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Hill-Mail 5-8-14

May 8, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include the guy at the Eiffel Tower, 00, and the B's Game 4.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit during the talk. As the hill man morning showed resilience -- -- Who is don't let you go up. Our own up and down up and down you don't like -- did go up and down the -- and pick up pretty. I know that I am the court. On page WK okay. Now let's pray yes yeah that reminds you of sexual opening a sexual opening. Beyond that hill mail messages today brought to you by immune -- care your residential and commercial line care provider. Visit noon turf care dot com and mentioned WAA 483 flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. We -- 740 shooter and again. Don't admit that bill would -- the adult film industry on the map Greg Hill started in ninety minute. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- And that method. That if of dire mess. I'm I think I have a -- you want him LB's medical advice I don't know it's working like I went with the ice for the first few days now Miami Heat than analyze -- I still feel intense pain that I think it's the end of straight now on I'm hunched over like right. Like there -- -- yards or ten days it's -- take their alliance yet confusion towards. What point can I get back in the gym as -- -- that's overly concerned are you planning to get I can't imagine back average of seven sporting aren't old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- armor all all no not. That -- And that man is coming Stearns last sound becoming sick that's almost last time the wind blown 847. -- -- You later occurred an act of power is straight week. -- -- -- Kent and performance artist and France. Was arrested -- -- putting a rooster on its penis and attaching it with a red ribbon and doing some kind of performance art piece of -- RT over there in France. 646. Again. -- -- -- and that. Trip empathetic man moved methods. Yeah a big guessing and then coming up on Sunday can agree. That it's tickets still available do you -- What the black masses of black man as the black mask that she and it black man and that Catholic church's outrageous manner and I called the post cracker that -- there isn't very variants that -- and grow up and land. And it -- Great make a real bold prediction on the draft. That they through a period -- -- and not broken by her -- Where they're really doing I don't know and then. Yeah I. Well then. May you now I actually made because they pay your quarterback for their third round pick a -- called an age limit on -- AJ McCarron and a camera. But it even happens. Third round should be happening like you know next Wednesday Saturday as an assistance after Saturday. More than twenty people were -- I'm not how I think our -- a bit and it probably pretty. Informed that the message would you make any changes. Everybody's want I mean I I I can't believe I heard people talking school I would tendered goaltender change yesterday I can't believe it it's. She apparently it I would move Denny -- back to the fourth line I put flora -- we're. So Byrd and -- Am. Really yes. You think that it's too early for upload. To make changes are you thinking past -- after the other night. No way to you don't have do. IE I I I did on the Bruins got opted at that there was tool. Blatant mental errors does that put the bid via Montreal Canadians up -- -- -- -- Really pissed about Cree que -- losing their mind about -- when you're superstar only has no rules in three point six there's reason to -- have concerned -- But a lot of that the reason he doesn't have a lot of points is because. He dishes to a defenseman. Who dishes to allude to additions to a Duma or he dishes salute judicious to the defenseman who shoots apart at a dealer tipsy there. David Craig C. Has not played. As bad as the stats may in May mean haven't seen ya. So you wouldn't like yes it would -- absolutely could change there now. Now -- you've got to go what do you kidding you gotta believe that because you are Clyde did you hear Armageddon in sports coming up. It is 850 yelling you can you got to believe in your locker me good you know if there comes a time. -- you're you'd go to bed to beat that got you there and eight year you win you lose what did the best I mean bigger than that that's that that's their line and they got to be better there there's got to be the best it is everybody's got to protect. Everybody's stud texting in these may be bogus tax but do saint Mary sent floors down so I'm yeah there are these artists send him down what then I put pipe down and moved. -- -- crop yes. And 24 and again. You do you pride -- what would be an export Europe there would there are a terror plot and the message. I think it's weird if you're the Montreal Canadians. Original six team. In Canada where hockey was invented. And you're using a recycled Massa got that would mean I -- -- Montreal Expos mascot I think that's. We it was a tribute to the idea maybe about what they come up with a real honest -- -- -- I don't believe luster can access the mascot should be. I have a path like. You know -- -- the guy who -- it. When I read now like one of those jackets that you have with the the hanging. Whether. The fringes of the free fresh so I guess so yeah it's like I'm wearing different so well the is the man and a and a out of pocket. -- -- the -- and -- -- and musket man I mean that's what they Wear the how could how they're -- these are they the. Almost everywhere that whatever they were what do you think you'll under one of those Canadian vignettes where that they got -- Baghdad with the taos is appearing in the canoe through the war. That guy. He's clean out all these aren't the guys humanity that's the guy who -- the Canada the president a new friend -- rocket carrying it can do whatever it's golf. 724. -- I don't want certain it won't be attending the -- in return and they don't like and that now. I'm. It's. I love the fact attacker is now being investigated for her extortion -- she -- She went back to him suppose Leon's and I got to rest these tapes wanted to throw me couple million and they'll disappear all race them whenever she should be you know what. She recorded them you know she claims it was with permission or whatever. But -- that I mean you can extort money -- know how does publish write it doesn't mean you could say hey give me a couple million boxer on playing these tapes for everybody T you know India. Squadron 24 PM. -- -- -- -- I can't wait I -- first period those guys survive. You know couple minutes there -- is going Nazis and have a great for instance both surviving candidates about a comment on David -- taken it taken tone tonight hello -- Hey what's up. They don't talk about the growing -- yes at a got a statue in the Pakistani captain so much. Well they -- and nobody in front of the net ghastly amount yeah there yes -- bracelets -- too comfortable last name. -- -- -- -- I didn't get that treated -- what didn't equity and the -- how apparent that no problem. And the conclusive that the fifth the fifth with a. 7:29. AM. And about debt aren't throughout the bank of that the probably elect Bill Belichick this is approaching. And retreated out and urged not to think about stuff -- or -- that or they get more value that. And -- just met pitched well the third round picks that are. You know more desperate and wanna stay in the league so there. Are willing -- -- -- -- -- willing to play any position they say dishes draft there's guys there be taken in the second third and fourth and fifth rounds here and IBM Pro Bowl that's why is -- deep when it comes to the prom draft. You never in my wanna take a specialty paper yes you are now 640. And older. Denigrate the other day when he directed at you can drivel VP. I certainly hope -- -- that would. I'm double there'll I can dribble while doing any. That Matsuzaka. I did I mean that when I think back about it Irish should have gone on to please view on hoops if -- effort port coaching it was. And I got and actually some of those games in high school. They -- what the big word be right now you address above my back wouldn't be hearing a would have played. The over in the very. Dominated. And there is it's just things like that happen in life because that coach in -- robs in the broker absolutely. We don't eight. 49 AM. That there. -- about but -- -- -- out or go out and it now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the that -- I woke up. That that the yeah I think or gaga captive. But that that. And that's the science guy that they do I'm as. They were there -- -- -- opted W loved repair itself could probably the coolest this post here traditional prefer Beavis and -- to -- the -- Ol' yeah yeah I love -- and and stimpy and you love sponge Bob script that it's a matter that -- has finally that's his favorite is often code not -- all of them. The which was designed to record -- might not have not have to -- -- you can believe -- -- We learned. During and facts Max today. That the double down LB's favorite sandwich and perhaps the greatest sandwich ever invented is not. Legally a sandwich here in Massachusetts we have a line Massachusetts that requires that. For something to be labeled as a sandwich it must have to -- -- -- it's -- What about B out of the open faced it in that one of the greatest advances of all time. The open -- Turkey sandwich if you have two of them technically a look at all -- high quality two pieces of credit but it should be called the open -- only just double Decker what does the open. He'll be open face Turkey dinner but is there anything -- on a piece of bread is there anything better than an open faced with the mashed -- -- ground -- phenomenal -- and there -- well and be mentally owner. And just. And that's I don't this. You know this is probably another category but. The French -- I mean if you're dipping a sandwich and and it's probably not well thought -- it's not because. The rules on -- which -- as LB pointed out created by the kings the -- of sand which if he will. Was that they can eat -- sandwich while playing cards and not get anything on the cards so. Day of the French dip -- some kind of -- -- what I thought but delicious the but the French dip. They brought to America area in inventing. Los Angeles, California. When me a cop. Wanted. That sandwich I don't know felon the fringe dips sauces and that is so out it didn't doubt the real drive that invented that -- -- again called friendship of the -- sandwich you know the French. And I'm and that's how rapidly very -- dropped it just dropped -- thing right and that was that was cop and his super -- or something you know the year and it's -- much like it was I think it was like they are resilient -- immensely immediately deny your argument you probably couldn't have any messy -- on the -- -- well I don't think they have that -- didn't really have condiments religion of the -- neither -- -- -- it's -- constitutional -- 28 union. I truly empowered the bum rap are without but at the what happened to -- It would stop -- not advocate -- That. -- -- -- -- man's daughter. And the promise Saturday and it's very stressful so please.