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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 5-12-14

May 12, 2014|

Every week we go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers, this week we get the response on why a man is pissed a wife threw away his socks, guys who smack each others asses, a man who told his buddies his wife is bad at oral, and one man hopes a drunk make out session will turn into more.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right are you ready to go inside the symbol male mind elevate you are right let's do it. Every Monday at this point LB is kind enough. To allow the ladies who listen to the show inside. The symbol male mind if there is something that is plaguing -- When it comes doing Manning your life why he acts like he acts just text that question right now to 97107. And LB will value. All right. Here's the weird text that at this morning about this weekend and then I finally hooked up with a guy named rich this weekend who I have liked for awhile. The sex was great body kind of gross me out because he asked me to get completely waxed. Before our next session since he likes the bear baby look out apple notes. Can't you -- it kids should be. See they look you can't save their baby that's why you know you cannot go there guy -- ups now she's not as big hits over so that is over and over so there's just no easy easy easy easy every time you guys -- and you're thinking about it it's going to be miserable. The -- the he'd be great job on hooking up though well I mean you know you know me I love you. Yeah that money you throw that one out there. -- Not right -- and that's -- and doctor Bombay carry out and which. My boyfriend gets pissed if I go out with him wearing low cut shirts that show off my boobs there I think I have nice see cops and I wanna look good for him. Why would -- -- I care if his girlfriend looks good. Geared he's insecure. Yeah I'm guys there is easy -- -- as the kid over here yeah here I'm an effect if you -- my -- drama there so does our unity by the way. Yeah I -- check. -- -- bought ten days ten when I was talking about and -- she was wearing a police boost GA brought type thing -- with a button down shirt that was open golf association is not a topic. Well in the -- and -- -- but I ego that you got to -- you ladies let's keep this trend going she was these are you the trend going about Nevada I'm mentioning it because for this young lady that would be a great luck. But if she's with this guy in yeah insecure and a dozen or more instruments indeed where where shows I don't I don't -- and I don't know where I never understood why 1% in -- could tell someone else what or -- not aware of its -- she's being respectful to him ladies somebody who doesn't want her -- -- -- he's gonna -- should be -- wanted to feel -- section of herself I don't care care whether you know what size you -- Where would of you wanna -- to make -- feel good and hot and sexy everybody likes to feel good about themselves man. Rob thoughts. -- -- time I had an issue with the way and -- I was dating was -- and she was going to a costume party with only pastries. -- Listen you're gonna meet a lot of friends of mine workers and -- -- a few people just picked -- -- raw or something really pleased. What about a girl like you Dee -- my -- now I I just have to Wear a burqa or. They is it okay if she wears something real -- why should not going topless some pie guy you know guy -- the creative with the -- -- -- -- -- the -- even -- -- vessels are funny. -- appears he's about half a little -- modular. That the that the that the I'm dating a man with kids but he won't introduce me to them I'm definitely still married into. He can. He got divorced six months ago we've been dating for four -- won't let me meet his kid. That's a tough one soon I yeah I give guys a lot of guys and not for me you know I grip on him -- households -- I don't understand it because you know -- Guys eight different guys and in and out you know look at that and it. I -- I first -- there's guys over the house solid primary -- she said they were cleaners but I don't know. But it it's one of those things I think you know father does you know until he knows a year -- warned if he's if he's on the dating. Scene in which you know resigned introduced in like fifteen chicks to lose to this weekend this confusing. My husband has a friend named Bruce. Knows -- who is always slapping his -- He did it five times yesterday at a Mother's Day Barbeque and I think it's. Actually you gonna play you don't really NASA that is happening -- that slapping the husband. -- home -- after I have does anybody next five times I thought. Eleven well well again but only if you know he could be a guy like me and you know what -- if you if you think you get me hear your Massa was somebody in his own money so you re probably got a man. -- top guys ask you notice that she was -- weapons out. Sony made a point 08 and -- -- that is all right we're going inside the simple -- mind as we do -- money at this time stopping by the -- very cool makes people feel that the -- killing your friend and OK if a friend came out you know you know it at work right now about you know one of the sales -- like -- like. Jackie -- -- Oregon snapshot. Tall -- Spinner if she doesn't -- you get right to be nice if you know like. And in a way did some good for question in my day yeah obviously by the they democratic amendment -- -- -- club but -- and yet. My husband and they're just in case my husband and I had a BB eight months ago since the birth we haven't had sex he says he feels weird because that's where his daughter came from. By you or -- it's like a deep seeded. Well -- you do it's PR and it's not always the little. -- saying -- everyone knows when they give it comes through there -- -- blows it to smithereens American doctors do their best to put America together real well and it takes time rather let you know I don't blame when I never it's never quite the sand when I watched my first wife. And give. Birth to my daughter now and it literally just ripped the I was is Arabs it. I don't warning a and they've I you know can we get a spoiler alert our -- talked about it it just ripped it right in front of Arizona is an almighty god. They've -- -- psychologically. That ended our marriage and that was basically the beginning we're getting there the beat the out of it now that's about it. It's just you know -- I can't. Get home. Well you know like you know some say they they throw coupled you know when you're -- you know I mean it was like there was like -- -- -- credit. Like someone stated over my arm let you know hockey can't control 67 -- And how comfortable you feel now they -- the forty minutes -- -- an -- kids like. I threw away all of my husband's all the Sox and replays of the new ones. He was this -- why. Because what are you gonna -- or stuff or exactly what he would come out of touch her stuff for I don't care what it is underwear socks shirts. That he. You know any big winner in this is another thing just leave -- over anybody in a relationship. Don't buy clothes for year man. That he -- -- you don't mean unless he asks unless -- -- here that I'd like I get it if you're that guy. It says hey I don't care what worry you know honey go I need for prison jeans and proportional to what it and guide you -- she buys all packed my. But you he's got a he's got to be the initiator. You know listen. Our -- Sox are awesome that ours are stuff in my arms up bright are stinky shoes now we we pay the mortgage you just leave just. Leave Russia. My fiance. With -- my fiancee told his best friend that I am not good at oral pleasure. His friend made fun of me Friday when he was drunk or are off -- -- I think a man cut him a break and I think this is a private thing between me and my fiance and I mad that they were clearly both making fun of. Wow do you see that this is what I want you to do number -- shame on the guy for for blab and when he was struck by the both the good news is this is how you move forward in the relationship if if you're here you're engaged. You have to solve the problem because I tell you is if -- I tell you right now if you're not willing to watch porn and learn how to give awesome -- that you're gonna end up in divorce so -- assault with a bit proactive about -- proactive about it you know is important you know it was a good it was good arm and good forerunner of -- and and and and again and you got to watch a little -- rule. -- Do men prefer decline wants. Do men prefer bikinis and one pieces it's bathing suit weather -- -- buying a new ones. Bikini spill -- key you need skin to win meant what does one see it would have liked the cut out there. Side that I don't now -- -- the marlins' motto man yells. Now I just just where that -- isn't that where they sticky nearly care and I could just a little bit more now from. Not call I mean if you wanna do the finding our that our next week if you are -- I find it to be completely appropriate that no matter where you are okay it doesn't matter by now you know. I -- my friend and I fooled around in front of my husband after too many Martinis but now it's always talks about carrying sacks and he's pushing us to do it again. Why does he keep bringing in you -- -- First visited a citizen was little area of Italian study is the first I mean have -- Daniel and I start in Broward phase south c'mon man ha yeah. You -- -- did not make -- -- your friend in front of me and then and not do the deed. Yeah I mean if you wanna do that in front of somebody who won't talk about it ever again. My suspicion is due out in front -- the guys always slapping everybody that -- I think I might extras probably would never bring in Auburn Florida yeah I kind of -- -- -- -- feel I apologize for the party. It I think that set off my -- I'm so excited for America -- -- which guy rather than threesome got all the ground it threesome I don't know how that's gonna happen because it -- she doesn't want him mentioning we just yeah. The guy hopefully the guys getting good at making Martinis it sounds like death and that's a -- -- noble thing.