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Matt Light: Former New England Patriot 5-9-14

May 9, 2014|

Former Patriots Matt Light joined the show to discuss the first round of the NFL Draft and what to expect from the Patriots, turkey hunting and corn hole.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I believe I believe that we are now filled -- able to talk to one of the commonwealth greatest hunters. Who's out somewhere this morning doing what he does in the woods. Matt Light former New England patriot Matty. Good morning server where are you what what are you doing what you hunting or is it Turkey season. It is -- yes but got quarters -- upon sold. You were in the woods right now. You know I've -- -- had much success from memorial -- my excitement and authority -- -- -- -- and bagged up and ready for our consumption beloved dad you Gilbert and you know budgets that's at 3 AM how is that early. Yet Little Rock when you're an East Coast in the sun decides to wake up for it. Roughly 4. In the morning I mean if you had it almost borders ridiculous. How many did you how many did you yet. Well you're allowed you know you can order one today and and -- there -- -- -- -- as -- sort of you -- you -- -- -- about you know. I traditionally would just be out. Hoping I voters and the could be the real farmers call in the broader term gobble gave them curious so. You know how -- be chasing them told CNN. Cook are you are you still using little precious baby squirrels as faith. -- Only natural only real -- only the bulk of Bolivia and finds. A so I anything surprise you draft wise last night I guess that would LB what's the big deal that Johnny football went away. I -- ask I wanna ask Matt because iMac. Played a long long time to what you what was your rookie -- 2000. Well when war in Iraq it. It was amazing to me the it because I do I'm just blown away with the air against it in the attitude of alleged. First round others. And I guess. If you don't go to top five. And you go 22 in the first round. You have to sit with a mug on your face and -- completely and has stopped. I came from a time where. If you got drafted you were incredibly thankful OK you did you -- first -- and you slip to the -- around a third round and and you got drafted you were pumped. That you actually. Are going to a pro -- It just was I was blown away last. Well I think you know look at change so much over the years has become such a spectacle and -- and it's an exciting -- and I remember going. It down in New York it and then being. In the area while they were having to draft him you know you see all the crazy New Yorkers in the jets the giants fans -- People come -- from all over the place but. I'm gonna start this thing at 8 o'clock at night. You know give -- around midnight. And that. Round one you know back in the it was around 12 and three -- and and you're right that you want some of these guys and I mean you're you're still horrible in some cases and in others it. Well you know. There is that -- visited a little lower. Than that but you know I look I I think. I think what these guys you what are what are corrected I was -- it probably. Forty in my -- guys back on got the playbook from college -- a local college bar you know the media contact this. There you stand for everybody -- their huge step for renewable wild wild they don't I don't know -- -- -- -- -- You know the last pick of the first day I would have been extremely excited those pardoning -- great that would result. Sure yeah I just did I didn't understand all the experts saying how god judge John -- don't be so -- -- might not for nothing. The guy got drafted by. Up a pretty good up and coming team that needs a quarterback so. Not in not you know gravity he went towards everybody went to Cleveland he's an instant. Franchise quarterback that can change. The animal and -- the attitude of a stadium in the name of the did did did the dog the dog. Current -- -- getting objective right kicked him -- although a lot of years and what a great opportunity. And today I just it was just bizarre so my. Born in 42 -- like your make it and you know 400 port 5000 start now yes you know acutely in college player you know anybody else that would be. Fortunate about that have definitely guys. The -- that do all right you know and then. And I agree with yet been Cleveland got to be really answers to an end. And they've got a lot of you know they are a lot of big play -- guys on both sides of automobile lots of a bad. Bad point there but you know I think that they all our team that. What Rick I like John -- so that they -- makes some things happen and there are. You know division were -- you don't really control our own destiny if they -- these guys play well together. We used to ply -- trade rumors started yesterday afternoon about mallet to the Texans. No I think I think any time there's that there's a connection. To other coaches around the league that have been on the patriots stat. I think everybody wants to come up with these. I don't know conspiracy theories Ortiz. You know connections and what they're doing all all the pretty -- gonna end because they're doing scouting or someone else was hurt her Eleanor where there was. Political players somebody go to New England they're going to be scouting for another coach -- that -- different team I mean that's that's ludicrous but. You know I think. I think those illustrate kind of things -- -- come up because. Wonder. You know what what in the future for you know the backup quarterback in the -- system like one of those. The toughest jobs over the last you know all thirteen years. And anybody could ever have because they know that whatever you feel a much probably deterred in politics which could care so that. You know he's going to be out there you know whether it is a 100% about and you know these guys get brought up and they sit in the mornings and at some point sums it happened and it sort -- look attractive but the people so you know I think that. -- you -- keep them like that Pat Robertson and have a yesterday which you understand wanted to do. You think mallet wouldn't would make good Demi playbook for a long time I've seen in practice and -- he didn't think he'd make a good starting quarterback somewhere. You know you'd never know they get out there -- quarterback position that's -- those -- -- atomic step that Mueller's use. Do you literally just hurled an action and an -- -- number three guy now he's the guy you know behind. You know Bledsoe injury and then and we didn't have a clue as style or group work -- we -- we saw practice and I and I know. -- assault -- we're like mallet and a lot of guys as back production -- -- regard Brian order and struggle in that sand salt. Through the -- he's been banned and practices really. I don't think many people thought that you rubio would go ordinary get the job done but you know he's either good quarterback. Is every about -- -- He -- in disputed detailed guy. You know he's he's obviously the size and miserable but it got a -- -- rocker arm as well so you get a morale right. And and you have about there you know get some popular sentiment he can be a good quarter. Please tell me. You busted Brady's falls about. That that hair pictures -- That haven't gone. I have to do that person. I I don't know how you do that then. Or shortly -- of voicemail that would adequately describe a or best that is that it has scored a -- that the more I mean you know look horrible. Go -- and I go well we all go. Under. And there's something to midnight right -- that was some parties you know your your catch up some business here or there. -- wanna know what -- mean more that they were recruit. And we're going to or wiggle crazier -- -- formal full ought. And that was not that was pre derby that was that met gala -- and Matty and -- Dallas New York he had lost yeah I would or Thursday that also that this -- like Harry -- charity event. Yeah cinnamon and and I think. PI think the wife likes and you know to look I'll bond gardeners should mouth for New York City in the fashion world being -- that -- is -- -- gal it's the gal that yes. So that really -- -- rigor and the statement all those people. Etc. yes yes I'd make an upcoming issue -- -- I might go there next. Here I if I think each -- -- it and you think a what are the odds that. That that -- patriots picks this weekend. Weld turned around offers from the patriots because they don't they don't wanna be a four years of slaves here in and knowing. A -- a -- Hello -- did you you know. Who -- hi. Survived that. He's the lets you do it right. The world -- -- and it says there are guys that you play were already years -- like merit sure at that so that the -- -- a student of the game you know he's. He's you know just on top of very deep so oriented and the nurse -- -- grass -- I thought about it. I expect I expect a text or wants to know if you're surprise of all the -- linemen that went in the first round. Draft wise men like. No -- you know and Lipton I mean it was it was all of those years that everybody you know really talked about the strength of the -- dilemma come out and it always cyclical summaries and you know you have your I don't the year I got drafted. Kashmir -- -- -- 2001 -- like a lifetime ago but you know back then you know we have a really really good offensive line draft where a lot of guys -- -- -- there's probably. About ourselves married in the first quarter fixed. That bet you -- so you have these. These times where he took a load up and and really I think from those factors that. A lot of guys -- about the same time you know you -- you know paternal or at least help the player. You know it goes those guys around for awhile but then when they go it's like here you have so that -- league why it's really still. You know goto or shooters but you know the operative -- I think or that you can find the right war. You know they're really worth the investment offered on a -- -- mean everybody wants the big picture of you know skill positions but you know it really your bread and butter where you can draft a writer come on -- -- because -- Now. -- if the United States is -- evacuated because of the -- volcano at Yellowstone going off this weekend would you choose. But these are the three choices of where Americans can go apparently Argentina. Brazil. Or Australia where where where would you choose to be evacuated to. Listeners must not -- material Australia. I've got a real problem where things -- bite and curious about completely off. -- think about going there that follow what spider most that would spider the world let's play -- global. Yeah Ottawa fumble and easy you know or however on where a -- where. Big deal and there trying to they would -- common -- will. You know little nasty little creature but anyway I'm not going to Australia. I think Argentina would be -- yeah. Great -- he's too because it while the beef that the B -- cells and -- countries known for there to -- -- Argentina Argentine has really known for their bodies so that every record we have a -- goat hunting our secure -- better be great yeah of course you cut ties are you well -- don't panic yet admissible -- -- yep today that says that the super volcano goes. And everything we -- Watch I would go over so that you would that the Northern State recruiter -- -- there one. Effort concert disappear yeah when America was full of molten lava Campbell we -- nightmare is that you know we get a hot air balloon fly over soccer overall -- But it can't next year's met gala -- says you should you should do the mustache version of the Brady's hair oral. You are -- -- that that's -- -- I mean that -- -- -- quiet but those third -- that you used which is what I will say this. I saw picture where who is -- a red pants right correct answer yes we're sure you know and that in the ballpark -- -- I don't want Alexei those. You know we're looking additional particular region but it is so futile little excited with those -- And. I've got that sense says that's a skinny jeans and -- -- bring us anything that it. But if you look -- her but they. -- you know AA you know if you had your hand. Mrs. Ms. -- by engine fusion that you might be also. Well certain outlook outlook -- well -- sorry about how quick plug. The light foundation corn hole event is coming up in June right Matty. Yeah out we've got to go dark corner whole commotion -- Gillette Stadium June 14 to its. Saturday we're you know listen world were a note this Monday but we've put an end. For the Guinness world book of records to see if we walk out the new. -- record for the largest court all term of really so yes so so badly everybody come up your part of we -- all things are cute but it is really good family friendly event went. It's going to be stiff competition mean we have got coming in from North Carolina last year and actually won all signing. -- intense right when these guys if there. Literally the minute reopened and are out there are examining the boards in the bags that are practicing. Through. Quite comical -- of. I'm very -- -- Dave -- or core hole actual outside game and what it. You know god Danielle was asking if she could c'mon examined the bags this year is that I am an expert in that -- is that all right. Yep but cheap you know if you're gonna be definitely go to the hole but I don't -- recording the core hole. And you know debt -- only make sure the bags weighted properly. It involves speaker and a -- fully grasp the situation because it's so it is cooked or experience in your mentioned your diving and. Right elbow at first that -- and yet it didn't matter. I -- and have a great weekend and then well I'll see you next week right. You know holes are -- -- the rest addressing the Bruins you know bring it altogether else. Right here in New England were Smart upper orbit thanks for your time Q nice job getting the -- You know go Angel and I'm treatment declined -- -- legal my and this always is in nearby and that he'd be proud my body would in my old veteran of the bruises that ten year old son Bennie a -- to. All of bidding group yeah -- -- local and acute or two days cuter he's at work today right now like thank you pal Arnold all right.