll tell me why you -- the band or something like that -- keep it somewhat clean. And if you wanna if you wanna send pictures they're more than welcome they don't have to be clean. Our eyes though it's Ernie Boch junior and we'll pick some winners it's going to be final play of the guys are really. Excited about what you know -- stopping guys get a big announcement to -- -- nice guys that he's coming in costumes -- the new pool -- -- -- what can -- possibly we'd be wearing I don't know -- I -- normal clothing. But it yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you can do you gotta have hash hash tag steel panther right there still pit the rock -- -- from their website I took I'm hash tag steel panther rocks. And Ernie will get -- into the pool party on Wednesday in and it's a lot of fun and of course we will crown the next miss by bikini the winner of the miss bikini standing and of course. You know how they do like the talent portion of miss USA yes absolutely we're doing there were also doing the miss yoga pants part of this earlier today or the yoga pants portion of the cell. In London yoga pants -- then bikini for the for the second and I rifles of my favorite those yoga and yogurt out of the last few years they've really come into their own -- -- -- they've revolutionized. Fashion thirds today and creeping but all of that but at my daughter's school you know they sent the note to the parents know -- you know we August now. Well which is basically an American idea I mean if they wanna -- Outages -- good work whenever the schools do that Ernie I get I get weighed down because it's a man at the school. That find themselves looking at the young girls and a few here -- there right now again you have to got to change at all. That that is a little -- -- writes well we will see you on Wednesday I can't -- -- yeah this is going to be good and I think all right even if it rained it did that is that it doesn't -- Not an issue -- not -- -- Not an issue when you're inside the the grotto area what is your portion of the rest of -- of the -- residents and plenty of parking -- don't worry about the -- in all directions it because what we -- it's kind of like the back cave where everybody has to be blindfolded when we bring them in -- those guys that we we don't want anybody coming back later that. All right but we'll listen thanks so much were really looking forward to it it'll be a good time. Yeah all right I drifted out okay. As Reebok -- -- oh yeah I am no I don't know Greg king for a.