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Inside the Warped Female Brain 5-13-14

May 13, 2014|

This edition of the Warped Female Brain we help a poor man who has a question about a discussion he over heard his wife having about waxing while out to dinner.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Let's go in side. The warped female branded him. And this -- came yesterday when we were inside the symbol male mind and and this man I feel very bad from I want not identify who he is. But I think some of the ladies who listed as shell may be able to help this gentleman out. And of course Danielle. Who clearly. Excels when it comes to having a -- female brain. Will be able to tell this guy whether he should be upset and nervous or not. I have been married for seven years. And my wife never once cared. About being waxed. Now. She goes and gets the gets waxed religiously. I think that means that she's cheating on me on Saturday at dinner. I overheard her telling her friend Mary. He likes me -- lacks. I have never once said so not my my question is -- is she cheating on me. Offense feature in the dinner -- LA I'd wager -- guess that perhaps there's something going on really. What -- -- said that to explain to our friends. It's possible. We really no big conversation you say -- that yes he says you maybe you know it's like hey are arguing -- union in coming for -- yeah he -- -- -- and even asking him to tell -- a Saturday like -- you can't pick -- the kids delete his at a -- -- go to but. You initially looking not like without that part of it because. Maybe it was just something that she never really knew about -- cared about until media print ripped -- -- the Democrats get -- do something about it and he likes Reno after. -- -- Video because that's my that's private in less sits in the LB has a point there because unless they just came up randomly at dinner like time out what to do this week Hollywood to Karen Golding got waxed you know -- waxing -- and cared. But even if you eat it could come up is innocently is that. But maybe it was like you know they were spending the half hour talking about the dude she's -- and -- husband back page center. Doherty would -- question is if somebody goes and does that something like that when it comes to grooming thing yet. They -- in and that would there was never any discussion about it does that mean that they're cheating not adamantly not now not really not definitely not you shall not India but not I wouldn't automatically say well. You started trimming that in a different way yes you're killing I'm wild. -- Younger Gary. Younger guys there's a wanna go around knowing what to blame for Mod Squad and not take it for a man next time next time you you next time you come over on Saturday afternoon. -- -- -- -- Here's on tax from a woman 781 tax for a woman. Who says same thing happened to me I ended up cheating on my has men and it was the first time ever relaxing and I saw I started to lacks all the time because that's of the -- life. So that woman says that if if indeed she and another woman is is cheating then she is doing that. If you showed me Amy and and they won it. Who typically did not focus a lot of upkeep on their genitalia. And they both went and all of a sudden started treatment or went down Yahoo! would -- I would automatically be more concerned about the -- really because guys don't normally care about their health care. It's kind of like out whatever if you Gatti you've got it around a sudden you're dudes come in moments like everything straightened up and need your life where -- now -- straight years ago now let's. Our concern to me to break yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let that I think your wife wants is a horse when he says that the dinner table and -- -- feel -- it's made up just heard Emmy. Heard it -- say it loudly -- -- personal how would that come up -- -- it's the same table you're damn near shot out exact a mop. It comes up because she wants out. Now here's the text from a woman. Who says when I'm cheating on my spouse I buy all new underwear is that -- it is is that true -- -- I -- I don't know are you -- so if years if your wife. Suddenly has all new lingerie yet. Then it probably means that. She's cheating if she'd never -- and -- have only some crazy like problem that's actually I think you discussed -- Elvis -- huge elephant if you're white hasn't asked kind of new laundry that she's not wearing with you. Not yet. I -- I would I don't need I don't even think -- I couldn't tell you what and Cory -- -- never home. -- that is true hiring now. But it is very interesting. These women. But we've we've learned during backs backs that women whose mothers treated are more right. -- more rounds to cheat which is now. 50 wait text I just recently got into waxing before it was just sporadic but now I realize that it's much better. It's -- maybe she just. Now 978 text on a woman and -- -- better and unfortunately cheated. Yeah we're so glad actually it's not -- -- -- -- they don't like chicken at the end of the blessing because the cheating at the -- the waxing. Did you finally realizing value of the union Neil Diamond down today and only him but didn't visit by -- BMW where -- count them all Muslims -- -- I too have a war female brain there's a good possibility she's cheating and if she didn't think he was listening while which he lied or -- -- -- And it. I want to died down or sometimes women go through a midlife crisis and wanna feel more attractive maybe that's just what's going on. Yeah and he. He likes and I immediately -- needed to look at the -- may -- that he is thereafter OB -- -- several I mean that maybe -- her gynecologist I. Last night and held a session now I don't know about that. On the move from -- Movement and the Clinton that way actually about that -- in her young amused salesman at the Africa -- Not waxing grows confidence increased its cheating I thought that I that is. Well let me are pretty preemptive -- -- like -- get lax in the -- never thought about it -- -- -- content and manipulate minds I don't object the -- -- these -- -- -- -- have asked the candidate is a Blackberry and the affiliates are with the that. I randomly started relaxing religiously after reading Cosmo not cheating no plans -- can't. Some women just don't know about it and Mike in a lot of women are afraid of it because if you don't go to the right person from it easy very dramatic and very painful experience and you go to the right person whose median is really good at it definitely do the hack jobs they're -- and then eventually -- graduate -- -- -- -- Movement movement and she could that once meant she was hooked what you drive in my place and the latest line as you know if -- -- an -- I technically. And the -- night into Saturday it'll down there and she snapped. That's not always true I'm a mom would no time for myself finally had more time treated myself to all -- non granny panties and started keeping up with the upkeep and it was not -- Honestly I probably obviously are guys marriage is better than -- -- heart attacks have just an honor I. He's really having Texas secretary twice a week but -- Yeah. Now -- attacks through says full grooming after infidelity it -- is probably the Bollywood news. My husband started shaving everything I've found it strange we've been married for ten years shortly after I found -- he's sleeping with a man. Moment while -- -- right edge that the that's gotten a particular. Charlotte if I really went for it so that Danielle says -- remember from inside wards female brain. That if fears spouse sends out. Buying all new lingerie or her grooming that there is a likely chance that there is something that's not good it's going I raise an eyebrow he would you about it -- but -- And today that it. Here's the number to call if you would like to be on this morning 617. 9311. A day off or you can tax that WA AF. -- motor group tax line is 97107. So forget about our FaceBook page. Every morning we try to keep up to date with the what we're talking about give you more information on that and you can go there and check out the visual evidence that you need based on what we are discussing on this show the FaceBook page is FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. -- -- up now for your information we spoke earlier this morning about how the song played my ice cream trucks. And apparently racist because as I stumbled minstrel songs that yet so in Italy to the story that tells you about that we've also had a link up to the controversy over whether or not to like -- should have been canceled. And I QE to see all of the firestorm. Yeah news for Brothers there all work. Dot yes. I textures that I like how one religious group dropped drives another religious group out of town because they don't like their beliefs and then all of you -- because it in the best you can do express your opinion yes yes. A and so that's our FaceBook page this is Jack and hello -- and. Hey I didn't want to contribute something about the satanic or actual law. Does this have to do with the jet -- religion or another one that I might. Yes in. Long story short I am -- currently married to -- -- American Colombian -- who played in the seminary coaching year. Out Clinton General Electric and also into. -- -- So I was very curious what my husband had to say about all of that and you know where. We are pretty you elect might have more and I am. Get the whole light saying we do you know every Friday Sunday and marriage are all that -- met. And elect the when I was talking to my body like you know -- dumbest crap I've ever act its like. Every line that they all read the vibe and they realize what an actual you know. Alleged and give gays respects become and all that it would -- it wouldn't care about any of that and I and then you would like. And that people are really quite an appropriate question go to. Picketing that. Satanic ritual that's not gonna do anything for anybody nobody care. Well it's not worry it's not very tolerant the leg I thought the whole thing was turn the other cheek comment on temperature where there's your game is -- -- would the you know where's the tolerance you know aren't saying. Right now you have. That part thank god help help community and do all that that and not a big deal hour. You that you secure in the senate you know Aussie drought in the show. I already in the public and -- our Boston area hollowed out right. Can we go Camille inside the -- female brain for a minute Jan. Charlotte why did you say currently married that. -- don't know you know in its opening and it came out like that is a hot and really had on the -- currently. Currently. Apply if I can contribute to that and well I suspect some here during it and slightly different this stuff up all the time act I don't think it's acute concern and well in out of you know once in awhile you know -- and then collect articles. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and you know definitely part -- -- you know what is it like pellets which. Now you don't know what do you have the you don't have to do the grooming of the nether regions -- -- you know week you know one. You're at the time it the phonics currently work that we did seem a little -- -- -- but -- being killed in Al and another. Another area that you know we definitely have cars that people do it. Without. And if they do. They're all chief there all --