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Mike Hsu Talks To James B. Sikking About The Hill Street Blues Complete Series Release

May 8, 2014|

Mike Hsu talks to James B. Sikking about the Hill Street Blues Complete Series Box Set and his Emmy Nominated role as Lt. Howard Hunter.

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Hello mr. seeking yes hi how are you thanks for taking the time this morning are my pleasure thank you loved Boston are my name is Mike Hsu I -- WA AF from Boston and I have to say I don't think I've ever interviewed someone. Who was both in a Star Trek movie and the planet of the apes movie. And fast that's right that's very true residents but hey you know what you -- -- Different but if forgot -- from outer space. -- -- I I'm one of those freaky trek people you know on I'm like that's captain styles and talk to captain styles is an hour. That's right now fantastic oh great and I believe you were also an athlete. In battle of the network stars is that correct also. That's when I was eight years ago I was much younger than I am now and yes well we didn't we didn't we want to try and. Today there you go you're a winner -- -- networks I've never interviewed and what I don't think I have been battle and that -- that was in the battle the network's stars nice watches kid in. And also something -- watches a kid. That month when my parents were in the mood let me stay -- Was Hill Street Blues. And that's why well you're lucky I know I'll learn what you have -- it's. Hole really well -- now they've got the full series on dvd that's where we're talking so you can show your kids. And say look this is what I've this is what I was doing this is groundbreaking television give death some credit here for Brian outline there. Because 10 o'clock this past their bedtime so I -- I never saw it. I remember as a kid watching it and just even knowing then that it was it was very different. And from a lot of the television shows at the time and and you when you've got the the part. Of -- power hunter. You -- already a veteran I mean he appeared in some of like the the TV shows that defined television like rawhide and and you were you appeared -- Perry Mason is that true. Well yes yeah yes I have -- -- you know and a beautiful wonderful Emmy winning show -- street which has more you want more and more enemies than any other show and I appeared on the worst television show and she. Just this year there was announcing. It's it's -- I do I didn't OK cracker BMI -- of the car they were all loaded. Wow so when -- got the part for Hill Street Blues you're a veteran and I wanna ask. So when you start when you read the script and started production. Did you realize wow this is this is some groundbreaking television we're making here. I didn't who realize it's. I think I'm a little different. To be very honest that's something is different because description had dug through the -- is going. I don't have a story they've had a beginning middle and an -- for that hour and then they have a story they were just. Finishing from the last hour -- -- -- they were just beginning for the next hour. And I thought that's that's unique but once we got in robot Butler was the director and start to look. Started to run and shoot you begin to realize whoa this is going to be really interest -- kept saying -- -- c'mon don't think at this place slid up like you know electric castle seven assists stinking. Police station guys coming and enduring go on leave and get out no it's it's that the police experience as a human recovered. Yeah I Iowa's side of it as like in the -- probably use this comparison before but like. It's like mash with cops because you've got into the real emotional. Personal parts and then you've got I may have been the first time in a cop show because in the seventies he would like coach Jack and and the rookies in swat and then. In the eighties around the time Hill Street Blues or sink ships. And TJ hooker and stuff and those didn't get into lake cops making moral decisions should take this bribe you know do -- take -- do I have to shoot the sky you know him. Failures. You know on police work and stuff. So I think you're right I think you're right absolutely. We had where we were. Accused of being say -- -- brutal we -- accused of being violent. And it's not true. What we did is we showed you. The ramifications. Of violence. So would have a bigger impact on. Because in the inauguration somebody okay being banging it cannot sit. But when you shoot somebody and it's so. I don't know of fourteen year old can head. And you and give it a mistake it's been made because the boy had a gun and it's the ramifications of all violence goes on and on into everybody's -- who was involved but. Yeah that that was just unheard of at the top. Visited it the -- made it's kind of glamorous to be shooting people but. Everything he gets I think that's the way he could get rid of a character that's so high. Right -- your character power hunter I just. Re watching some of these. Was almost. I would say like a prototype of the modern Tea Party guy. Today and the -- that we didn't think at the beginning of the series. Element to this story actually because. Yes he was stuck -- image. He was I DI am kind of disaster might. I vote I -- in the army who was really. So. Titanic and so that. Knew what it was to be a military man. You have to do this you have to be absolutely spit and polish -- so pretty standard operating procedure. And the way that I didn't it was Stephen said. I don't go go get this costume the -- did and I did a couple of other things so much I -- -- -- Wear glasses. Because I -- to have an area that view he. Was. Somewhat of a failure. Would you begin to see that. There's the track in that whole kind of thinking. That and the teams should get more vulnerable. -- like the addition of the pipe. Also yeah it was very MacArthur potentially down the door and -- thing you know he was like will go in and we'll drop the bomb and that was like listening. The lack of service if I said that gorilla you've you've got to let -- -- -- -- now there's another one right there isn't that yeah. The emergency action payments that have sought emergency actions in the 15106 calls. But I said you know my mine Mike I need validation you know what's going on gin up some more. And then then later on though your character. Have had a bout with cancer. Right. -- -- I don't think I can't there what I did was I tried to commit suicide because I didn't I didn't measure up to what I thought I should be a I was all right. In the hospital that. Young lady called Wolfowitz. And most Wolfowitz. Really got me gone and it was which showed it is his showed his need. Along were buying a dog and wanting horses and things like they're one of somebody who love it. And then that that character's changed a little after that got a little. A little bit yeah. But I thought the -- and Toyota but I was always. There's always just change you know Wolfowitz. They got together got to know each other pretty good never have maybe taken about getting married she said would you convert. -- she was Jewish. And they were in bed together any kind of looked at very. Like that black comic this. -- And that's always -- time to ask -- something when the when there you know when you're in bed with her. That's when you get the questions answered right. Okay. Our late James -- be seeking. You see him as lieutenant Howard hunter the whole. Hill Street Blues the complete series is out on dvd shell cast is a great job of this there's a lot of bonus stuff you can watch it and is if you haven't seen it. You should go out and watch it because this showed in my opinion not only influence future cop shows you like NYPD blue and even like the wire. But just a production you know the hand held cameras in the -- Venus and everything like that CC where a lot of in my opinion television today got its ideas from was from Hill Street Blues so. Well thank you gonna happen -- And I'm looking forward to -- seeing you in the next Star Trek movie hopefully and I captain styles -- -- called JJ Abrams -- -- get its seeking an honest look at the styles back in uniform. I hope why this whole world and so we've just got to maybe this is gonna give you a chance this time right. All right well thanks a lot James and and good luck thank you okay why didn't you do.