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Masshole Theatre:Jerry Maguire 5-12-14

May 12, 2014|

Another trip to the Masshole Theatre we visit a sports movie with a love story in Jerry Maguire.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show -- That's hole. Is -- -- hole theater prize. A pair of tickets to go -- Kings of Leon. On August 9 at the expanded -- center. And all you have to do is call right now 617931. One AA app and if you can't decipher. The Massachusetts accents. And our own lingo that we employ in this state. And figure out what movie. Is the subject of mass whole theater today and you will be a winner so call right now 617. 9311. A day after and you can go see. Kings of Leon at the -- Kennedy senator. In August and coming up in about twenty minutes AA it's your hill mail messages. So -- hill mail message right now on any topic 617779. 5463. And we will play your messages hello Ryan. -- all but Ryan how are you -- -- earlier we've gone from. I want on the way to work but -- from Center City to its. -- and what you do for. I worked -- it all right excellent. Well. You know we have a distinctive accent here in our and our Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And we also have distinctive vocabulary which is only ours. And sell from astle theater we have taken a famous scene from the film. And adapted that board the mass holes everywhere if you can identify the film that this scene is from then -- be a winner are you ready Ryan. Direct all right listen carefully. Hey Goliath. More than a mile lady on the outlet and you -- me about that this is gonna specialty I was at the pilot sent me -- -- I'll do it alone analogous. Now a little company and a wicked this and I committed with the balls they'll like in the multiple of three -- a little -- -- -- -- my wife. This my -- that Vince Wilfork missed my. Little world you know like dot that and -- it not being -- -- you -- you complete me. And we got it down manages. Set in mountain just set up your mind. He had me how I yet. Caution do your job that his dad. Do you find those two run fly it first went down and random flea market dossier of I could score any jams and they were does not take into kindly and I'm back to old reliable. Barrett who announced on formulations are -- -- -- lot of people wanna be a part of Basil and is now I defy anybody you can email me if you got about a spot but it down Bridgewater area has the greatest -- jostled -- -- -- Mark and yen and agenda is pretty good there just not there yet you had me at ally yeah Brian why do you know a film that is. We're short Jerry Maguire here. At LIN. Guy's job you nailed it. Volleyed. More than my old lady on the outlet and you -- me about that. This is gonna specialty I was in the pilot sending in the I'll do it alone analogous. Now a little company and a wicked this and I denied a with the balls -- well again the problem Rebecca. Little incomplete records -- my wife. Vince Wilfork missed -- With a you know clicked on them and innate and not -- equipment you complete me. And get it down and manages. Check in mountain just set up your mind. He had me how I yet. That would be ally out of hand me an Iron Man with a pop up. That's a weird words pop lock is -- -- that's American that's it let's Boston. You don't hear that I learn how the oil and the Powell locked via. And not how locked. Love it got pretty good the three got about three decked out that's another one that is nothing wicked -- and they really -- -- sense in Diego that they then we got a guy that is an out of three Decker is three Jessica. Our -- well thank you for participating congratulations to Ryan that's fassel theaters this morning.