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Is This Book Dirty? 5-7-14

May 7, 2014|

A farther was arrested during a school meeting for talking over his time, and for wanting more information about a book he deemed to be to racy for his daughter to read.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. People are texting about the the story during the news. From New Hampshire. About the father. Who was pissed because his daughter was given a book to read. In Gilford new Hampshire at school. The book is. Co. So Danielle look that up and I look at being ignite it I guess passage would be that not a scene but. -- they say that it's wildly offensive that day that a -- that a fifteen year old girl. Should not be reading this in school and I don't care care how did what he's saying based on what they're exposed to every day seriously. Well. Well you think 1415. Year old girls talked about. I was I mean the prom what my but I know her lack are you think they're talking about acts acts yeah yeah I. Comparing your skills. I guess this particular can we do reading of this or is it the way too is is it gives away too graphic into it I'll have found it right I did find it Al left to. -- little creative editing only real BC purposes and it robs the beacon fine we should be able to find some music that would be appropriate -- A dramatic reading. Of this nature on the show. Obama. Elects. Miffed murmured as he sink his teeth into his shoulder. And cut her shoulder shipment could Ken Silva who can't. And found his hips. Against. She could -- kids -- walking stick. -- -- against your stomach because it uses another word I assume it close okay so he's a guy could see how this is veering into the inappropriate for political category. She couldn't ever remember feeling so heavy. He's at her car was beaten between her legs she -- the next and have not been able to bring him close and yeah. He -- Roland. And who pushed her legs apart. Well. And then -- Net -- into the into the stadium. There but that's an asset and I assume that's not what it actually is a look at that. I guess that is kinda -- Anything else and then passage that would definitely honored there. If -- here into the stadium who was pumping so hard to head with his fist for the team. That did she get pushed back on the cockpits. And should burn the back of her legs now he clamped his hand over her mouth and that'll -- their until. Says -- Pelton scored gold death yes and then and move his hosting and pulled up on the carpet. Well it took them off parole now here's -- -- says such a visit Texas says I think it has approved the father's point -- and here I'm able to read you actually to do the actual reading on the radio the very last line. Is. Not appropriate for now who. Is deciding that that's appropriate for a fifteen year old well let's kind of -- one passage the book itself has very important themes for kids who have -- metropolis in high school. That's why we have them read it it's about bullying and violence in schools. Now so. Now here's somebody who says it sounds like it's worse than fifty shady men and their experience. You know they're giving it to a fifteen year old girl now to read in New Hampshire I -- -- I take -- hello Mary. Actually. Act. On the back and say well how about the nevermind the accent Mary would you like to come to the -- big party at this stadium that's -- You know -- according to the book yeah. Only -- -- that yeah. Am I in the black and I look at Andre and I am I totally get that -- seen a silent. But the brought about mark scratching issue like this where -- You know I think that the data and get ready -- -- at school shooting and -- so they're totally real issues. -- kid it is I got it but they're gonna hear about it one way or another well. Garrett took -- -- our one little -- are -- -- on the -- -- I mean area and senior in high school share yeah. Now I haven't read or -- old I don't think so but I believe from what I've read online that after this. Particular scene she gets knocked out. Now sounded like 2% at that sounded like you raised -- good he was smoking cigarettes -- the obstacle. Hours after Israel fans now know it was its graphic -- -- should be sworn in as well whether it's just one now she Internap. Here's a 617. Tax that says there's not a fifteen year old alive that would find that offensive they -- a lot worse to each other -- architecture of this text there says you're talking about kids who Wear colored bracelets. To indicate what kind of sex that they're given not on kids do that on each other. Some of those some of them would be wildly at. And -- guy and you really uncomfortable or if the if the point where you see we don't wanna encourage it. Yeah you we I I get it kids there promiscuous some some earlier than others by. Here's what else go around saying well I asked about it you know how tennis sex before reasons. This is Andrew and though. Al aren't there what's up through I'm like that what's going on. Well I would just putting the show now -- Gonna make a comment about whole school broke greens then yes. Yeah well yeah. I'm amber and I -- I want to score between the 9397. And down. Or they had some very odd stuff that we had to read it to read product Solomon. Yeah it would is that pretty disturbing. Look like on the money list in what way. Well. So we had. A -- Serious let's see -- main character has sex with his cousin. That he wouldn't drinking -- -- from his mother until he loose -- I'm buying out and pulled up so we're honey it's time now. Now nowadays and -- A big gap to be suspicious. That this book. It is just a little four foreplay for some teacher who thought the sex will be here in front of the kids then. That's probably I think would you like to reenact this -- -- Somebody still trying to figure out how she gets pregnant if the frosting it's the carpet well just like that's it you're eating aren't the -- intermediary. If you're eating cake you only need an uncertain goals and somebody's bills prospect. -- -- What's up Jimmy. Well. My daughter and -- not being pregnant so it was a sophomore in college. It's like talk to her about everything and before. She actually went and well laughter and he came and woke up at 1 morning and -- give me comfort. Duck -- would -- because I think letting -- track would help me out. Where they would they would really like get your house. He thought -- I woke up and said you can't would I don't know what it okay now. I mean that's a little bit at little -- I. I mean I would I think I would have said happy I'm sleeping -- yeah I have -- that he's trying to get some sleep I can't find comers I'm working this thing is that a place in tennis. Carol good. Morning hi Carol I I -- completely agree with that data on that and I think that would have brought the book you mentioned -- principle integrity this passage back to. Little yeah. Tell me what you think not appropriate that says yeah it is easy. Yeah and I I think that's a good a good way to do it down flip flopped on now what now. Here's -- tax. That says double zero would have never let any frost that hit before has Africa because. That is true that I love the talent it brought up not a dream might unite your attention it you know I used to get a cake. For your birthday every year that that your mom would make yes. I like the the dinner trusting how. Like guys like that continue to drive good. I like the spice cake with the maple -- Then is good but that's just took an old person case. Whenever I -- desperately wanted to play Catholic out of whack and spice -- slightly off with -- they've made all of that would make up for yourself alone if I can't I don't like maple frosting what's wrong with. If that's the that's not what the girl that -- Buckman channel my -- That's a -- and -- my below for well. The question is since the -- are your kids is is a fifteen year old. Way more. Exposed to way more inappropriate things on an everyday basis on reality TV or the interwebs. Then they are by reading a passage like that in in in school bus anyway sixteen impressed MTV.