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Hill-Mail 5-13-14

May 13, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours the main focus is the 4-0 lose to MTL in Game 6 by the Bruins.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- return to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- -- -- It's on everyone's hope they're there radios listening to land and over and over the weekend. I will be over at 83 billion might not I think I hope everybody comments sometimes the role hanging fruit -- this week. On the WAA. Hill mail messages. Brought to you by noon you're residential and commercial -- care provider. Visit noon turf care dot com and mentioned WA AF for a free flea and tick treatment from the experts. To new turf care. And here are the best -- -- messages of the previous 24 hours. Monday for. -- 7 PM. I relate to -- copycat. But I don't -- and the only cure a bit more. The -- on top of them. Actually Bergeron played pretty average U -- he studies he's solid man. He I mean are they some the way gets back and and back checks eight. It does the basically stop a breakaway I mean I yen and sort of -- Myers played pretty well last night. -- that I give it again it was -- bright moments but you know what. -- overall all in all there was no sustained pressure -- young big yes they had a couple opportunities second period they had a bunch -- chance I think this you know there is Apollo -- -- but again if if you don't bring that energy from the get go yeah you know in the got to bring that is -- county to bring down -- -- that's when he get the bounces and everything goes your way just. I I don't think they tell you played now. I think they know it. And I -- big day you know they're gonna regret it I mean I -- -- to have full confidence that they'll win tomorrow night but you know it would have been nice to shut them down last night. Monday 107. PM. Every car. Or are completely different. That the final 21 -- Outward into Manhattan I was. Yeah up dollars to media. There. And then the ultimate as I said earlier the ultimate insult. Is too good going down when he's trying to get back in the bottom three stumble and are now trying to get back there actor honor -- China -- and I -- I had twenty colonel EM. Well without. Them in order -- in. In the war and that war and. That elusive for. Great day I love disseminate one -- Oh boy I'm so sick of people trying to that people try to act like they're big Bruins -- yes and that we can. You can captain band -- it all you want nobody. Has been talking about the Boston Bruins. On the radio -- this city -- in this program that's how we met LB in the first place seriously is dope says. It's not bad not so out of tires he wears the same now wrapped up -- -- rock N. Why -- we created -- and you don't wish but not all. Of a -- -- I'd love it probably the passion of people just to keep. -- -- -- -- instead -- just to stop the you know I really held it's like I've just visited. Tell me material leaking your corn flakes you know it's like I severe cut your cut up fruit. One time. It might cut up watermelon. About that in today about one because it helps with the virility is the erection that was there whatever it is alleged that Simon is. I don't really pissed off with a bar owner a couple of well I want -- at some point in my life I must have tweeted. Tuukka. And left the chaos. So -- last night I wanted to I wanted to tweet went to go made that saved with the stick GAAP. That's phenomenal staying with a lot I wanted to tweet to go so like -- it. And companies like. Yeah laughed at -- copped to yeah it can wagon and -- JJ did you know did you know I was talking about the -- -- I was referring to another duke got him it. They get the other two got that you wanted to go with one yeah I think it was another one. -- -- -- -- Out of college and amateur hour and a bright that would -- getting looted. -- they get Senegal brought all of will be bigger part. I cut into the jokes. Bigger holes on our golf courses 'cause we're in America but the food I think 17 AM. Oh. -- Here. Well or why I'd -- we don't go. And then -- -- girls. Who do we send up there were a bunch of girls. City and hand. No go really fired and speechwriter I think Joseph I don't know it's. That -- the links to equal -- all. Great resort to be fighting to sure. Number amount all right -- what notebook yeah. And then after this -- There was a controversy over these T shirts. That said. It's what was it soon. -- -- -- -- -- And they spelled it like food Sioux Indian tribe and yes sir you are says oaks course at that university their team is called no fighting -- as you as. -- you. Can't -- exploded January at the top of this doesn't feel I should know when I went on her record entry for -- will really did. -- -- part of school was it yes yes that nasty back after James Patton pretty torture and my high school teammates went there a form or. And I know mentally OK okay cool but in a dorm early show and get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now and if you're a left. They're what would -- there if you're Anderson Cooper's the does that go down as your best. Well I mean for him to keep a straight for him to keep a straight face -- -- that guy I get no that's I mean we can certainly. And I was -- Credible I have now -- to play -- naturally and it was really really awful foreign born. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then that Bruce couple nights Mohegan Sun this weekend hope the back holds up. Settled if we don't follow up any balconies got -- I'm trying to create a sign that gets -- called up on stage like those two kids from Houston -- And try to forget it twenty minutes to get up there -- -- It would be happy helped them by the state I think it called I think if you if you do a double game. What if I have that double -- and Bruce Michael out you know where Bruce shoots that I -- in 85 might he might feel sorry for -- That video I can't -- I must the watch that video a thousand do you cry right now I don't cry but I just there's a man. Who cares about his audience so much. Then you know -- those two kids up. And they sing every word every single bringing -- -- of no surrender and you are so Dallas and it makes. A moment that's what rock and roll is supposed to be about. It only tolerate it only to too cute kids like two weeks in studio with Bruce -- people -- well wasn't it was not a setup if you look at the two kids about it. This is not Hollywood that's what you -- do you wanna get up there and saying that the only get up and not let -- Allen and honestly -- pride probably I'd like to sing Bobbie Jean. Really -- son about which is. It's a veiled metaphor for when little -- left the man and Bruce was very upset about it is everybody is used to it and you know how you're sad when your body leaves him. Those it's a metaphor for that I'd like to get up there and one thing Bobby gene -- gruesome equity instruments -- -- -- -- sombrero and care for him if you give me a bit. -- Too old. Quote. That regard -- It's plating on the message in a mailman just site. If do you go back and went to bed paddle save you made nonetheless analysts those I mean that you know I don't know what the hell it was doing on that after the breakaway that. I put that on job more than they do one actually feet Iranians in sports coming up in the yeah. 850 edited to gates points it's. What was Lakewood what does he explain I was trying to open my legs as wide as possible that -- a they -- still at -- may ninth I don't know what hello Chris. Onstage before in you know when you took -- to -- Michael -- Of that's what it did. Here's the texts they're saying would you dedicate Bobby -- to stats yes yes they would. I would dedicated this. Which you -- here today. Links to these poor old and I'm not -- it and I have a very popular. And that. Amazing that he says another racist I mean that is not the go to grab it and -- If you have to say as I said earlier I'm not a racist. You you are racist I'm not a you've been accused of being a racist you are racist I'm not a racist and I've only had two Beers that you have to begin any sentence with a I'm not a racist fear most likely racist. Thinks he and all. Well everybody there are eager. But. All of but I don't -- the air and stay there one. I. Didn't your -- -- Peru and you. -- -- -- -- All full. -- I concur. And. And that -- a pretty good. Lotta Lotta Lotta great that at least last year anyway -- beautiful women in their bikinis at -- -- but he -- that yes it's because of the cash is a thousand dollars on the line. -- get the opportunity it is C. That leg one of the nicest pools and all of these the united right dates of Americans I work -- -- -- -- like yes I mean when you first walked into that will allow some group. The marble and -- just. He is an area alone it's considered. Scored he laundry center next to disaster -- -- get over to the islanders scored and an and so to -- -- there will be live. With -- us when we broadcast from -- pool a week from tomorrow for this year's miss martini action below Cragg. I don't Greg Greg ball ball -- to -- it all up -- her -- -- show up at the and -- the thinks what he. Didn't -- all bosh are liberal. And. -- Wonder what message. -- -- it was get that first one and -- -- know play play like a bunch of nasty tricks and you know get that first one and they weren't fill up a couple power plays and I mean -- which was physical. That hit on Alexi was it was knocked him out alive but yet again you can you can pick out great -- you know great opportunities you to go agreed here here and there. You know -- the how the Bruins win is you know four lines everybody hidden everybody's. Gordon and her body and parts of the man behind it that they had a tough time it. It economist nets last night on a blocked shot by Montreal yeah offense to not get an apartment that would and I I didn't. On -- and a lot of guy you don't there was it was a black guy in front seven to gash that was the black and mr. gone down a blocked each eight shots last night. Do you see. I remember who'll want us back charity and we know boy check yeah now he's -- as I said yeah he threw his face in front of the I mean that's that's -- you wanna win that's why aren't you pleasant hockey players as anyone -- hockey game when boy chuck is lineup a slapper and you're throwing your face in front. You now. What can we at guys and god I I -- doctor who's the diversity at the.