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Mistress Carrie's interview with Ret. Gen. Jack Hammond part 2

May 12, 2014|

Retired Brigadier General Jack Hammond, is the Executive Director of the Home Base program. He came to the WAAF studio to talk to Mistress Carrie about Veterans outreach, the Home Base Program which is a partnership between the Red Sox Foundation and Mass. General Hospital, and the Run To Home Base.

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-- -- -- station W way out coming up later on this afternoon -- the day is going to be playing acoustic here in the WA AF studio whales have a chance to an -- thousand box. With a code word later Imus after known but -- retired brigadier general Jack Hammond the exact. -- director of the home based program is here in the studio with me and the big -- -- home base is coming out which is awesome July 19. Started yawkey way goes out across the Charles River comes back you come through senate field you run along the warning track with the green monster in your right. Take a left at third base and you cross home plate the finish line. I'm meeting the Red Sox ownership some may be some players hoping get them there in some you lose some -- generals and Marines and also took great folks at its. Huge awesome day Fenway Park is open for people to come and cheer on the runners -- walkers. The trophies are there wall -- there you guys have all kinds of other family friendly stuff and then. To actually as a Red Sox fan if you participate you get to come in and actually walk across home plate and get your picture taken which is pretty awesome. You can't be that it's -- Fenway fans three minutes it's one way you help and it's this is the largest event to support our wounded veterans and service members in knowing -- And you get to get to help our veterans and military families in to get to step on home plate on the field. -- and you know what I am I almost made that my Christmas card contract the picture is so awesome standing there Arnold played. So I you can still enter and register so not only to be a runner but also to be a walker. That's right the early bird timer a result may fifteenth the funding requirement is only seven or fifty dollars which is easy you just have to call bunch of friends come support you. -- if you don't if you wait to left the fifteenth the price -- up to a thousand which isn't bad because once people start raising money via -- -- Israel is well past the minimums but some people get scared about the first time they do it. If it's easy beans I can do what they call their friends it's a great cause you helping some people. -- invisible wounds of war there's a lot of slots for active duty military personnel right that they can get involved to actively serving members of the armed forces the National Guard the reserves can can apply for one of the 500 slot we have we just pay the fifty dollar entrance he. And that's -- thank you back to them. By you'll notice is lots and lots of military families people running in uniform you'll see -- PT's running. It is just a very healing day. Amazing day it's really awesome and you can register for the rhyme or the -- and you conjoined TWA app that's the key and I only people. You know this -- their allegiance to mr. Barry writes in all these people that came back from task -- Yankee the one they do simple and I don't want that we all these guys that. Yet you you need to support mr. scary if you can't join her team supporter team on line. It's team WA AF -- and we got the links up -- on our FaceBook page it's up on Twitter you just have to click on the link you can either register or you can make a donation guests were fundraising goal. And then come out and cheer on runners it's it's it's an awesome day in the city that's the best. Part we use we have -- -- our goals 3000 runners this year in the republic of another 45000 folks that are friends and family members come to the park. We have the park -- -- the that opened for the day for all our military friends and -- guests and so if you wanna support and show your support come on down if you wanna run that's even better. But support runner if you can't run it's it's a great event. In the in the proceeds from this event go to pay for clinical care so that our veterans military family members don't have to pay. In Israel we say they supported us by serving in Afghanistan Iraq now you can support them home here while the working on the transition. -- the 99% of us the civilians this is how we can step up and do something you have a great time doing it and you know it before you go the you know it there is an epidemic of military. Suicides right now we are legitimately losing. 22 veterans a day to suicide and you know a lot of time it's because they just don't know ask for help don't know where to go so if you're -- battery and or if you have one of the family that's having a hard time name. The home based program is a safe place for you -- I always have it the information you can always get a hold me here at the studio. And there's always information up on FaceBook and Twitter that were always putting up there but there are. Safe places for you to go and get help there's no need to it to feel like that there's nobody -- free. We've all lost close friends and there's no need for. If you if you know anybody that's having trouble intervene no don't be a bystander step in and help them will work we -- to get them in for care. But it's just cross on the threshold is a big step the people. Yeah tell them to your door you guys can take if we got -- and I have our veteran our reach guys all combat veterans will help them with the transition. I really appreciate you coming in today I -- -- running here and run and again I. House is with my sneakers I I don't think I'm -- in Iraq this time in just might be just me. Running -- -- Iraq this time -- but thank you for all you do -- -- literally every day I joined team WA have go to our FaceBook page -- Twitter to get more deet tails devour the day coming up later on this afternoon just. You.