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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact? 5-7-14

Wed, 7 May 2014|

The callers got to LB today as the topics included who was offered the James Bond role, has a foreign president died from oral, does water burn calories, can you be beheaded for jerking it over seas, and do women cheat because mommy did?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online -- on your schedule at WA AF. But -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits -- again still please I don't believe such things there's nothing unsanitary home. Drinking beer and there's got to be a lot of -- seed and not only. And what you blather about aids die -- full of facts she Max. Today's winner during backs Max will receive a couple of tickets to see the Boston Red Sox on Friday may thirtieth -- them. So get yourself in Red Sox tickets. Friday. May thirtieth if you are the winner of the action Max and speaking of the Red Sox. They have any hits last night I was obviously election hockey game. Bob higher drag your favorite -- -- coming all right go good. 'cause the banks that echoes Stiller. The Greg Hill foundation receives a fifty dollars night every time the Red Sox. Getting hit there in May so I'm rooting for the olde town team hello Brian. Earlier royal -- Brian how are you but. -- do you watch a game last night record disappointing. You're through it but you're so used acreage did you stay at all time did you watch you watch on the iron third spirited give up beyond sort of at the dinner and to the bitter and all right Brian. According to a new study. Women. Are more likely to cheat on their spouse. If their mother did. -- -- -- Oh well. That's not optimal smackdown that's. The hottest did you -- did you use your what was your father always said yeah. -- as -- say don't do is I do America you don't do business he said no illusion that he did you do any bad. Back you're gonna go back and I'll be back there's yes it got 73% of women surveyed who are having an affair. Said they did because their mother hadn't. Now know everything no big deal now that it silent about watching you there I think women are worse than men when it comes to this. The volume because of losing these runners -- -- it and now they get bitter they normally do editor is only of Warsaw alone is doing we don't hear satisfied month. -- -- like you guys are like basic with -- you know food shelter water food -- -- earth you know the only left someplace on paper -- the other ya think it might retreat. Don't forget pre cut Malin yeah. Yes everyone's got -- Mary thank -- very important. Hello Aaron. Several -- was happening Aaron vote Knutson where you where you from gossip -- -- All right. Aaron Samuel L. Jackson. Was offered the role of James Bond before Daniel Craig. Back to -- Matt. That's a fact that is she math. Yes I'm dryer are big big big. You know in this politically correct world yeah cause you know what I would get a go you're gonna bush -- I was gonna gush Matt Britton has political. We correct world where I'm gonna go back. It is an issue math I. Our British -- Christian Bale. Actually offered the rule. Of James Bond before Daniel cracked and was not interest -- early EA doesn't like that he thinks it's the prototypical chauvinist. British male parent there are aka the great the great Christian Bale was not -- -- said he's seen his sent -- down. Hello Tony. -- without it Tony Narnia. How will actually -- from. OK but what about you do watch the whole game last night. Of course and I Alley anyway aren't we all PP -- -- are where we Johnson Gloria we're is that where is Saturday and then on I. Nothing nothing makes a week better than all you can eat wings what what worries him. What -- what what what's the name of the place Tony it's up. Minutes LB this is the president what what a lot of dead in Kingston and a bar that LC investor -- a -- that up because never got to somehow -- -- don't do -- that's anyways what don't -- to stop there on the way to the case I mean that's how that. How do you every road game itself -- Wow. Unbelievable. All right. Tony and in not 1899. The president of France. France Waugh who are. Died. While receiving oral pleasure. That court back to Porsche Matt. OPEC earlier in the fact that Gary are you did the French are so romantic you know I do the best French producers they're like. -- -- really care you know I -- the real well they're not just to get to BO but you know as a about working your way there's gloom I mean big editor they really better be the best friends -- -- its name you know that you know that I admit I don't know what's my point they're so good at it we we just named it you know French -- and so I'm I'm I'm gonna go fast. You're right back both of you are correct Tony well nine. This is Brian good morning Brian water Greg how are excellent power you know not where you from Brian are taught in taught and Brian. Every ounce of water you drink. Burns 100. Calories. Fact Porsche Mac. Well. I have to go back on their. I drink a lot of water and I'm an awfully big guy -- you chanting. The way you said it's kind of a trick question but in order to burn calories it's very healthy. You should have at least eight glasses of water a day yes and -- the more your hydrated the more. Energy you can burn or not vanity play our reality Byrne -- and a more energetic you walk yeah so it's -- And it it is she mad -- I'm -- per hour for every ounce of water you drink. You burn one now. That's what they tell you drink. Ice cold water why is that -- that till like two calories can lower body all your energy and other heat in the water hole through gallery saying you know you're doubling your caloric count but. A little themselves in the term now a popular. -- I just didn't. What -- -- what does it. -- OG well okay joke. Here's the Texas says that is the first time I've ever heard oral pleasure called romantic I felt it was about it could be -- that it. We had a number you know you like the way we see here we think -- pleasure we think porn Rob Morrow and ran in France it's it's been slow and easy idiotic. And now this just juggle would jumble Issa. There. I. You all the penalties for masturbation in Indonesia. Is decapitation. Factor she -- Are out. I'm gonna go where it's -- back. She smack. You boy I -- I mean it's a crazy world over there -- and you know there's a gosh. I'm torn on this on because I've been you know I haven't been here. And I'm not sure Bangkok Thailand is Indonesia its next Indonesia Mary do you -- yeah and you know there's so much sex for money over there and there's so much. There's so many are gold gold bar visitors. Live sex show arrives it's not a good she -- it's bats crazy Muslim past and you know what it's worth it. Right I mean who needs ahead. Yeah -- kids at risk reward kind of thing pilots say they -- out there. We thank you captain actuary. Listen I got to thank god I was very Indonesia I hope so I -- Every time -- and the my little boy am I would never have been able to work there with the that the that the -- say yeah well thank you very much for participating today.