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Hill-Mail 5-9-14

May 9, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include attacking Danielle and the B's vs Montreal Game 4.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you returned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man up. Denigrate the other day when they -- you can dribble UP. I certainly hope your response -- that was a double -- I can dribble while doing any. On WK. Okay. Film -- messages but do you today by noon turf care year residential and commercial lawn care provider. Visit noon turf care back common mentioned WA AF -- a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. 12736. -- They brought forth and ordered them that great opera. You put the Bill Clinton -- And not crack. Don't know yeah. -- between them. -- sign her up for yet nowhere they're still looking Foreman. In Toronto they're going crazy because he's that mayor. They need somebody in charge shut -- never checked into rehab and nobody knows where is my call checked out on line you watched it and he even heat off themselves -- -- he's probably at some cracked Danner. Probably hang out with some Canadian guys in their basement. Trying to wake up from you know -- -- probably blacked out and he's just -- -- -- like off. What is it began a meeting scheduled president. There is only 7:57. AM. And we know today or Oriole for -- go or go. All are accurate all Berry who went 00. Victory. We're all -- -- -- You can manage. The group which wouldn't. This is awesome. Obscure -- lawful reference Eric Clapton monitors it at the end of crossroads -- thinking that he didn't do a good job. Singing the song -- so is that the British term at the British to get there is. If you've watched show little Britain one of the care is always us quite a car for awful mean. Well here's aliens here's a comforting -- there are four sororities and two fraternities at saint Lawrence University. We're already busy where over it. Over a year away from that so we're not even thinking about that don't remind me. There is -- -- and 34 AM. Yet didn't Greg did they or am if you weren't such a bridge every day about correcting everybody else what are what are our. What do you were there -- -- an army. And now hopes they talk about. -- so what would you correct something and I don't know I was actually trying to stand up for you remember what it was signed into that then about the Bruins tickets -- given a waiter yeah yeah -- is that for yeah. Yeah I said for him in the community -- I was dressed in general public as I can you know he's just. He's jealous of view is again I don't think that's it you probably bloom -- some kind of -- event or something in the news -- squad elements wanted to not a how is this girls -- great. -- thriving in all -- -- -- when it when you're about to die from spaghetti they know that I am protective zone or what do you think what do you mean there. Name would mean that this -- for now what's. And there's forcing it happened I oppose -- Roland FaceBook and then somebody finds there than in the know street I don't know that's not what happened. Well anywhere about where they -- good is this. So you now art you're now what are you college. Rehab and harboring I've not -- -- -- Harboring and forest world yes for a little bit under the guidance of answered filed wildlife every direction opposite -- -- -- -- event -- -- can imagine when you walk into Daniel's place and there's like a little chewed -- all over the floor and and that newspaper that's what I -- Britney -- I. If I -- Hello hello Mike. Why -- -- what's up. Well I learned something and video music PSA outlet on a -- -- and we have -- something. Well he was supposed to show up at -- -- -- part of an approach maybe I don't know I am not. That focused on the guy series all 7:27. PM. To work it cry. Morning. Court. You know message maybe they won't do the fire anymore it's not working well I think you know home. I and I everything's just go look you who you like it I mean -- I don't get a bit at the ice dancing it's. It's hockey. Now the guys what did I mean you know fighters school right now like the fire would. And I am admittedly. A bit. -- 8:33. PM. The only battle and what their parents find aspect I have to deal warning about when the going could content. So then yeah yeah that. And that -- and you know that's one thing you could say if you're in traffic trying to look up the -- up with a woman. Have any grid to -- not for a minor league not a big grape coupon fan. No you don't like how delicate the John. Under CLO French's yellow guy. Like the whole grain mustard mustard get on French Fries. If you feel like Muster -- -- Muster irony I switch it up. Must -- condiments and again -- you like the -- late to legit now the only man -- I'm a miracle -- guy walks all -- will miracle -- That is Red Sox -- with not mayonnaise that's dressing. Mine. Get it -- get -- -- edit together and whatever and it now I think you -- not the captain and eating industry miracle. -- is awful. Having that means or that ailments elements Belmont Helmand Salmons minute penalty to Brian are you would you like some Helmand and NA I would not certain if I'm good -- -- that -- I'm where I'm sorry. But there. Gold and 39 PM. But he -- demand. Grow and rule. Saturday. Moon that let you now big -- mornings. Just lost their guide and -- about a good hockey did Theo and -- you know and and how great is aftermath Frazier -- -- get called up that day part about a dream LB every kid's dream bet called up that day score of the game winner in overtime -- In Montreal. In my I mean is Montreal just a greats. The great thing who -- a nominal rate raid win last night. There's only eleven -- 18 PM. Is -- -- could learn where I -- so I. That message to president afraid to use Kentucky case back -- that that. That -- forty all and. They break. I think I threw my back out last night -- and appropriate when it jumped out of the chair. Gordon and wait for word and quit my okay. Another guy who Santonio like delivered here to the station's dashed out and -- -- buddies over. The -- -- walking stick -- now I look pretty is linked by guys you know under way pre open him because the one you got that karma moment. And embellished and enabled guy's name is Kevin Greene followed Kevin. I dropped these walking sticks up for you in recognition of all the good work you've done for the city the state and people in need for your foundation I'm still want what they said Obama. They said there's one for you. Look at those things locking. No no there won't -- car didn't yeah I had a little bit. Mosaic. And you -- I don't know I -- in my trusty -- can somebody get mine now. Like ours I'm I'm not right. Arm for a bit. Scrutiny -- 44 PM. With the first pick in the 2014. NFL draft New England Patriots select. Oh yeah. I appreciate. I don't know if that scenario they can. Nobody better flam -- place while he really is and I made said the great back Jack the guy is -- job he's under a little underrated I don't know if they ever rest of the NHL. Gives Patrice Bergeron and the credit that he courses do you excel he's up for the saudis it's OK yes it is argue. -- -- -- -- You know help me and doubt but what -- gap but a week in and edit under a modern day awkward. Aaron protest I stop -- okay. -- right you'll that you thought your Mother's Day until the next day. Into the -- into debt that's Meehan. And bring my mom to a lovely brunch -- yes where -- weird ego boost. You are. A little bit. If that's the -- -- -- Now. A little mother daughter branch Marion County among if you listening that they want to -- is naive viewed your idea plastered nominal and -- about a million plastered with the parents that chick gets drunk -- their mom is 000 that -- -- -- their mom you bet your -- you know. Yeah yeah. It. Did did she start asking you know when. You're gonna get married in my. It actually over the yeah laden given up she doesn't put a lot of pressure on tablets like 200 president. Another half -- relationship. -- -- with the director. And 20 June old. Don't know that sounds tacky and there first name is an Africa that name and a you'll forget that name any time soon first name -- -- close the. Greg and -- I go to -- corporate real quick -- Or a girl it you know whether. It's all a bunch up now and gets right to -- but anyway so you got to sort of economists. Few minutes ago but I do listen. The space order center Greg first of many years ago. You did it LB Turkey have. Are all yes Nancy recipe for everything worked just -- -- He he loves. It he loves ketchup. I mean Il and he'll put on anything he puts -- on -- I don't like people catch a candidate to a -- Hannah I -- free people whenever it can put to catch a prominent French toast. Really on French hopes now. What if I was to be maple syrup to sweet -- now anatomy maple syrup and catch upon French I don't like pancakes no serve and -- -- when he had. Thank you talk coming couldn't even though I didn't. It or did it. -- -- -- -- In London that he at all unfortunately fell below and a balloon couple's baby Bergeron. -- at if you England. You know Danielle -- attacking in the office this morning. And this is really started talking for some reason about the BB reveal party stupidity of her and then she brought up this thing. Which. We'll talk about it at at that 835. But its procedures that women are doing. To be prepared for eventual self thieves even I agree even you would it not to notice. Now this is it I think I -- really stands it is ridiculous building your whole life. All during your body. For the potential of a certain kind of self the -- -- we've reached a ridiculous. Height in this and I agree. In -- I'm I'm normally off for this kind of thing but not where this story is concerned now. I mean that in 3-D better have a better hope he has the goods to show off from because -- atlas. And 18 AM. We -- good number of 568900. Is deep -- not really get. Get -- they always are not that big bird. -- -- -- -- If you couldn't stay awake for that for that game last night that for overtime than your captain and now hi I'm I'm perplexed because at the moment. That -- stashed the OT winner yes. You have -- -- the bridge I did I went to take a leak in evident -- humid down. And came out as they were so overall. -- today. That's an it closet before eagle pass which upon us just thinking now on some kind of a jinx and his pharma Iverson says that the public doesn't. Though you are what you -- kinda bummed to myself who. 239. Tax and can you make it's beginning to look a lot like Bergeron available. As a download -- we should make that hill was out there meaning users are ringtone yes of course nobody is asserted that the rest of us we can't wish. Yes. It didn't do that Iraq.