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Hill-Mail 5-15-14

May 15, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous grieving 24 hours the main focus the Game 7 lose by the Bruins.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit during -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- made up. Luke duke duke. Didn't do we do -- thing. -- I. On WOK. A -- can imagine. Maybe some negative -- mail messages -- Boston Bruins this morning. And hill -- brought to you by noon turf care -- or residential and commercial line care provider. Visit noon turf care dot com and mentioned WA AF for a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care and after we -- done. With today's -- mail messages. We expect to hear from Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins who -- joined us. Every Thursday throughout this line NHL season. And we'll get. Some thoughts on last night's and the series and the future from John -- of the Boston Bruins coming up. -- only 936. -- Welcome that the jeopardy category chart you have control board. Hey Alex update. Stupid penalties for 500. He would come back. But not necessarily. Late night call the complete community is blown. Call. It's like. You know there should -- it seems like there's a rule there should be no contact ever between any players on opposing teams on the ice no incidental contact. -- you can't blame the officials we have to suck it up the Bruins stunk out the joint last night and that's -- way it goes. When I don't know our own fortitude PM. Who didn't -- we need. Parties so. News. -- -- -- I mean even Patrice Bergeron. Much of factor in this series I don't I don't think the Bruins were themselves for the last two games yes yes I agree yeah. Now rioted last night there was never spark Karen they've they've they were they were plug an uphill the whole way what about is that you get here you mean and a lot of chances and LaDainian hammered a lot of chances he's getting injured praise ever get flustered now not once but a lot of chances there -- Kerry price is. He's flailing around the the goal crease trying to -- say -- Battered down men. When -- nine point 7 PM. -- lead over anchor -- here. Yeah yeah and clearly you know. But Andre -- and Israel during those Rangers are rallying around Marty saying no way. What was that ninth there's been a guy I would that was the end of the second yeah out I was asked -- you is -- Indiana landing yeah at hand is on his doubted that there is the second period. Wednesday 10:16. PM. You know -- people here. Apparently is. The only you know I have erect -- goat got. -- at an event that the that it did well last night and copy please -- of two woman's on the larger than an hour. When he can hit 4 PM. -- under being shot at some kind of like open career. And that message. 130 I don't want him. Well ordered one to -- there's a lot easier. Via a lot but here you an idea appeared beer beer. It's not enough to veterans and a Red Sox twinkies won -- in Manhattan in -- did you know that just didn't want to -- now. Yeah I can't wait wait the -- to go inside the -- Don't mind my iron on bank the women energy -- religious and -- actually three days where what what. Why are you hammered it's 4 o'clock aren't burners. Yeah well it's the bruins' that's why immediately stuff the reasons right now where where -- you going what are you must know that you saw he argued Carmen and me and your -- But deaths. I. Can't. Well ordered an etiquette it's that kind of forgot to shore and all one game and well. I thought here we are part thank. The message and isn't why it was for every for every disappointment. Like this morning. You have incredible runs. Like last season and -- Spaniard Boston Red Sox the lead off spot runner finish last direct. Now that is. Boris do you think that there are wholesale change it's made it stupid. Now to be. Not in any changes made in the offseason yes of course sir there always do does that better about any big change I mean as somebody like -- and disease like you know okay needs. This is -- tests some people say second c.'s general playoff wise he hasn't really shown up. Is. Yes I'm sure I'd be I'd I would I would hazard a guess that this is a team that was expected or -- bullied to be talented enough to go to the Stanley Cup finals and won -- Stanley Cup. Yeah David same guys last year it -- -- they came up way short so I would die and I'm on Americans speak for upper management but. I know for a fact that they will do whatever they have to do. Two when he stand -- I don't forty you can. Oh and ranked. And I thought I love you and I -- here. It's. I thought I'd I did not you know I -- I -- I know I knew it. I would I must say this I don't understand. And I don't know why didn't happen. But when the Bruins came out and our first thirty sends it to you down in Montrose and my Charles real is this bottom around. And the next thirty minute minute and thirty seconds or all over the -- then you know the mistake in the corner on the Archos G nine paying attention to his guy at least and they scored. I really side that was going to be the time the authorities are come out in the next ship -- that we -- wanted to fight and our environmental and bundle on plans to be bundled somebody. And and marsh -- somebody in March -- Gallagher and and -- -- form and it's for roughing. It was like I mean that there weren't almost right off the bat. There was a giveaway -- -- was like it like they were they were trying to be too cute with a would with a passing or I mean -- or is. They were several times last night where the puck was put nowhere near that tape. I think it was. Crew trying to hit. Lou each yeah yeah -- and that was it what will lobbyists we know yes -- solid yes and so that was that was sent the Bezos if so does his stuff is bad. What does that what does that mean that means don't jump to chased -- the chased all the -- get a did I did you know when when David create your best -- there are on the team. Crosses the Blue Line doesn't get the part deep. And that's why and that's why -- which attempted -- apparently here's my card you know courage courage. Didn't dump it in the buildup to turn over they're going the other way it would end up being a trail wants a joining -- state death penalty. I mean did that he can he save like that unbelievable march. That for the Bruins the month of march I heard him somehow I mean not. I don't I don't auditory -- I don't wider corridors so they peak too early -- be accurate and the -- which will see what. -- -- says he is scheduled to join us in about five minutes six minutes yourself. Why didn't parents and him. You're only want to become the butt that's her big -- and and -- Montreal Canadiens. -- -- I'm definitely -- that -- -- -- artists that's true after one team is another and -- and you know what you know what we want from the pictures gives me. Last year was it good enough that but that that her -- -- -- -- hold them. Are mocked up where it. Other than and I -- And yeah PK wants them respect. I'm getting calls for a -- air con tend to replay. On our PK -- bond respects on -- Should play -- throw it and maybe -- maybe we will do a rare content replay a -- we debuted at this morning because PK said after the game. They want respect. They're not respected by the Bruins they want respect. 620. Times he had. What the Bruin walk and that it would vote in October and. -- -- -- not whining about the ice there's there's a some bogus tax coming insane your whining about the ice. And it's the same for both players guessing games I don't know both teams you're saying that the players how I you have to adjust your game and yet -- play a different game of the ice is that. As Gary says he has six Allopod -- dump the puck -- run some -- -- boards you know aren't back I guess I guess I'm I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed I don't understand into when he fourteen. With the technology that we have that data bases in perfect yeah. I -- -- for -- as why wouldn't let him if it was humid it was it was humid I hate when you'll stay humid the humid a lot of lot of people's human it's human it is LB is looking you'd think it was the -- -- that YouTube is going to be the him the humidity in the that they. -- -- Yeah. Oh look are there -- boat that we started -- tonight. To unite here so. So long -- again. That period. You you. It started that it's. Ball on how -- -- lumber. It might be reckoned that well because it's known. And now I'm not figure -- -- I was assigned yesterday I wanted to this is better he says we're gonna have to go and asking -- tomorrow morning. On the I wonder if clued Julia this. Speech between periods was much like that Netflix commercial where the guy comes in the coach comes and goes. You know straight and moving on -- quite emotional speech -- the same what I am. That's what -- say. -- -- so we'll have to ask Doherty and see if closed did not get them. All herb Brooks like between periods. -- -- Wake up and how important -- I'm not. Sure I didn't -- it. Two rings you've got here's a question from a text or do they sign eat for another year. Of course -- signing and went for one -- and dizzy with the -- that guy at thirty eagle also sign in my equipment for -- month. -- poor old. There are -- -- I know there are -- And then match which it. The seven crew -- and again. That that I hate. -- -- -- -- And -- now. I thought that because we've played great he can't think anything a letdown Carey Price now he's out of his mind -- an unbelievable -- navigating around -- school he that is now. You want the Rangers to win or do you want the team that you lost to. To be proven to be the bass dying I love my job I can't wait I can only for him to get their asses handed to import straight -- an argument now all day -- every tweet every Canadian parent of crest and -- -- -- I have got respect we -- back more than once a lot eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- And the connected a lot of posts have a marsh my -- -- and right in front last night bill and on high and I was it was ruled a goal scorers do it was very frustrating. Twenty or older. LB yeah outright communicate and act as -- rendered the Bruins forward and that iron and -- -- kept doing it perfectly. Great number who are at eight. Perfectly. This data -- that aren't good -- I'm with you on that. And I know let's not forget there -- -- -- last year they want us out of this until it is great core of young guys you know finally you know I know in the world of we have to win it all today and every shift dress to be perfect -- Everybody's socks if they do not like perfect every every time every ship. There is an incredible core of incredibly talented young players who did tell you you forget the Patrice Bergeron has been here since she's eighteen series in nine years -- What do they need leadership like is there -- lack of notion. But did then how do you and how are you how it is part of the Canadian score a bull. And the first couple of minutes we'll talk for years so -- curve for lawful then do you vital knowledge is one no one else you're so perfect coupled. That you cannot play the rest of that period I mean they were absolutely dismantled after the Canadian school where's Chara where's. Where's the 41. Well -- -- asked already I don't know I can't honestly I'm -- don't I don't I can't I cannot obviously very anyway it was. I doubt that it was due to a Lackey let you know idea again. I they were they were -- an uphill from the get -- yesterday and for whatever thinks 080. Man. Is that I don't all of the manipulate don't have. Yeah in no. Part in -- -- A bit. And that message down on the turnovers are made -- over handling the park. Just a lot of lot of bad. Decisions burden. We're -- -- it's exactly fifteen so we'll see if if that's -- buckled the book what would Jerry you're adorable there are a lot of this kid on Christmas Day colony and I -- -- hey -- just just chicken and I'll say you get your ass up right exactly you get up right now you skinny -- and you are involved and then -- a screen shot and -- you call these people. And you explained to them how this happened want to help out. LBs and I don't Dover air India disaster zone but I am listeners do that can happen you guys do EU get up right now. We've got. We've got a million Bruins fans wanna -- so little team but -- dot. Should -- -- and crazy guy and garden guy like Colin mister Horton in this in this text message that's a sort of sent a -- you know -- -- 46 PM. -- The and the match up. People -- Reasonable policies and both -- ruined seasonal and race has always. Known that there's a place Boller and in the gulf. The 50 -- tax. And I enjoy it because they mentioned workstation. -- -- -- A little Albania Al could you please -- -- anchor thoughtful on a postage stamps for Berg's workstation yes yes please write that down for might work. And 9. -- Not not create the operator on. It. Got a -- into into the.