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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact? 5-8-14

May 8, 2014|

A good laugh this time as LB struggles but the funny topics include the female bed bug, the 1st Comic Book Convention, a question of the legality of the Double Down, and the #1 sex location at home.

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LB I think this is from a 774. Text or who is stuck right outside the studios here yes. And a beautiful state Brighton on the mast pike it's it's a cluster -- LB what is the trick to getting it -- number while stuck in traffic. -- -- and and neighboring car you must one of these stress. Why did you roll the window down to roll the window and all the way down on -- I assume what is going on your final she's married she's not. They might I once I once was in me I once was a mess again Johnny green hook me up right today via an appearance. I was on 93. North coming up from the South Shore stuck in traffic and I ruled the winner down there was a smoke -- driving a convertible sheet. I'd like it was Spanish. And I completely. Wheeled her. What is especially rent does is -- it's basically about why this vanish come back. I -- the south so II toll toll chatted her up and we ended up. Going to an event that Lombardo is that on passing Friday although that -- -- -- was Thursday now and then and on Friday triggered Lombardo is a to have Bruins -- -- charity -- of course it took her home. Then match and now that we've passed the eight by ten tour vehicle in. -- -- they listen up than to lose draw all the windows are saying they went around saying hey I think years you're beautiful you're amazing yeah guys are you single can we get America. I I think the only time. This -- Wanna taking guests in Italy sends word this Brad Pitt if the guy is good luck otherwise -- it's just creepy it is. Yeah. And I really kind of guy we count on doing the stared straight ahead there's an and you -- might even get my cell phone number one episode got the camera on his credit to the night and it was Brazil. Isn't it kind of a compliment in fine nurse I mean. I looked -- I looked at the airline analysts note that all the tools that I rattled I don't wanna break it -- but 510 -- and -- 500 tents that I would love -- 1% of world you're living in them I mean for a brawl for all intents and purposes she might have herpes so this is like to pitch it she's competent -- guys sit in on the eggs should just. Also there hasn't had a date never what is she's what she's like. When Laura Bush yes she's a smoke show with issues funny and and and -- I mean what smoke showed doesn't have issued the I mean I mean what's your theory rock and rollers. Are our outline because I always get small chosen the -- -- Ugly guys on the planet. Gambit it's yeah. Are you -- heading down just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in your current some other well also and what are you eight -- -- and they do it are great. Whereas and that is selling all of that person that doesn't believe people get -- that people a couple of bars. Although alcohol -- what's the difference here is that attacks from a woman seven anyone taxed. Danielle is absolutely right it's creating. You want to says his country -- Chris you know it's great in -- out for -- -- -- those of the checks right now I never have spontaneous section never at spontaneously meet our big guys of their dreams like you know one guy you know the people you meet. The guy you're gonna divorce it because it -- that's an old war. 978978. Taxed I'm -- Danielle. 781 tax times have changed I'll be look like a scraper if you do that holiday series. I have -- pull pull pull somebody you're so they're white and now the 978 -- I'm talking to me in traffic. You -- I mean we know Larry I am what I'm like -- -- not gonna lose a Bradley Effect was it Andy that he inside and I'm just don't under is this is what's wrong this is what's wrong with you people. You're you know you're the same people who wouldn't have -- for sex with -- -- Certainly have a little good. Yeah you're like people -- employ him out of that hey. You know yeah when you're girlfriend's -- saying hey let's -- have a couple Martinis and sit around a bitch about our lives you know what I want to go screw watering your -- -- amateur had ever -- nights. And here's the woman Danielle totally -- review the worst part is you're stuck next to them because traffic continues to be awful -- -- you have to continue to interact with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thing is when years like you what it in your -- away from the destination and you keep jockeying back and forth in the lanes of traffic and all of a sudden they make their way over the -- -- now have their colleagues and the like get out of the car at the same office park I got -- A big Fella to -- Madonna is behind you big Fella -- a favorite college tomorrow after you get totally get her to marry and have an incredible evening. And -- and it's all cared. I grabbed digits man. I yeah asylum I -- five away attacks that do exactly what Daniel does creep rulers. Yeah if I don't now that and -- -- theory is hey listen who cares if there's like a thousand cars with chicks out there. Who are the odds got a -- AJ. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Big guys a LB I support you on the present and it's beat these get everyone out stick and then a -- -- -- and you know get off your or well yourself. As being reunited a reunion only chicks did tonight I I -- ended up paying him with that you manage traffic now that none out and another at a bar that a bar you know you make eye contact and a couple of times now and then -- I walk up to her and she's expecting me to say how's it going and I -- and it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for a flight at a couple -- Think MI because students at one whistle and oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah one of the hottest chicks ever the gentleman I was enjoying killing movement dad's done and a here's lol yeah -- -- I -- -- -- Marathon Monday hello. You or. I think. The -- I think. I a story from about five years ago but I worked at -- -- -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The gentleman and a pick up -- -- creeping up next we need chewing over a fact. He and I kind of like DM and it -- little odd. And I couldn't really tell what you look like but it it's funny for five minutes or so and then all of a sudden when actually let. He would wait is private -- -- Yeah -- between being critics say you know and I'm like oh my god. Well it was it was the Ted Kennedy asked. He put -- I. Went out and about that right now. So that's why it's treated as those guys we give our guys might mean that there's somebody ruined -- -- in prison ruins it for everybody always. Welcome RT MLB says go for it the only live once lets you would Jen says hello Jen and Brad page and. I I think most right in LA actually read it but I came up next in traffic rolled out of what I say. You that you can't audience trying to get elect eat. -- the same time I feel like women all of our current a year in that scenario like Ali met in traffic he courted media spot. Frankly about break -- -- -- women need to open -- and a little bit in the -- -- bad. Creepy but it is a little creek. And Meg Ryan Tom Hanks movie how well I mean. It's a great weekend traffic it would be a great story to tell my idea of Purcell did and -- it's not that -- right Jack I hope that's why I love the attitude on how I guess I'm content. I'm -- I'm not merit well I mean you're saying that she mr. guy who I'm gonna have one guy you know -- boyfriend at Howell huh huh huh. A -- an -- and there's some say there's something romantic about walking down boils and street a woman is coming towards you you make eye contact. -- so creepy about going oh my god you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen I -- while she was -- years younger than you for a double fine I don't have to email topic I can't -- -- -- Boston grown and have a big pain that you're you're relating this to catcalls. We segued into that did the you're so beautiful comment -- -- like cat calls seeking delegates like I write music what you're whatever that's fine but then it's like when the guys stops -- -- -- You sit home EU are just beautiful and your stunning and minutes later like hi I gotta get antibiotic ear like -- So he's getting finally your wallet your can't win it's now you can. Can't everybody's texting in saying so the only way to meet chicks is now is on FaceBook -- attend a race or color light dark -- there aren't quick like you can't have actual. Like personal contact with somebody and impress somebody with the economy and the guy. -- rates rise in traffic. All right you well we wanna grab a beer with a decent. Granted I didn't know -- about it as a this would be a text there says this would be a great story to tell. At a BB reveal party. I don't know it would it would and it's we're not getting married it mom got knocked up and when dad holders item Wilson street different feel any -- -- -- is not a -- great Alex. But it. Somebody who uses flash cards while in traffic cells that they have them like a sign an argument that one out. -- That doesn't it I've about actually printing signs for used to have in my car at -- nice move huge or your household like for people to catch up entrapment well let's. I'm really on my Dick question mark didn't believe him do you believe this tax Greg I pulled a BC chick that was in Playboy out of how old using LB's I -- I heavily to do and I believe it sounds with. How do you love the out of Baghdad -- shoot and the Atlanta -- touching down at the end and the day and that. L analyst and it didn't think the quicker it's a double click right after. In the two what.