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Greg Interviews Sterling 5-14-14

May 14, 2014|

Greg was hard at work to track down this tough get.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right well you know Anderson Cooper myself big journalists and I was so I've given the opportunity to sit down with the the LA clippers owner Donald they're highly -- easier in the local media ACL UCL I chose to call people nasty as it. Market getting Greg Hill. What this is Boston chamber of commerce media Rotary Club with -- literally into it and yeah it was it was always that his house races are asked those at his house that yesterday I recorded the interview so I -- I would play for now life. I wanted to ask them things that that haven't really been -- artist there Anderson Cooper didn't covers so let's go to this exclusive sit down. I'm honey and me and embattled LA clippers owner Donald -- Mr. sterling thanks for sitting down meet today after your blockbuster Anderson Cooper's interview. There are few things that you didn't covered during that interview that I thought we might cover today absolutely. I know we had a problem recently you were horribly constipated. And call your doctor what he says. Aegis that way be patient I'll help you whooped it will work it out why did -- say that. He thought maybe they'll hold they would be resolved were duly. Doesn't sound like us. -- the presidential election just -- the corner. And the clintons in the news that wanted to know what you think of Bill Clinton or what kind of a guy goes there is an instance -- every girl who. Pretty good point. You watching a hockey playoffs how about that PK -- -- whining about a little watery eyes -- -- I think he should be ashamed of themselves. I think he should go into the background and I I I heard year a big music and what do you think the Four Tops war and gorgeous black guys. -- they were pretty good recognize. When it comes to the clippers sterling do you intend to still on that team why don't them up. The clippers. In basketball team that's what this whole thing is -- out. You know lay ups dribbling I don't think that gentleman should discuss is you know and the of them personal items Goran. When the woman would you be. Against my last question would be mister mister. If Shaq. And not starred in the -- But he's anxious started letting Johnson. I think and Rock Hudson who's that -- Well yeah others. Though and thanks for being here you really need to get LB segment what is he -- and it can only. Great question I thank you for being with us -- I don't really know the odds are a lot of time in -- event in the -- Yes it's much of the Bruins and the Canadians where did the typical interview with one -- somebody within his his embattled play and haven't thought I know I have to tell. No I -- -- what I did ask the tough question now. Our our our I turtle go for a walk around the block I didn't ask that is nasty right I did you know. You know the good get let's -- secrets is the -- -- the --