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Hill-Mail 5-12-14

May 12, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend the main focus just happened to be the Bruins vs Canadians Game 5 and PK Subban aggravating the B's.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each year returned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show present scale made up. Around expect it -- and -- what the port that's for the week and he -- -- amount they paid off or. And Aaron princess I thought OK. You feel like your basic of all your Mother's Day -- -- a nice day. On WAS. I think it any guess from my path now. The squirrels. What did you ungrateful bastards didn't do anything special for your mom. And a lovely brunch at Stella all night as delicious now a couple of bloody and some French toast and -- slowly. And then at that flash is always remember him on the not while I conference I get over a trimming. And track a little bit of the murder of a delay a couple of I put it after a little bit what did its land that's being generous now are just out of her skis monstrous federal brunch now involved -- called it a Mother's Day to vote. 2 o'clock that that was about eight year old and ten -- -- -- -- a couple of fellows came out of there rat Kevin Watson rents. Or. OK I cannot be excused from our -- didn't. And listen as my Eminem as my buddy said. It's called Mother's Day it's not called wives today AAR IE relax. Your kids that your kids supposed to get -- -- -- help -- Lyle I'll do what I can but but not all on May area all on me. All right today's hill mail messages of -- TU by noon it turf care. Your residential and commercial line care provider visit noon turf care dot com. And mentioned WAA after a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. Friday 736. -- -- Oh well I'll let you don't go where you're here. Arctic that there were up up and put -- on -- -- on -- blog but there are there any Canadian concern in Iran. LT you know is it about by you to quote. Made him an extra. I I feel bad for the poor little Canadian girl we talked about Friday who. Was not allowed to Wear her Bobby or Jersey on Jersey day at school because they thought it would cause some kind of -- -- at the moment we're talking about eleven year old jackpot. A mean letter where the Jersey. Probable second rule all. Probably or preventing you from having ticket or is there anything that that -- it paper. And that is the best dealer he's the greatest the greatest greatest one of the greatest thrills of having this job is. Getting the opportunity get to know that man who I watched as as a young -- at the garden. Greatest. May be the greatest would you say he is. While he got the splendid splinter but the two down. Probably the two greatest athletes ever play in the city right now would you sorry and -- I mean of course he got some great I guess it's hard to say dude you got. He got Bill Russell and you got. Bill -- the -- -- burn crosses over to Brussels in that group -- Bill Russell and bill -- incredible it has apparently 1111 rings that's insane and it's amazing that's insane absolutely amazing. 44 all. But final. -- -- A lot of message. That that. Acutely for tonight's yeah I think it's over and I started to crack I got -- cocky but I. If you -- settles in sickness usually what an -- is that right nonsense sounds like everything except LB said six -- and somebody called and asked and well what we're calling it a seven is not really that big a deal I've liked. But yes I think this series will be over in seven days and a my I Chamberlain's one prediction horrible for 16. Am. It's on anyone out there radios listening to -- kudos and over the weekend. I will be overly. Revealing I'm not party I don't like some kind of low hanging fruit. -- this week it. -- that's not that severe -- that's your Mears said he LB at a low hanging fruits and taste the sweetness. Yeah how we talked last week about the revealing the sex of the baby parties and how people are just milk a little a little. But to some they have when it comes to the fact that you care about their child yet. Yeah I guess but it tired and have kids to not think that there the focus of everybody else and any other animal world. You don't you don't know anything you know but. Maybe maybe you feel that way about your -- Or you know I don't think angered and I can't hear the squirrels have been the focus mentally or obese they're -- -- -- -- nicer and -- -- just the squirrels the squirrels on the cat deaths. Burned all 4:50. PM. My career and Ron what are your merit and read it if they didn't and I. And now. The. Iron Bowl final to England PM. Into the. I. -- grill loved it in the mail up Tucker has that so the buyers as he column but. Unbelievable game for him about outline that -- been unbelievable for three games now you know. Crude sinks all. I'm a bit ago that this is -- how old boy. Please tell that this book was up what are they are now apparently goes through and how -- the game I almost ran out on Saturday night. -- bureau. Moon -- the Port Authority. Racking up the -- this year. That's another 1122800. Knew what was it 92008952. Now this in 52 cents that that'll be -- that 52 cents in pennies failed peace and that in -- In pennies ordered what I mean what a move that's a fantastic movie I love it. I get what that I see that Lundqvist did it Crosby last night or some like that so he'll get the same five writes yeah I hope I don't -- yeah yeah same fine. A little on PM I would go to that -- enabled devices -- -- the power up and Greg -- probably in his chair lift that would coming -- I can see it now call ankles dangling over majestic wild guess it is that there that they haven't -- -- -- Am -- -- spend it and content in the paint and. Owned -- then lose still walking pretty accurate and get better I'm almost seamless good days and now it was the it was a bad one. I'm I'm I did. Refuse. Or I should say that I was. Told in no uncertain terms by Julia bill that I could not bring McCain. To any of the nine -- any of the 97. Prom photo sessions that I had to drive around on Saturday. These kids and their social networks and there we had to go to like five different people's houses that that many in the and the groups kept getting bigger and it was you know we did the pictures that we did the pictures at the house social. IG and you were collared shirt and jacket well I mean would teach irrigation dressed up and William sheriff inanimate. I don't now -- suppress our eyes ice. OK our prayers -- agitated very -- Like that I just. Now. I've -- these you know he's. Everywhere there is as bad as strap this picture was down about audio and meteors an -- Julie you know I -- did not Wear again on I've. Obviously picture of the of Alfred Hitchcock wearing a dress that is surfaced over the weekend so why is -- -- are Carney your surprise -- guys through the they'd be if you -- watched the movie the guys are few if Jerry Yang is an odd you know the one where he was. Hitting on that active streak in that -- that was our name to be heading there has to be hundred. Yeah me kind of a weird. But somebody like found -- family photo album and has pictures of a cult and its stock indirect at the catcher that's attractive. Are there they weren't light on scene like a small film studio now and it is. The album photos -- to a director that had worked with Hitchcock and but like literally he's just he's he's in a must he's got a mustache companies in this like. Figure if you know a tight kind of think you know Jersey style dress playing tennis since the the -- -- Different category I mean look at I did little journey and a wedding dress and all the candidates are doing is alarmed back in the day are. -- forty old man. It and a black -- Yeah I would like today it's 85 degree news -- being opened up so aptly. More important message and those 85 today -- like that and gorgeous just the beautiful day takes 47 old man. Troop girls are two guys not just that -- record the Bible says that -- command should my outlook did not demand that an abomination. However the viable bat cleanup and about two girls. And -- it is not. Fitting cover that off. Only the Mary Magdalene -- as human element we. Something but I mean when anybody be objecting if fit as I said earlier it was too. Beach volleyball players making out on the espionage and -- chair nobody would know Johnson nobody would be saying a word about it a low ball. Gave Martin -- what's up all eight LL be an order Greg app. Go to. That at the outset of this. -- going back to that mom would. Reveal party it ought to get a lot of it would be. Revealed a lot of well. You know it. Text -- said they felt it was minded -- was wearing it just do it shares an. Probably others I don't believe that. That was. It was -- now hello Dan. I gotta -- -- yes. Rodney Dangerfield and money corporate and a walk all our. Our daughter and just she's beautiful. Web. Well the good movie -- buried rated -- rate -- 706. -- And it could go out and important and it felt throughout the -- and collect I am -- in. I regard that. And that now it is but they. People you know but but the good as you really start. I needed start you know again I hate that those are that this opinion because he wants to. No wonder what's woman for like it's you know you wanna make it. Every -- -- -- Normal eye on and on one didn't want anything -- football player there while I -- but I Brit. We joke amongst each other. So is is that a jokers out offensive always trying to make it located joke about the move yeah kind of yeah yeah yeah I mean I don't know is any area is located buses up busting balls well. The economy -- -- Sam and I can't do this the Panama and a bar and dirty pool or. Or one that is ultimately the net has spent as. Because that won't act. And now a a but that takes thinking for an old man. Go -- there aren't Bert -- water all over eight compared. I -- what -- -- about that would cultural fault we can expect these. Back. Dependent message. We'll talk to authorities about that on this show Thursday morning at 815. Thursdays with -- Well get a full explanation all you -- -- on the I don't. Think there on the lottery material but she's a big role here and I'll I'm already share you don't want -- nowhere. A big a big night for the Formula One twenty warm and. -- -- -- -- Our current bird -- I can't. A group. I don't know ethnically and as a populist speeches you've damage from authority the authority everybody be losing their. Allies be Eric Gregg let -- -- -- question felt very. I hope really we should go to that little white carried out -- layered portrait respect. Well I mean I I is that I think it is against. Smaller than I am certain I don't know I don't know how big my concern there -- -- -- pretty big guy with. I get program you gradually yes exactly.