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Med Student to Auction Her Virginity:Update 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

Elizabeth Raine has had her virginity up for auction for a little bit and has called in to give us an update on the process and how everything is going so far.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right I believe that Liz rain is joining us right now we have -- on the show. Couple months ago when she started. The auction of her virginity below lives. How Mario. And did pretty well -- yeah great to talk to you again. Yeah I think -- back now there virginity on action ends this week is that correct. Well -- when it extract OK and the current bidding is Danielle said at 800000. Dollars. -- -- a lot down on the current is the bid at 800000. Dollars. You. Got it now when I look at. I think now REE do you know anything about the bidders or area are they anonymous is well. -- know there that are about the apparent. -- well honey -- no 800 grant is for real that they take your credit -- -- I mean. I'm paying my mission managers have been best buying back and young and -- I dare I -- and any. And and genuine met and talked so let's not they have dairy prices to stay. Now. EEU do you have to so do you have to select the high -- -- right now okay. So is there are you going to be. I mean let's be honest -- let's say it was me or LB. Cool I ended up coming up with the 800 grand he said forget about it alliance on the Allen yeah never turn down our guy in his twenties on a guy and is there and -- -- Felt like what I mean or are you going to end up do you think. Choosing somebody based on what they look like or something along those -- I immediately out. I don't think I -- obviously they're the right to turn down anybody for our. Any -- that is good enough for me I think I think I'm really only looking for red flags. Now that says he can there. The Liz you EIU recently showed your face as a part of this for the first time right. -- What made you decide to do that. Many differently then that basically. I thought. Well. -- -- anonymous that much good in the because I -- do you think openly with integrity and it sounds funny but I kinda wanna do that here as well yeah but. Definitely let that tipping point which was not and it couldn't be -- any lay -- up and I decided he tried to sort of control Latin well -- Irked when they went from 300 Grammy an anagram Yahoo! over the weekend yachts. And medical area what has been the reaction now your premed correct. And and medical school you you're in medical school -- Can I ask US a separate a separate question. IE. This throughout my back over the weekend vomiting. Do you know what might what I might do for my back. Just rest it is that the is that there are good that the medical school -- great terrorism. Now I know -- semester I know you're I know you're a virgin and all that no what position would you say is best for somebody who has severe back pain. Eight I have severe back pain what sexual position would you recommend is best -- that. Hope god I had no idea would you say woman on top probably. Then do you know what I am familiar with the sexual positions because I think the guy who pays 800 dollars. Is gonna want you to be somewhat familiar with the position 101000. I'm moving around at the position yes. What has been their reaction. Of your fellow medical students. Honestly I look into it get on the court really comfortable -- that can reach out in the top. I mean these are all are there are ones that know me and are also part of millennia old and don't think it's a big deal called. Clint any imminent and you know I'm in the opener and the liberal community and it's also one and I'm just how tricky patients so I have I I wouldn't get all matter of opinion. Now here's a taxer who says. You're looking for red flags. Don't you mean a red flag like taking for some peace particularly if it. Like that can be a bit of -- red flag somewhere there's a man as someone on the little jealous I have to. I mean are you nervous about the kind of guy that you're gonna end up having sex -- Yeah it being not being cam and our relationship that the one time meeting and I can't even have a snap judgment have definitely become very open minded stock stock doesn't make a gain of should actual court and I did leave them yes and it CEO of wanting out of -- and not thinking that -- not just. That's trail. Yes true this site grants. Yeah I mean say they would like what are what are unbelievable great opportunity. -- to do it to dual life changer was something I mean you know -- you can chime in chime in on this and that's probably not. Very good the first time anyway -- you know I have such a good experience so. Why she's making a million boxes in -- awesome well I believe that I'd be proud lives use said. That it TE you know if it goes well it it could be more than once right it's not just going to be play I mean if if it goes well -- right. Yeah I have to say anything bad very unlikely where you go more than one. -- And are you doing it doing it out of the country so as to avoid like how was this not prostitution. I ran out doing outside of the country okay so loaded god now do you pay for the got to fly with the -- -- to cough up the -- for that also. I think I don't -- okay on Indian cousin of the prophet with that completely crazy what country have you chosen. I didn't help dry as well where are we but I really wanna go ahead. Comfortable a lot and has some management -- OK so Sydney Australia now that I remember remember it's good news about for married man because I believe that if that happens there it's not -- Paragraphs. -- notices him another character. Do you care if the guys married or not. Haven't even seen. You haven't Damascus but do you care now but you. I mean really I really think that somebody else's marriage is their business. Right this practice that's -- -- and I am confident about the attitudes about the an about your marriage I don't care but hear -- heritage. Do you care whether the man is accomplished and -- are you asking any specifics about how many women he's been with. Definitely not and hang out I had people. You know what our argument. And that -- -- -- I don't want to do that and then run and yeah actually yeah. Are you referring to Tim Tebow. Now out to have there been any celebrities say any perhaps any rappers that are. -- Any politicians. I don't know any Kennedys I mean any of this is trying to give -- Now I don't think don't you do you think that this will affect your career as a doctor Wallace -- asking. Well. I am I thinking is yes I think it's very possible. In one way or another hanging. And the Broncos got that -- really had -- -- very -- I mean the product at this point every year. I've been about much more than just making a bunch of money coming in and out. Nearly eight -- character. Yes in and it sounds funny to people in and positive way they've become very open and and less sense -- all. And compassionate to me -- -- a lot of run away. And the good party that I think what made me actually much better able to. Some -- -- it and treat patient. In addition to that Tom could definitely affect my reputation around -- in Park City. How do you prove to this person you're really a virgin. -- medical and am okay. Bomb and what about do you think that perhaps you might be several techsters are asking this. You might be setting a bad example for women that you because you're selling your virginity. Example I'm. Thinking here which is. Which is much bigger. And is something that I've gotten up. Actually a lot of created what it should do you -- know what you watch what's right for years in. All of the social pressure and you implement special pressure there. Women who is their -- at a young age and gender feminist that -- pressure. Potential big mad at around selling tax. And I really getting it from both I -- and I think I'm just doing what character for me and I get it. I'm not telling anybody that station held every Indy. I think. I think that's -- really you. All -- where -- beat up it felt far and there's more now and and how well that that this Armenian nation at position. Now does getting it from both sides as you said does that cost more is that it included an idea and I. Ain't it well yeah yeah yeah that's. All right well -- is is a med student she has now identified herself publicly she is selling her virginity. The auction ends on Wednesday. The current -- -- is 800000 dollars what are your parents think about it. They're important their support about even your dad. Yet and I hadn't really. He's not concerned about it -- ask what what's to be concerned about. Well she's that's the most tried or done geniuses it's my moment my dogs and be able to go to the parity altogether. Money is that the line eighteen and certainly would be compact and. Rights right. Listen. Good -- yeah I heard on abstaining because it do you think can be would you be willing to call us afterwards and tell us how it is it's. And yes probably all right -- usually -- -- Wear the -- can we want that while we wanna hear how it goes like the experiences and -- whether it was worth that are. All right all right all right Liz thank you thank you and good line Kia she is all right there she is who is rain. I think Danielle tweeted a picture her on the WA AF Twitter -- drilling to a photo link to a photo yes. If you wanna -- the pages while it's on the FaceBook page also interest FaceBook does -- we got WA AF scale of one to -- As she is pretty attractive. With a -- the Photoshop. What do you -- things had been Photoshop all the little earlier he had done that I mean. I don't into Somalia or cap off any caddie noticed that if I'm paying the 800 grand -- I'm not going into the organic conversation. How began I. That there are some people let me agree with me on the one did receive sounds -- going to be up talking your way through the -- on tax. She sounds like he do you think -- -- -- -- she's a little puritanical for someone who's auctioning off her virginity he does I think -- sounds pretty open it -- Italian restaurant now. An interest I don't know or not gonna judge. All right I mean it's incredible. I think I'm gonna have to try to make a trip to the bathroom so you may have to handle please not say it's gonna take me like twenty minute -- and here I well OK yeah -- in --