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Jeff O'Niell 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

LB got a guest for his sports today Jeff O'Niell of NHL Network and TSN analyst to talk about the Bruins Canadians series.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- its on -- and on your schedule that's okay Now LBU. Lined up an expert guest this morning is that correct one. Why can they take a lot of -- people the dumbest -- -- -- on 32 goals in ten years doesn't make me called the analysts saw I I do I went big. And I got -- did get my body dead Jeff Ford Doug O'Neill -- 151617. Years he played down with James -- Celek of Japanese NHL network. And TS Sarah Mac hockey analyst he's up -- term. Just how aria. You can always rely in the top guys are sold an hour as they watched it their whole career. And they know what they're talking -- right there -- on the bench for some of the best goals at a resort in any playoff games of all time. I -- I used to break games down all day every day on the red -- on the bachelor what -- what better place to get the information you need that's correct right with the guys are getting it done. Now Jeff at the NHL -- -- let me just ask you this do you guys believe that -- momentum has turned in the bruins' favor after that win on Saturday. No question I mean in my -- Canadians. I would be a little afraid that that you know it's 11. And they stormed back American second game and they really haven't even come close to playing it's sixteen minutes. Can you saw what happened in the third period -- game. When this guilt in the fifth to county all comes together. And it Tuukka Rask is strong -- that there's there's not really a match here from so. -- get set to get to that they are going up into a tough building and mature all. It's not easy to play there. You know it's loud. So as a -- up their work cut out for him but as far as boxing goes. It's a tribute to their team. That they'd never panicked or deviate from what makes them successful they just seem to have a belief. And their ability. And there are leadership. That they can get the job done they don't just you know guy he's cheating for parks they do the same thing ship after ship than they have that -- -- that. Ultimately at the end of the day it's going to be good enough to get it done. Well how great is speaking a leadership and veterans. How greatest show on important saying guys. One goal every five minutes and we win this thing and then they going do it on Saturday. You know what that that's right talk about the belief because most of the standard. LB knows this is to build this standard cliches. They get tossed around on the bench -- in -- locker room one in the first ten minutes or the second ten minutes once every five minutes you're going forward. But to actually do it is impressive I mean I've -- spat that -- a few times and it never happened for me so. That's just what they got they have a policeman and when big -- just up there pumped in the chest. That's pretty scary stuff. Why you know hey did it did this come back Saturday reminded me a lot. Of the game that attitude change and the shift in the -- dominance. There in the Bruins for bin. Toronto last year America -- a three goal come back with mark lesson three minutes ago there. And they just won on a roll to get to to the finals so. I think that's which has been flipped and then it was on Saturday. Yeah and let's not kid ourselves here. Carey Price is the reason that's where -- a clip earlier I mean these guys were peppering him. And he was for the most part the best player on the ice for a lot of the first two games so. On the Bruins no doubt and that's that's what I mentioned earlier that they don't like. They don't look at that while we have to really do something different here they don't and they know that they are experienced. And they just plop themselves along and at the end of the day it'll start taking anymore. Now Jeff is it accurate that you were at the Hartford whalers training camp when LB. Made an attempt to return to NHL greatness. Yeah I tell you wanna have a lot of respect for the guys that you know after living in. Morton when you don't know them here all we use to like you don't know what they're all about CO -- You got to try to get itself on the good side good to get an inner squad game or something like that may decide that. They're not a good mood you don't wanna be to getting grabbed so I was very respectful of Albion in the locker room and in and around the arena question. And AJ was it was literally like you probably pulled some tricks on though because he was getting older download. Like Eminem testaments of old -- helmet a.