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Mike Hsu Talks To Warren Haynes About The Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration With The Boston Pops

May 9, 2014|

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Warren Haynes has played with everyone from The Allman Brothers to Corrosion Of Conformity. He also has spent time playing with The Dead and Phil Lesh and friends. He will apply this vast experience to The Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration with The Boston Pops at Symphony Hall on Tuesday. He talks about the challenges of working with an Orchestra, what Garcia songs work well with strings, and also gives an Allman Brothers update.

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I appreciate a good time and thank you very much and you're very busy -- hand problem. But been a big fan for a long time since senior the first time of the omens. And looking forward to the the the evening. The Jerry Garcia symphonic celebration which is coming up on Tuesday here at symphony hall on Boston. And that you did this just about a year ago at Tanglewood. With the pops. And was up the first time you've ever worked with the orchestra. Yes. Last year was the first time I've ever had the opportunity to work with the simply it was it was great that's. One of the reasons some sort of do it again. -- what was similar things you learned from that first experience that you may. Applies to the upcoming shows here like things that you may not want to do are things that you may wanna try. Well I think two. We -- rehearsal. I grab more comfortable resident with a Ichiro even more comfortable with it. -- one of the things. The bad news going and was that. Unlike my world where we improvise and and can change arrangements. Its probably head when you -- with a symphony it's actually easier everything is orchestrated. And so I had to get used to the fact that. -- here in two arrangements the way they are and so one of the things that we did it was in order to keep -- spirited improvisation lives. We incorporated. Three different ways of making that happened so. The first -- was that sometimes is simply would be playing an orchestrated part. And I will be improvising on top of that. The second way you lose. So parents simply would stop playing and new electric band would continue providing for an undetermined amount of time additional -- is simply would come back here and and the third way which is the most unique I think was that some of the arrangements. -- are based on what were originally live performances that were improvised and so. I will take live recordings of The Grateful Dead. Jamming. And have the orchestra or Rangers. Turn that into. Sheet music for the orchestra might assume that's what they were playing. It was an orchestrated version of what was originally -- situation. That is that's amazing. I was gonna ask like how how you dealt -- the kind of the structure here as opposed to the the you know and problems and proposition -- nature of the music and that last one you mentioned that's got to that that's -- I mean I'm not amuse us the musician but that's mind boggling to me to take something that's him province. And do and arrangements for orchestra and also equally amazing to me is what you said as having the orchestra come back on Q. After revising it just doesn't seem like it's an easy thing to have an entire. Simply come in on Q after you've been in province for awhile. Well. It's not. I guess it's not tradition or or. Normal but it's it's not difficult. And we're very adept at doing. You know whatever needs to happen and so. Small band rehearsal kind of keep Dennis and two together. It's very truly. They're looking to us to. -- and creative approaches to what they normally do -- I think it is important varies from the -- the more exciting it is. Now do you get its shoes. The songs that are that are given the a symphonic treatment. Yes without first got the call from. The people who. Run that Jerry Garcia state. Asking me if I would be interested in in doing this. I should absolutely I would be honored to do that and so very. Loudly or encouraged me to pick the material. -- so I basically. Two songs not based as much on my favorite songs are songs that I would -- saying that. I think more based own songs that I felt like a symphony would elevate to another place. And salute that eliminated some songs and particular songs like. Casey Jones I order the US balloons that -- -- interest and hearing symphonic version of those just doesn't seem to be the right marriage to me. That's a lot of these. Less traditional songs. Works really well so. I would pick the material that I would. Take my arrangement ideas and present them to the Rangers there's three different Rangers that divided the duties among them. And they literally assistance for the orchestra. Hey this just in the bottom marvelous experience you -- see this stuff compromise I think. In a lot of cases. Pop music or rock music. There's a very well too soon to be very exception incidents in the Jerry Garcia catalog -- a bit catalog. There are a lot of exceptions and and that's when I was looking for is to stuff the bully would come -- life. And that now I know Jerry didn't write this soon but. Are you got an it's are you going to be able to do some stuff like covers that he did on specifically wondering if you're gonna be good year for the roses. You know it's -- he's right that. That's a wonderful song and but so growing up when and where I did I'm known George Jones version. Of of that too. We're not doing that -- that we are doing if you. Cover songs that are very associated. With -- We're doing more to do. And we're doing. The Irving Berlin song Russian all of and both of those strangely too soon to be amazingly well. I can hear the strings right now from morning till I can't wait to see this. That's. But and one of the high -- Soviets did the whole show highlights from -- -- We've been closing dysfunction that was good morning do. It and it really need it is tremendous. In the tradition of The Grateful Dead were trying to do a different set list every night to whatever extent we can and in this capacity we kill -- period. Enormously like is the dead wood. But I couldn't every night it's a little bit different you know for functional difference and it's it's been really thought we added some new material for this year that we were doing last year. You know it's. It's it's really fun to see the audience react to symphonic versions of some of these students you know -- things like. Like -- but don't isn't shakedown street that you wouldn't expect to come alive and that sort of thing that really do -- -- the obvious ones like terror and station that they have a simply. On the original recordings. Bryant right and do you get to played -- guitar. Also the world with a summation is that -- Beautiful will you at all. Intimidated or did you have some kind of apprehension of the sit here why you play cherries Qatar I mean I would have been like I don't know I wanna. That I was very excited about. The concept when I first found that it was going to be available to me. I think look at first thought was split. Well it's not my guitar so I may not be very comfortable with -- maybe -- only few songs -- maybe. Pick a few keystone XP choice numbers to play it. The first time I've played it it was so natural until. -- -- -- grades and I just talked publicly known as a result and it puts me one step closer. To his second round which is such a unique sound. And I think that inspires me to play a little bit more. Under the influence so. That's not what I would normally do broad. Since we're celebrating. The music of Jerry Garcia I think it's appropriate and -- and that allows me. To use it to kind of get a little further into such who would. His style and and so. Now who are who -- the musicians that Arab going to be in your band right it's not just do you in the in the symphony you've got an actual. You've got an actual band on to -- the. It's genocide own drones -- slifer home base. At least you should tour and jasmine Mohammed own background locals myself. It's a wonderful lineup same lineup that we use last year. That's great now. Since you've had the experience last year. Is there any interest in May be. Incorporating. Symphony orchestra in the -- your future works whether it be solo or -- government mule. Well. I'm much more comfortable. We're good now wouldn't Syria and stripped of much more comfortable than I was two years ago. And so if it. Seemed like the right thing would definitely welcome. The idea of doing it again you know and it -- a completely different way. And maybe even. Like something -- that in mind. Well it's we're looking forward to this Tuesday over -- symphony hall Boston and these are the the fund the first two shows on this Daria yeah so this and some units she like you said earlier gonna kind of change it up. From night -- night are also wondering if there will be tradition carried on where. You -- they will allow taping I probably I'm guessing they wouldn't. I would guess though -- But they -- traditionally. Shows where we're doing two -- in one city so they'll put -- will be very different from each other. Maybe we'll still be able to buy some some burritos or some some grilled cheese sandwiches on the part was that victory. Over and so. And if I could ask a question about the the Allman Brothers. And it what was the what was the catalyst for that the decisions. To leave the ban this time -- severely -- at the end of this year. Well. It's been very confusing as far as the way it's been portrayed. Two and in the -- The band has been talking for the last three years or so about making this year is there in the final year. The better it is always maintained that. We never wanted to turn into this -- and activist that wherever on the horizon that would be time to quit. We've been very lucky that that hasn't been the case split I think we -- at all. Play into the future concede that it's inevitable at some point. And that we would all like to go out of all the hot note and that's something that we are. Talked about not just myself and -- with the entire band. And we're all in agreement in all the same page or so we talked about. What was going on -- course -- and I hadn't had made plans accordingly. And then I guess may be some of the guy -- where I haven't second talks. And so it can't get distorted in the presidency if Derek we're leaving the band but in reality it was something that. The -- As a unit was contemplating and I still think that's probably going to be what happens that. I'm open for some pretty very soon because it has been very clear. All right all Warren -- thank you so much particular -- to speak to -- today looking forward to seeing you playing. With the Boston Pops a symphony hall Tuesday. For the Jerry Garcia symphonic celebration -- and thank you so much and really appreciate it --