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Inside the Warped Female Brain 5-7-14

May 7, 2014|

This edition is all about breast milk.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I got this tax it's actually a series of text messages during the was a 7 o'clock hour yes. And so. I think we need to go inside the war two female brain. And I will read these verbatim. And then. I'd be understood what first -- all. Yes why is why is a woman driven to do this and then. Furthermore. What is the moral. Ethical obligation of the man who was texting. Are -- work out a well known financial services company in Boston which shall remain nameless. Yesterday. My friend. Who had a baby in March. Told me that she has been bringing some of her breast milk in to work. And adding it to the copy -- milk container because it help. The -- well. I'm pretty sure that's illegal but continue your best bet well all. Burgers -- right. First. Why would a woman do this. Secondly. She's my friend. Should I go to HR. 'cause she's probably going to be fired its illegal she will be fired if she's your friend just teller don't knock it out. I don't knock it off I can't tell you cannot. -- at a parent but if it's if it's a breast milk perfect -- and well I -- not and. And bodily fluid at her coworkers. Well. You ever done -- -- -- ruined LB's plans tentative. With the second part of that. I'm sport there are you know -- unit you know your decision over reduces your postpartum believe are his -- -- like a disease like any cookies. I mean -- imagine the people. Who have been easy and go wow this milk as it is so rich hey this -- and non fat that's a proper equipment that's a little money list. The just as it is is spot. Or cocky made French Renault -- -- are now it's breast milk I mean then pats -- up room. That's looney tunes are as breezy. -- you know part of it is this whole mentality. But like forced our news that. Breast milk gave you're not giving your you do not milking your did your bad mother and you know -- -- so she's props she's one of these women I guess who feels like she's. Doing the right thing for everybody else she -- she knows. Better let everybody else who pushes very you know nutritional agenda on -- area -- ecological and environmental like whatever like it is what it is that I like my ivory and I bring in the apple ports are just freedoms. Ron and Harry. Yeah. I just that that was you know our minds is -- is code when you're bringing in a pulled pork sandwich exact quote about bodily -- like you are encouraging people to drink -- greens by saying hey and can imply container -- in the break -- what -- you -- still pretty try it. And I challenge you not to tell me you don't have more energy candidate that's one thing. You -- still in the -- Kremer any -- Here's the 207 Texas says why can't she adds that if it's okay for the baby to drink why would appeal because it's a bodily fluid. You can't put it it's the same thing is is is semen or spit you can't spit in your coworkers coffee can rest. -- right right it's -- I -- -- -- should run again and putting in a fridge and her cubicle right and she was drinking that I'd have no problem with it. Yeah and that there's definitely adding comments character and has contributed it to the kitchen. For the co workers Mitt well who take no doubt about it but I mean if you wanted to I mean if you watch she wanted to issue and i.'s office right there's a pregnant when he wanted him to show and his opposite not -- me up some breast smoke from the -- Iberia bank Q bearing this out from the right. -- that Texas says militant the breast milk Kook is probably it is probably -- can't. I'm currently breastfeeding I could even bring myself to try my own breast milk well. Then we -- we might wanna see an act out how would that work physically he. That conversation came up at the last baby shower attended -- I've got like five of them that are pregnant now at the same time. And that was. Between two moms two months to be Brett are you gonna try it I'm potentially attract right why wouldn't he tried -- catalyst to try it. People are curious bill he would go to the office now I'm -- you can. And we talked about it on the show before but it definitely dude finish what is what nursing. Or on your pregnant wife's breasts it is. It's out there now I -- -- out there L I know people that are into it. They're real aren't you listening enough don't and so far your -- won him. Yeah right yeah I have no desire to drink milk from anything he's done well at them but some other pregnant sixteen -- enemy when they went on the market and you look -- different in the operated out then and things just got weird over there and that's the only legitimate but like comfortable vessels -- today. This isn't malicious breast milk. Distribution abductors says. She's they better -- stuff. Well she's a breast jury for the rest of usable Esther reed's is Ariza and. -- -- What's up. Well -- and breast milk lawmen. Should ever -- not. Or something or someone else that the learn and you knew -- manslaughter Jerry potter and. That's correct I mean I think that you think about that -- even think about that HR guy go payroll guy goes and an reflected shock no one knows why. It was the coffee. At its -- and Nancy I'm pretty quick way. Can't believe somebody thinks that that's an okay thing to do -- it would everybody believes did you know they're legal in a lot of things are asking -- you even more than 50% believe he's a popular figure. Daily big Elway Jersey wrote letters who had -- relief to get you on the drug security on the Zola. Part of it is a very serious thing yeah don't they don't -- -- very serious follows shag. And secure our current yes from your yup. Brush your gut thought you. I'm -- no idea you know -- you know. Now here that's very obscure -- congratulations on a well executed very different periods here that the that. Our rights. Well I mean. What kind of liberties do you think this woman is taking with the office says snacks and and means if you think that's okay. Well you -- -- much -- dipping into people's lunches aren't. There are now double that in the same for us not bad anyway but at the any G -- did anybody notice why that's it that's -- I was level we get the stories about like ladies whose. Sick co workers and put just some of their specimen and -- water -- like. I took one sip and immediately I knew I became sick to my stomach no you didn't now you most probably like. Would what was the commerce that tasters choice really substitute that but substituting an open it and that's a commitment that's -- to see that -- but he notices this is our guest. -- -- I feel a little off. I don't listen to this here's a steady -- 774 tax I knew a guy who brought in breast milk to drink at work. Governor -- -- Green Zone is -- once -- That adds nobody I know that's fine and it's just advisors as an end unauthorized username and accompanying that you can't added yeah label it updated -- Applaud may seventh but that the economy went out. Any breast milk found in his refrigerator and -- -- will be thrown -- -- it's dated and labeled of the name the I could see people get freaked out and about an hour. Here is that Texas says wait T try her goat -- and -- Packers and now. I'm not eating -- what good -- brings something in New York I'm not that I'm not I'm not eating and you. Historian and I'm earned cheese made out of breast milk like four or five years ago. -- I'm sure there is there then I'm sure there are women who you need to find hum. -- -- their feelings known dishes get it together handle such gas a little we're counting on Bristol or product held a -- I held had a and I root out white Russian lines to it's -- was definitely was a little -- the hello Roger that the what's up Roger. -- I entered. -- out. A situation as far as I had -- white white breast milk why can't she was overloaded. -- Davey wasn't around. Not a are you compound are you ready Roger you can't tell if you're serious or just creepy way it would only. I'm I'm not serious because the funny thing is there are a -- And I had no choice yeah -- used imploding if you wanna call it that Yahoo! was of the holy cross energy elsewhere. I had to help or out could use melted into the Giuliani saying we really need pump or I had this drink it. I out of her but you wanted to yeah yeah of course so wanted to run and of course there and I -- -- -- because she was hurt and in the paper wasn't around. So I did it help grow. They left the baby -- alone now. I went to the cradle but -- pick up what what is somebody who went to. Went to somebody's home for dinner and they served a breast milk cheese -- no way after call up immediately and you know gap that is how we need more senators are sure. My kind hello Glenn. -- great I love that she left. You seamless. Yeah I mean yes everybody that I'm isn't it it is looking epic. Yeah I I -- if you work. If you were -- -- you know fidelity eerie -- you know an insurance company contact go to art created -- you ask yes go to sleep as I wanted to go to the owner not sag please go to. Got a donkeys and I thought hello Jason. I don't I -- subject. I don't undermine it was -- and her brother would get all upset about it sure all of -- they that. Now I'm sure that it can be used -- -- pocket at the US that it has a way to do prank -- -- the united Norris somebody comes around your support amount and it's I don't know. I just found an entire web site devoted to recipes using breast -- sure. Breast milk Vanilla cupcakes sister every frosting -- breast milk apple pie. Breast milk fruit delight breast milk popsicle. Now while you haven't lived until you've tried grind day you have an -- lack trade it's really been -- into a black -- what's clue what would the word B hello Sam. ORD president of Serbia peaches and the radio talk and really area. I think I have -- like Chicago or -- -- on the Internet. As a model that. Horses and and -- can talk put themselves swear so well in the room yup and yet this restaurant to restaurant that moderately well we will not be a -- what. He was he didn't stick around. Hewitt it was introducing its new streamed into the restaurant it was they regret no illiterates are a great job market as well calling up until it -- -- sound so real good but -- what that really you. Oh yeah I mean there isn't a lot of interactive and you know it is it is real though because Daniel found the food what's the what's the website. I recipes land of milk honey dot com land of milk is is is this is a Gwyneth Paltrow. Now David and I have no progress fungal my buddy's house just had a baby -- wife. Tells me she -- to tell you though as long as you know you don't want and tell you -- you don't money serve that it got whipped cream minutes is its would -- I'm not I don't know that we don't see one I don't know yeah it's almost like you know. You get a little. Hello again -- -- Hello Justin. Care what's up -- Going out and it's not. And it wouldn't fly out or locked -- -- -- and -- -- eating. -- what struck out. I think somebody. This is and now we we we -- what are we -- -- that people did have people have ranked. Breast milk -- I mean that's I guess it's pretty common. And it suits. Obviously if there's a web site has now imminent that a whole lot more prominent week period if it's fetish thing whether or that that just not. Behind somebody's back out work you're not allowed and in analog to put it in the and the Milken and no. They're right. Com the news the rest of the news is brought to you by. Triple they work hard off remember savings both on and off the road now Tripoli offers I Denny theft protection giving you the tools to spy deep after resolving issues not a member join at 888 dot com slash join now. Here's a tax LB. They are sure the you've experienced it. I want it comes to a a dancer. Who is -- and that appropriate exit in the strip -- enters -- that the. There the -- valid Gillard mentioned tornado yeah I'm actually two unexpected dip on the -- Tahoe area. So slap you with the -- tape now good for forty being. See here's somebody who says they don't understand this. We're the only species that drinks another species -- this is -- cow's milk a we that's perfectly normal -- you know what we would love to make up what is the normal. Likely you know where the drinking around that drinking -- -- -- -- a normal death but we've been brought up to believe that that the cow's milk is the normal. That was probably text the end that's probably the lady who put the milk into the breast milk and a copy it after that at that at the financial play -- ball. They're good morning everyone what's up. I was wondering the Great Depression don't appreciate replicated with the type of milk and apple. Yes actually when you if they do Internet if you go to a copy place and there are and the woman's giving you breast milk she guesses how many square it's. You know I'll take a regular make it sweet low and three square it's a breast milk squirted free guide us.