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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins 5-8-14

May 8, 2014|

Another special playoff edition of Thursday's with Thorty previewing Game 4.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- -- -- Hill Man Morning Show presents. There's days with the already. Featuring John Darden of the -- Boston Bruins. Well. And Obama lashed out with a number of what's going. And but. -- authority was on the phone thing we need to get forty on hold so we can -- authority. -- has brought you by the city of Boston credit union. They are authorities choice for his banking needs also brought to you by EMB Serrano and EMD. -- war and to Montreal Canada we go. And say hello to who Shawn Thornton this morning authority. At Warner our buddy. I'm very well big one tonight might surprise. You might might not there's a little bit of little bit of what would I say a little grumbling going on down here. Oh yeah little panic may be amongst. -- group. You're here you're you're Bruins fans out. Believe Montreal can come to Boston and steal a game -- you guys aren't good enough to go to -- Australia. Did that it is a serious blow up remarkably after we lost one. In the car and we regret that went one up here either way so -- -- I got a suggestion for. Our beat the the whole. One. Get a goal every five minutes thing. Yeah start that in the first period. They're genius. A proportion of I'll bring it up before -- -- And listen you know -- that goes down -- like win one for the Ginsburg. That's Newt Rockne kind of things I mean. Pretty motivational speech she gave -- But regardless if it so -- talk about the actual audio out of the. At this. How bad was the leg and that looked really bad -- obviously made it back out there here's your hockey player and and I'm I'm whining about my back for five days but. But how bad was it. -- first I thought I was gonna hear about job. But that didn't feel good it a lot of it could require hospital -- -- the kind of settled down does he pull those very lucky so. That I've personally been very lucky but it'll go to duke it out. You're -- you're caught on nine on camera yapping away at the end of that game I wanted to that was that out there in the direction of the officials or the Montreal Canadian. I think that was. The game you're a little bit happier. -- -- it would -- -- -- special. Yes yes where. Where they did they hear you. Probably. I don't know I don't think I don't think they did because an on call and we airs in getting raped on the PKU band out of the penalty box school I was not called so. Her and a lot. I've updated outlook -- -- comfortable well I'd rather look at the scene I don't know what the book blatant play calling itself. But probable school. I -- -- think you are I think it's great I mean are you don't know Bernard the new guys two met you know mental breakdowns you know the -- not -- Being being aware TJ. Coming out of the box and and the break aways you'd put that aside you guys failure yet. I -- so we got a little better but. Definitely we don't we don't usually in nick errors like that defensively and they capitalized under give credit. So I mean he you guys have had a chance to go over it go over with -- -- talk about your selves is does that just what you like you did that kind of what you guys field couple mistakes and other than that played pretty well the and I. Now we've got to be better we saw it better and we are. You know where Roland weirder but it normally has. Yeah we had to sustain pressure that people couldn't keep up let them. -- -- analytic Montreal earlier in and that they're really good job that we being attacked forcing. Will on the other games. Is that is the crowd a factor if there's somebody was asking me that the other day on the show and I mean these guys. Play aren't -- here they are allowed but is that a factor off. Yes and now -- They didn't love I think you know when. -- and I appreciate it box holders are you guys don't look bad topic and -- -- Here are the screener a lot on the -- lot of voters look at what cost us. As far as the energy -- southern ball and beat up on it but it before -- bill would have. -- understand -- -- action. Both have undergone another stream of the popular blogs and then. Bush toggle MacBook. Here we're back here next standup that. -- -- -- to -- the -- talked a certain matter whether they're all seeing more of your recent. Did you enjoy the opening ceremonies. I didn't see my. When the that. Portrait ever better. It was like a lottery I'm happy back at poverty. And about it -- about it -- would like the but there was Eric and now the -- clinical experience plottage. Well Lou when you guys come back home in MLB let a shot and then do it -- you know -- -- -- Yeah. I -- it back back to the crowd. -- here you know to do as well as anybody when when called you don't when they do is do that to look to cut is that -- smiles a -- And -- gotten up but it I have to ask you that people didn't I knew the answer about. Values fairly. These bodies to rattle us. A 100% sure. But authorities there are a lot of people that feel like he is -- that he is rattled by the Canadians and then he's you know he's not done well against the Canadians this year -- and -- so I mean. -- tells a little bit about that. I think we got to play better problem. And biggest topic of the vote. But but it's the biggest rivalry just treat it like another -- -- and stop plaque. Did you feel like you guys are less physically -- I think there. It doesn't think it had a pretty good job getting back into -- talks. Quick -- and maybe. So quickly we could get -- -- as -- possible book -- who worked -- elect is quick -- here the other beer. Those that a little earlier. Estimates intentions -- good sometimes you can feel it here. -- Crowder has come up that it hit a -- look at the sheet of water and -- electrocuted touch anybody -- so -- Area book book book book that should serve yeah. Don't -- we've we've we've we've got look at them more physical. Put pucks in areas Bruton. Problem. Getting under Kerry price the there are a really get up and we'll probably it most underrated -- game is. See he can't he just talked about identity is -- about it it'll it'll let. John -- of the Boston Bruins are guest says he has been all year every Thursday a playoff edition of Thursdays -- authority. Somebody like David -- she it is there more pressure on him you know -- You know he's contributes clearly contributing that. Hasn't scored go the way he might in a playoff series it do you think he puts more pressure on himself. -- I don't know how to put pressure on it. Lot of times. Don't. -- lot of these people -- poisoned well the biggest shut down a lot I think it moron. Our line Guam they're while we get their position more does take a little pressure off. Off the big boys. But but I know I look at it. You go idle Dodgers are set of but he it would be awesome I mean they're you'd be awesome yes. Preach -- -- Arafat Gholston would be it. So being used opponents I mean it's what. They're degraded but you know authority not for nothing during the -- Europe and I and I want it yet again and get a Patrick -- -- going to be awesome right there. What you order. You've got a little shot in the end of that game the other night I was nice. Well let it that by an -- that I didn't start -- -- It whatever it may -- evolve and -- -- you're gonna finish at. -- Burns to repair mission it it is it we've talked to you about this before in your pretty good at it but -- -- like that the other night is it is it hard last couple minutes that command granted you you're talking about pulling the goalie and you guys are climbing back what is it is tough to not go out there and and start some. I would -- two seconds on the clock news and we got that they're so I really looked at but it starts whole Lotta substance more. We that we change first so. We go out there and then suspend -- work just in case apple lot or -- well blocked his second left on the games and over so. -- -- Started out in the settlement of certain land you know. Other people got involved and as for the popular. I don't want them and make it look so good field of. Some now. Have you seen rob Ford anywhere tenured and he's I think he's supposed to be it rehab his enemies speak had been looking for market over Canada there's no resort you've seen him anywhere. I haven't been around Montreal -- -- -- -- bunker out of her beer all the great isn't it a lot of liquor. -- the kind of thing these guys in the kind of like a -- column rally probably get a you know bringing the game when -- -- locker -- let her. Pretty warm up at -- -- hammered and hammered and then you know -- tourism up on the bench and -- guys that went in and that they can follow in the. But no record didn't -- that quote as arsenal at old bear outfit publicly to -- out other possible. I think malaria Levy does not dollars like that what they're -- -- really funny. Did you see at these two Canadians mascot I didn't realize it was the old Montreal Expos -- mask and a our greatest song yeah yeah UP is that you be here -- me. Yeah I had asked. You know I haven't you haven't I don't -- them nor -- actually -- it did a lot of history -- -- Him I mean that that that exports senator. What if somebody wants to know if you died. The again only hit was boarding the other night. I don't know -- in the replay I think. It's timing of it let up but first plant -- photos an okay hit problems. But I don't I don't ballot but view the complete truth is really care now oracle blonde black. Yeah Accra and good answer. Well listen I was tweeting the other night that we should. We should get 250 dollars from city bus and currently in when you -- a faceoff. I believe that. -- -- I noticed I noticed you allow you laughing a little that would or when you were called and -- one. All the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- put into the circle. I was held Eliza my honest I don't know I don't know you'll be argued to be a part of the on track map of factors that led effort that very hurt by it because they're called America. You want once I'm given that deal. We aren't you know they. All right well listen. The okay no panic and then W to go mountain and then back here back here on Saturday he either way and he anything any particular thing you want you want the crowd to throw the Ole Ole -- out there on Saturday or anything particularly want from the fans and they're all listening now so what -- you want. Don't want to get a lot. But an actual weapon of -- the American national at the moment when grenade on a night that on loud. So you never. They'll Doherty well it's all right so that gets sorted bump up against the Bruins bumped up. -- got -- -- on Saturday everybody sick the whole entire time or join in and midway point. -- all -- Simon wow yeah. In Clearwater this year wanna hear I don't return for louder possible but I do wanna hear a lot people out there. OK I'd we will make that allies will make that -- good luck tonight we're or rooting for -- -- -- -- John Thornton of the Boston Bruins from Montreal here on the Hill Man Morning Show.