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Hill-Mail 5-14-14

May 14, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours the main focus still remains the Boston Bruins.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit turned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show present -- may help. Out of college -- and all of a bright -- -- everything loaded. Are they get there -- golf golf balls will be bigger part. -- WK okay. -- think about it. But I play like they played the other night the nominee and I know it's yeah not that they're gonna lose this report. I held L today. But -- by noon turf care your residential and commercial line care provider. Visit -- turf care dot com and mention WA AF for a free flea and tick treatment. From the experts at noon turf care. -- to me. 732. Older. -- -- -- -- At royal port will rip it up a big back here so we could and nobody can flat out what. And that's is -- we talked about yesterday Casey case and is missing. Is hiding from his family well yeah. His kids said they -- Osama over the weekend and then. His younger wife spirited a mosque somewhere it may be hiding unlike some Indian reservation in Washington State like yes this is what happens when he -- -- your rich. Everybody trying to get at your money it everybody trying to. See what they can get -- -- before you dire when you die hello -- Take -- -- clarified a Red Sox yankees rivalry that yes yeah York highlanders yes they started out -- and then. The Braves never went to New York it was it was from Boston and Milwaukee to Atlanta. OK very good. And who are believed that Red Sox originally -- the Boston red stockings. And don't look teenagers also the last. The dean called starter on the service center you can. Plazas not a fan of big themes. Know pretty well he's not like can I ask -- remembered. -- put anything in did you put in state -- MBP now -- -- winners in beings aren't those stupid if they whiners and music you listen listen and take the Texas toast now yeah toasted Danny take the electric. You take the winners are being screwed over the Texas toast and Tommy in Arabic and ultimately it's the texture of the albums. LB -- -- such a patriot meaningless yeah of course mechanic -- I think it just shows the three and a half baked beans and hot body will stoop very important posts do whatever is left in the process. Control not just -- and again. Donald Sterling LL. I don't know if they don't call portfolio within the black vote wasn't the case it was probably the light of. And investors that earnings record and Adam yeah everything. That I'm cut that we played earlier from him. Where he is describing have now. He'd still be on now lured him into sex yet. Is disturbing because any man could fall victim -- you know eighty. I don't care you 788060. This chick you meter at the Super Bowl. And then all of a sudden she comes over a year office and says is there played through weakened they'll have some privacy and and then -- all done -- -- that you wrote to her trap them. I -- a little -- that this Super Bowl. Would sell their business you know. And -- that what capitalists. I came back. In two months later this -- in my announcement. She's is that I couldn't stop that kind of 262 months since is suitable. Well let's try to make somebody feel good. He says is there any privacy here in this building. Well I don't level buildings and again. Political talks -- the product. I wanna be your friend I think -- repeatedly braves -- And she does it he would beat me. And as she takes -- into the room exceed those Thursday. That he. He -- if you wanna go for a walk. OK. And so I walked closer to her car. He does well what do you think significantly different. -- All the way left -- Katie told you are not that Smart. Yeah it goes fails to seal it share a year and a follow her murdered along the way. Well the Pacific he thought he hit the gym but ya. I'm sure that it -- he Donald happens all the time sitting in your office and a smoke show shows -- -- mind. Can we get some privacy fired a it was I don't -- I do my thing to you there's. There's very few men on the planet -- don't let alone be in a billion narrative I'm at my house consumption. That's blond haired chick instead of my dad watch several Jesus mode Johnson -- You'll -- I wanted to -- today. -- -- -- -- -- -- 0508 text she couldn't correction she couldn't stop thinking about your bank account for two months have a democratic. Army and what's that that's a 100% aggressive just to get it. I had been thinking about you for party line. I must have you below Jimmy. They would think you guys have been a little -- out on Donald what. Well I mean. -- and growing debt comes up to Leo and like you said earlier you know today. Mark and refuse you know I guess I all the bill and Mary thank. Some might not really what it im not being hard on the guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- Can you imagine. That she better choice between him and apple David it's got that through those are the two. You know anyway yeah yeah we don't you know who should pick up that she should -- there -- -- he's so big athletic businesses are Davis left this mortal coil. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No -- how Roy. -- -- get a little early in your body. Forty -- -- the big -- act yet is going in and hitting your -- It -- it -- you can -- -- talk about why you're. Here you're gonna get -- Got to act that crap are pretty much all -- when our report. No no don't. It's big Blackberry. -- present them with food and I hope when we give the tickets away in a few moments. That the winner is. Not a first timer like that couple a I eat like a couple that won the first series series of the -- excellent little -- he had -- the abuse will -- -- that will -- at that. Here's your tickets today text that says that that did be still be on those like a crack dealer the first ones tree. Yeah yeah that's out there just try it hurts Clinton -- at it. He was duped. She slow roll them a -- according to this text there. Six grow between me and he had. Duke duke duke. Do you can. I. -- And the majority enthusiast against duke is going to be got to be great if he will be going to be great offer backed study get out of his head. That's what happened the other night out of his head. And fresh start one game. And it's hard to talk you to dump when you look commute their doubts I had about a nine dollar -- -- contract I'm not down here in your outside engine acts. I am and we aren't that there were certainly -- -- going dodges didn't go -- it's just curious -- to be used the after the other night user you have zero doubt you are you have full confidence. That okay. No concern at all that they come out flat like big item -- much -- the first overall. Well lose that that's the regular season is is different -- -- jobs right things change. 0:8 AM. All. Right pretty locked out there when bill. I don't can't you keep -- all collapse all gonna act like you'd have to ask yourself. And -- That put. Manage your marriage. It. -- cops are looking for Bieber after attempted robbery and a mini golf place he's still ladies -- on them. The money may take some pictures and as we want to what do you make sure nobody had a picture of him playing one -- what's the mini golf rage obscure reference movies to Jim Carrey. Takes the golf club to the clown. And -- sailor Adam Sandler woman in and -- -- happy Yardley asks me pricing is -- Bryant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At places the best. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we can get you deported to put it in the -- and poor. Yeah it's only got to do listen. Plug it in. 70. I had Guillen. Did you know pure and hadn't written it what can you who can put it in the if you don't all of a sudden -- -- pick up. They've got all the way that the ultimate authority and new dimension a better. A and the message as cats though -- I don't have to pay for -- see -- those kids Florida and other people's children my house Herbert an hour and as I ran past attempts except this grocery. Now -- mile -- of the month. She has beautiful house are you you know won't always -- springtime -- hello Lisa. Hello good morning I released. Happy I'm not here reference yes you wearing a permanent security entire movie. -- excellent yes very very well done. Now be careful -- your pets. That you don't. Begins some kind of rumors like thing because the murderers. Started with the camels. And apparently. I don't think I'll -- in -- group camels don't act -- that point one yards so obviously -- amid I'm hoping. That what happened when numbers went from camels the human beings. It was a camel spitting incident and not some kind of a weird a cold night in the desert after -- demand -- right now -- -- think that Kelly in the sexy stud. But the -- I'll take a lot I was watching the nightly news last night did the networks are all over the murders like dead the murders could kill everybody league in -- rapid period of time of no the no cure anything extra summer. Scary one -- travels lower from Saudi Arabia into Indiana and now one guy has several other than one guy a sex with a camel. I was an calculus goes to Disney the country's dead at like six months forget about it awful. Hit in nineteen -- -- -- An endorsement I got -- it's the three. Hello Dennis great Margaret what's up tennis pro a year ago and yes it goes to order places ago. Yes and so that's grass. This little orange. Orange dinosaur and the things gambling and landmarks -- Mike. I'm wondering what's up Michael. LP anybody -- we are lining personnel man into a primary or worse scenario. They come out a little bit flat and a lot of the goals like that they don't want. There are no expiration and mark you are out there about Larry -- the carpet collect what. It's gonna be a button on second or third period. -- -- home tonight if you you have confidence I have confidence. Woolsey what Katherine happened thanks. When we get too hot chicks who know hockey coming up at 835. More than twenty chewed me. Who currently get back in Atlanta. Can I bite my. Under that pitched at the mountain and went. Disturbingly she said -- -- hope Donald Sterling isn't listening and I think have to leave now Adams and a girlfriend. 7:26. AM. Is. Back right or. Out into the nothing itsy -- about the bottom line -- that doesn't get enough wealth into the 723. And I aren't really why I'm. Without proper or -- that I got into the proposal that. Penalty I tweeted a picture of the bouncy house that flew off in the air with a couple kids inside where was that upstate New York okay. So it's on my Twitter -- if you wanna see that terrifying image of the bouncy house floating in the air. Couple kids hurt pretty badly when they fell out of that there and that's on my Twitter feed Greg -- WA JF. Ricky Martin -- Apparently -- are under earlier and opera and all right there -- -- plant that is. And the Missouri ahead. -- Eric Harris spend a lot of work sixteen. -- Right or is being seven at all would -- that in its considerable. Particularly. I got to do is. Put a button and what are opening at the -- Political team. Tickets coming up very very soon in this hour to twenty pearl older. So -- it's -- -- through and it ripped off our. Spock proactive and I hope so it can handle it in the a big. But that's good now. The and the NF LB was a good daft. When that way and now when he won three lacks mass scented candles now that's helped us now that. -- -- -- -- -- hit every that they feel like I'm getting ready to play. Cutlery. Acted out. Ever go hit the quiet -- group. Direct competitor but I don't have worked with certain case. And then let it. -- All right thank you very much for participating. And doing hill mail this morning.