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Tim Wakefield of the Boston Red Sox 5-14-14

May 14, 2014|

Knuckleballer and still a member of Red Sox Nation Tim Wakefield called in to talk about the Sox and a great charity raffle going on.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We are delighted that our next guest on the show. We had a mind when when he was C a a Boston Red Sox player many times now he joins us in retirement Tim Wakefield or Byrd. -- water how exactly how is how is retirement going. A walk and it yeah. Well I get to play -- a lot more golf now. Yeah well yeah how's the back holding up I had some back problems this week is you okay on the swing and everything. Our blog or my back a little better and I had my surgery back and sonar has since spoke very. So you don't do you miss anything at all about plan. Of course by the under the competition obviously. A National Guard and this is the lottery. I don't masses is to travel list -- talents for so long -- time. You like kids musty -- old. Have a great -- year old. He's we look like we have major leaguer to and then in the group are my daughter all the way or the other in the family. -- banks through the athlete in the family. I've learned regarding want ordered multiple do. That's how I hear Tim itself because I was -- the battle the bulge he retirement upload a giant. Like I lost about what I -- until 50318. And three years up up up up and. We are lucky you are -- you outwardly. Every so let's -- beaten bad through 11 o'clock at night after -- itself. These -- go way. I thought about chaos of different always Rihanna created it was the Czech guy that was the chicken that dated -- The spirit of let it. -- it's well I mean I think everybody's freaking out because these guys won it last year and then had a -- slides that -- bear it when it will -- what do you make of those. The season so far. Well I think they're playing good I think there early struggles early autumn season that was due to. As desperate terrible terrible they come out of spring training and they say they jump started to. They're opening day -- ceremonies in their like five or six different start I'm seven days I just really couldn't user -- liberties of wild and I started playing really really good baseball the last few weeks so on lap I was are regularly being fought their way back into the game and it was the last thing I expect that was our leaders say Andrew Miller the extra 100 mile an hour -- After valley -- and the ones so. On I really. -- that fantastic you know he ever since he. Got to change of the mechanic. The spring trainer last year I really easily dominated. Alessio last year a situation. You know poppy had a great night last night and he's in now I think he's older than you are. Now which mean it I would choose a nominee is I mean that's amazing way. I know it there at the tributary of -- work art to it they have their ubiquitous blog revive. He he's a great guy all eighties he dug a lot of those unity of awesome -- all of those -- the country -- onslaught of the American revolve I go down to is that every every once or any other alternatives. Seventy yards. Or -- -- It's great to see him out of the success of the eight years. They wake you -- you another youngster. Jose Fernandez John Florida going are gonna. On the DL he's got out Tommy John surgeries they're throwing big time big time heat. -- -- you mentioned Andrew Miller. This is it is it do you think it's because kids become. Pitchers specialized like you don't -- earlier in their careers if they don't play other things like. Why is it you know we're talking like in the thirties -- over Tommy John -- -- -- I don't know that'll open that mechanics or are overused word coming out -- -- -- talk body that lately like the Texas Rangers -- boulevard was. Any increase reflected the pitch count went out the windows you have to those guys back in the seventies or log of 300 plus sending every single year off for an rotations so they never really had our problems. I can't attribute anything they're -- resent. Russia injuries are a rash of injuries as an -- I Joker the the most awkward name in baseball right now are on and it's crazy or somebody there's. All available dollars. I can't gamble my finger on why. You know. Maybe it is bad mechanics they they learn how to -- the long way when their kid in the and number or zero. Ever get requests from my parents who wanna pay you to teach a kid out of throwing a -- I get a lottery club but you can -- -- more than happy to. Accommodate all of them it is it's hard to to do everybody but there's little flustered. That started each. After retirement. I mean some thought out and Bob also I know immediately right away you're gonna learn it. Yeah let's just get I mean is is it hard is it hard to. He didn't thank you -- and I do there's been what saps. What what what would do a documentary. On you guys was phenomenal when he got -- -- while they did documentary on and on and on and and -- and then the kidney or. Yeah RA Dickey and then half and nine and Charlie are not -- that's -- -- was -- or. So -- yeah Phil Niekro it was it was phenomenal great job. I mean if you think about you know you're you're talking. You're talking in fifty years -- four guys you have four guys that were like epic and that was all I mean bad bad best just -- to throw a fastball. I mean I endured. Being altered the unique. And just getting guys people. Users sir you are going to throw for five I mean. My margin of our our our margin of error also small. If you -- one ball it was it was quite strong -- our results so that one party and a weaker once -- -- do I think you're very very. Valuable asset to the citizens but we're -- You should do like a late night infomercial on learning how to. I don't know I mean awakening you know it's a fantastic way to make a little cash and retired. Good doing it you know I'm Tim Wakefield. And you can learn on the other knuckleball in five easy steps. For a -- to the sharks. But I. -- you know you gotta do away you know you gotta do is go head to design a little plastic thing that goes over your fingers at so that everybody has been knuckle but hold. And then you're selling for right right right. And -- I started nine. Hey on the on the pine -- thing and I know I I know you wanna talk about something -- that is doing some -- man in the world -- I'm on the pine tar thing how common an occurrence is that in Major League Baseball. I think everybody used pomp and figured I could do it because it was too strict -- -- I my fingers that it would be a -- broken up all of us. For most normal guys -- a lot of -- and -- the Rodney available less. I mean what what he did was. Ridiculous I mean to be able to put -- are here and and then get away with it the first time they become well. Had a terrible first inning Kamal what I -- your net what was he thinking I mean. Crying out loud it was I thought an omen and on TV and I'm like this -- that is a complete moron try to do -- again. But you know. But is it like it would what is it wrong for the third did the Red Sox to call that I mean that some people say you know. Nobody ever says anything about. -- But it could -- -- beat out obviously got called out on fiercely. And it still is you know a little more discreet maybe it is it me got Posner saw Bernard you'd have. Don't -- a little more discreet but I mean for car and a lot coming up seeing guys. Other thought on their -- you door there -- -- reasonable time to try to get a Bloomberg. Somewhere I mean. That hitter no moron I think it was very they'd rather. But I have more control over ninety monarch softball then. -- haven't OpenId or hit the ball -- these guys. They are put you where it's just call it a little breezy -- so whatever they use the rubber -- up at -- And -- -- drivers that you really don't also like you got CDs -- August terrible insult work. Sox now I can imagine the Fuzzy foreigner you know when you get buses I speak knowing what it's like I grew zero -- at least every day he was age -- play with me back in the day. If we ever got him here is ever minus three after the game he couldn't speak English at the reporter's demeanor you know -- and I say no spin on it -- -- Tim Wakefield is our guest the 11 of the great things I guess about retirement easier to do some charity stuff. I do. I do and I'm honored to be the honorary chairman of the -- -- on base and I understand water for the last couple years you know that -- a lot of money for ourselves than. Now we're -- right now World War I and throughout all of this you have had a dream of owning a Red Sox World Series ring about your chance to get into the brothel. Yeah I think it's pretty cool so how do you get into it. Go to love Brett Clark dot com slash ring around form and enter for a chance to -- you know of -- drink at the grand prize winner between liberals are really -- -- -- grand prize winner. -- -- They are perfect read possible -- ever drink from every year we wanted to -- war both seventh and doubled thirteen -- You'll get a first -- -- your own name on the side of it so knowledgeable. -- -- and -- loss that is what they -- is that this. What he'd now what do you do with -- your collier hardware do you keep an like a solemn. Current yeah I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- probably the most. And that's the most important to me it means the most base so. But for the most like people -- to open. You know. And in safekeeping. When that that one means the most because no why because the 86 years there. Yeah there is significant other. You know being far those jeans and you know years before -- -- -- out of the -- -- on the economy or your book almost or what you know. So not without a world herself. I do it's more memorable to me for -- reform. You'll be watching the Bruins Canadians tonight a sound. All your outlook in the game provides I think because we're reinvest all first period you were on the air from seven seven eight. And there and that's when the games start so we're gonna vessel -- bird but we will be watching it in the green room and gently PCR. It's added DC weight he's -- these guys smile on my fair you've got an awful a lot of great job. Thank you -- hours or Bosnia. -- Tim thanks him and if you want your rang -- -- do is is the man make a little donation and you could have your own Red Sox right. Absolutely and they will actually deliver on the field you have -- -- -- -- through -- pregame ceremony when it's so that's a good look at what's its website to get Red Sox stuck on go to Red Sox are complex wearing brass ring rappel off somebody. All right Tim Wakefield nice the guys we'll talk decent. Some good partners Tim Wakefield who Boston Red Sox.