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Kathryn Tappen NHL Network 5-14-14

May 14, 2014|

Game 7 is in the air and Kathryn Tappen called in to discuss it on this edition of Hot Chicks Who Know Hockey.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always -- -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And joining us right now. Good enough get up early even though she answers sports network duties to a ten to. It is our pal Katherine tapping and who I the other night the morning Catherine first of. Good morning guys this is an early this is okay. The other night you were accused. Of siding with the enemy -- based on the outfit you're wearing. And some are requesting that you even the schooler. By not wearing red and blue this evening but you make sure that it's black and gold that you -- wearing -- -- In my defense. That would not have read Jack is beside of -- than it is like orange pink. And and yeah I'm sorry -- and I think I would I put my -- run -- the guy we have the -- got two games and fourteen there on the eight. I've been accused of black and white and I was accused by Anaheim Ducks and is wearing pink color is black and white and I can't win. -- -- wearing hot pink I guess that's not a color in the NHL and let out so I don't even now you know kind of limited. Well there is another choice. Black and gold now nothing. Probably out that probably wouldn't be any different network the couple that it so listen I asked about. The other night they'd via album I was watching you in Milbury and Jones the -- break it down and felt like I was in another world day the the Bruins just I mean you know the second period I thought. There was a flurry of activity but just in general they did not play like a team that wanted to win that game. Yeah I would agree with that I think it was you know a combination of sloppy and unlucky for the Boston Bruins say they had. A couple of miscommunication Arabic copper and gold they had missed opportunities -- certainly hadn't -- scoring chances meanwhile -- to -- a wide open that we actually had a crop -- But they looked a little sluggish child and -- and the communications. He we -- Miller with a little bit -- at -- there -- wrapped me not gonna happen by. It's unfortunate they definitely did not look like themselves but as the game went on I mean they certainly I thought they outplayed the Montreal Canadians that the second and third period went on but. At that point it's too late. Montreal already had a goal and it was it was do or die at my job Canadians and they played like that felt tonight. It's gonna be the same thing to have that we're with regard to the intensity level I think the Boston Bruins have a different approach especially if you look and -- -- -- -- press conference after the game. They have to have a great they have to have a different approach and -- debt you know there are guys that. LB was kind of defending David -- each year earlier but I mean that that's a guy who led the playoffs and scoring -- last year beat you before or whatever. And it just is is has not been able to produce yet. I would agree with that mean to -- -- they're doing okay -- -- seven points and clapped again look sick but you're right David Krejci that the big fat zero on the gold and three points in the the playoffs is definitely not David creaking numbers -- out some minus three on the ice which. I think you know he's one of the few. Minus players for the Boston Bruins but that's very uncharacteristic of David creek and I think at me. But the nobody knows that better than he doesn't he want to get going as much as everybody else wants and do. We Swedes seem players. Superstar players on teams in the playoff kind of disappear a little bit and then they submerged in the -- they'd be -- rather any big games like out last night Patrick -- And -- -- went on to -- but I've been really good so. I think maybe tonight will be the night for David -- cheat by yeah exactly and concern at that. How he's been playing and I think that that top line you know need to get going for the Boston -- even if they win that game tonight they are still concerned they've got to get going. -- favorite they're gonna wanna cup. We talking about about char couple weeks ago or whatever and there are a week ago whether you whispered in. Need the young Depp played the other night indicates that he is or do you think that was just as you said miscommunication. I I think that probably in the communication I don't know let me look into the outside even of the past -- when he's been really hurt and we find out in the pot in the post season because that procedure are. You know he doesn't really. He -- power through it's an unbelievable physical shape. He never let that affect the game I mean it's that they are tired really hurt he would not allow himself to be in that situation. So I think you gotta put that aside in a lot of players that are hovering on the playoff and but that particular play it was in the elephant like an indecisive play that I wasn't sure. You know it is very uncharacteristic of the downtime and the communication with the Iraq as well. But -- I did you know you he should be in shutting down some of the top players on the other team -- you know -- actor -- haven't been able to get anything going with the exception of game six. And the you have to give me credit -- -- he's been able to hone in on and and really shut down -- If there's going to be mistakes on the ice. Now now I'm not dealing with a physical injury but but dealing with -- hurt feelings. Has has PK they've been able to overcome the water on the shield. -- I think felt they get the product on certain Italian piazza about. Yeah I I that was. That was kind of funny if we had -- talk about it on the network right when it happened and I know that -- you know the leak was. App you have to be pretty careful because obviously you know you got in that you've got to the story we we thought it was kind of funny is -- Shawn Thornton thought it was funny by. In Italy with giving called safety approach but I -- -- and they get hit him in the face but I didn't kind of more in the shield when. He was dating guidebook that whenever I can see a funny tweet it completely -- picture PGA event which electors on his. Shield that was kind of funny but it's it's I thought that comment after the game now he's got to be careful because it said it would can't wait for the crowd the noise the energy I can't wait to take that all away from them that's a bulletin board material right there for the Boston Bruins that it. If there's one. One thing they can pick up going into that game tonight is back comment right there you all the more reason to win that game game seven tonight. Well I think you know we always talk about whether it really does make a difference or not and you know I'll -- says it does and and I think that guys do say that. You know if you're playing even authority -- talked about it up there if you're playing in a building that's -- out. It it it it makes a difference certainly for the at least that the first he's trying to survive the first three or four minutes of game you know. -- addicts and you know that building in Montreal it. -- one of the back buildings in the entire league it has been for ever so. They have a lot of young players in the Boston Bruins lineup right now. I think that maybe the beginning part of that game there's probably a little bit of -- there's a little bit of wow look at that place and it's absolutely rocking its historic. They cut a hole. You know the whole place going all the same time and I'm sure the back -- be a little bit daunting for the young guys in the lineup. That have not experienced that before in and they take a little while for them to get. A little comfortable on that kind of environment. As the game went on these other players start to settle down a little bit but that -- -- you know those jitters early on certainly can affect the team. I think tonight on home ice and that crowd will now claimed that -- of the Boston Bruins and these guys have been and that building they obviously. Love to play the final home crowds so. There aren't quite as many emotions. You know what to look back in the TD garden. Katherine to happen is our guest that how much of a factor do you think is experience in game sevens. I think it's huge I mean. Look at what last night in New York Rangers did that night game you know you've got guys on -- -- -- -- -- -- god they believe it. And Brad Richards playing together they had a great game the other because they didn't have before they've been in those situations have -- one -- now he's what ten to Indonesia it's because he's now a force now. There's no doubt that experience plays into it. Again just from the emotional side of knowing what to expect. How every single shift every time we cut the pocket gonna matter and you know it's winner go home for these teams so. Having been in that situation a lot of the -- have been there I think will be huge. -- for them but yeah there's no -- experience played into it. And then were you surprised with the if you agree within AD LL -- was talking in about a lack of this -- calorie the other night were you surprised. When it came to the Bruins that they were more physical. Well I think you know in that situation I think that act they would. And you didn't play the most physically bit in the post season but I thought they were still you know you do that by -- and maybe that's part of why the frustration -- at the end of the game it's because. Yet they didn't play they're all around game. And whether it means you know hitting a lot more or capitalizing on the scoring chances they're not allowing that much -- Canadians to control the pace -- play -- -- that all together came down to the -- not playing their best game. That physical play I think you know they have to be careful to not get caught up in that too much obviously you don't wanna be you know. -- around the body when you don't have to do because. You know and it's not necessary sometimes. -- a -- play you'll be a whole different team out there and and absolutely the physical -- that a big part of Boston Bruins you know. But the reason they've been winning especially in the post season multiple pieces the last couple of years but tonight they're gonna have to do their -- that every single part of their game. Well couldn't be more exciting and off and I wish it adversary iron to -- in -- -- game seven between these -- We get see you tonight on TV. -- I actually am not working so that's I'll be I'll I'll be watching this game quite a haven pop in for a period or two but. But I'll be back on -- -- -- or have hopefully I will have wants to see if -- -- -- -- -- not a -- talking about tomorrow night. I think you will be. Be. Let's listen I I have the Bruins tonight and I don't I don't do you think based on the experience of what they've done before. I think that's gonna come into play tonight and the Bruins on home ice they're not gonna wanna lose the game that and that the crowd behind them by. Getting on the board early and settling that much -- Canadians. Quick paced team is going to be keep an -- All right Catherine and while it's very kinda. Thanks a lot for coming on this morning that -- -- having a lot of gay and I will talk to you again next week out directly others -- happens. We can -- on and beasts what is an NBC ES and is that what they call their data networks Q did you networks yes.