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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers where this week we learn what to do if you have to wait for viagra, my ex boyfriend cheats on his new girlfriend with me, and and what to do about the wet spots.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Time for us to go inside the symbol male mind that we do this every Monday. As a public service. So if you're a woman. And you don't understand why. -- and in your life. Does what he does LB. Is kind enough to let you inside the very simple brain. Of the male species was honesty and -- right Linas. On our Shelby are you ready here we go why are you running out if you're ready -- all right here we don't me. Yes yes we do. My boyfriend Steven I dated for three years and we broke up in February. I have always been attracted to his friend Paul -- -- my question is. What is the acceptable waiting period for dating a good friend of your depth just a bad call really. Yeah I can get a workout it'll be a good sex for like. The first couple of three times and then. I mean all that. Almost the -- -- and she can't pick somebody else you don't have another and it's great payback I mean if you're really -- disciplinary don't like to -- -- that screening event if then if he ended the buddy you know get into the tip of -- make -- and -- out. -- that then you're the able. I mean. I you know to be doing it today Chris brand and and how can we fix all this other freaking guy the only way you could collect all the the wanna -- -- a golf course he does not -- And I'm just users the body. Oh boy actor wants and -- it's bros before holes. Though he's gonna sex of their -- before us ambassador -- you know so. My boyfriend accused the B 77 port text my boyfriend accuses me of cheating at least once every day and never cheated on so we don't know why he's selling secure is he guilty of something. I hire private investigator but you put your thinking your job and that's why he's cheated -- any -- does that is that dude dude that's like how. How would how long when backed at last in your in your world. Every day he accuses her cheating -- -- that that's what they call that when you're putting something on to something else your project in projecting now projecting your lunch meeting -- are they you know accuses the problem like when women do this to guys may typically have -- -- look at that and she then I'm -- sheet but I. But I keep accusing the other -- gets and or he shouldn't somebody at work. There that you wore my husband gets pissed if I do anything with the people I -- -- We've been married for eight years that I love him very much but he gets enraged if he isn't included in everything. Who are these yes -- -- week. How bad they rarely go would you wanna go over a week with the media and you know we're workers not -- absolutely and what's your way. What should she tell us Tom lighten up Francis yeah. You know it's one of those things bring a maligned and go see this what we do and now -- and a -- no great wave sealer. I'm hooked up with an older man Saturday night and I met at a derby party if any made me wait for sacks -- he took a Viagra. I thought man took those before and we weren't supposed to now. Now that sassy Alice in the other ones have to deal Lee. Presumably -- -- angry got a ticket and it takes thirty a thirty minutes to and that but Vinny your opponent for like him powers like he's taking them public Boehner and an old way yeah -- yeah the derby party or Broward -- Fuller awkward. What is the like how colors. -- where does that go. Yeah sell on hold let's say you wanna grab it you wanna you wanna Scotch fighters here are terrible we have -- -- for -- -- -- is the comment don't make me laugh because my back the public what is the common. Like strategy like how does that work at election the guy take it beforehand or what they've done -- now we -- not guaranteed that they're gonna hook up. So what he can do so say he he's gonna hook up they -- the derby party he couldn't you have to derby party on an amateur being on the sly and me I could yeah I can't and I read what would you just figured -- just before their head now it may be applied to be like okay. This is how it is. Don't like I'm not planning -- -- -- -- -- only airline. I can't Viagra I I never make fun of penis pills because there aren't -- there an automatic winner of what he what he made -- there an automatic winner. You you hear to hear about it here. Have a massive awesome Boehner right so what's -- -- -- -- like people always -- like I I do I like the whole. I think I think it's the insecurity of other guys when they joke about a data has state brighter because there is no bid to win win for everybody. Let -- you know you're -- you're never gonna get whiskey Dee da and he got -- Viagra waging did you end. Do women at a gym -- Good to win in light when a guy is all hop up on Niagara and then it just goes. On and on and on and on and on -- I guess it's -- with a guy who who does have meteor or -- it does -- -- -- -- like it's a regular dude. Who's getting black market Mac market Viagra. Like hello we need serious I got the best build this weekend and they're just taking Viagra -- -- get evidence that. Annoying but there's not that don't -- -- not better than having the heavy. See somebody says that ticket early and to sort the up and -- well I guess that's yet Biden are well. A blocker there and your pocket for three around town that under the belt -- -- And a maybe you forgot the little blue pill home dementia setting in moment it was -- maybe he couldn't. Maybe couldn't take it or -- can you take that for the back does the Viagra works does that you wouldn't think that the other. Articulate as my dogs -- an -- What is there a better joke with Viagra. Yeah I'm sure that is stiff neck -- that. Why can't men throw anything away. Excuse your -- -- man and I -- people in general -- women have that problem too. Keep a lot of stuff I I like to keep keepsakes that I don't know what that is is that don't you have a bunch of collection area of the beer can collection I got a beer can collection. I got -- Bobble head collection and I got every are you at the stamps should stand on the I don't know when I was a -- idea that collects them I -- amusement colleges and his latest news and it is the night but I -- one of guys are probably -- nineteen drawers T shirts I do have a lot of those. I'm actually most proud of my I have a challenge coin collection and got some unbelievable challenge coal mines. Which. I'm pretty proud of us are I I recently got the date -- MB -- a police challenge I was there when -- got that you're Jeremy ring like a five year old child happy about. But I don't know why why why men just like the whole Lotta things that are we that we don't have the time to clean out is that that guy you know guys being guys. Lines if you throw it out you're just you're at some point you're just gonna have to buy it again. Yeah yeah -- sand right you don't -- -- we always watch your throat that that'll table and chairs for the T want to get hired them at the moment you throw my way. She throws a backyard Bob barbecue for the kids in your union outdoor table to thrown. Plastic blanket over to put food on yeah like c'mon man -- Why I'll -- I'll never put on the replace soccer interest that I jumped 45 listening. What do you wanna do you or don't play soccer with the phone excuse there's -- girls aren't the -- practices and Lawrence in morning. Why does my boyfriend get mad when I complain about the wet spot. This is another guy right here it's this is one of my biggest pleased with women. Well I hate the way that that matter the -- by an argument and I and the -- argument. One way you know. I'm not supposed to -- when I'm really mean you know like the man had -- -- mansion -- right trying to give you the greatest acts are -- are a lot of it when there are -- a doubt because you're sweating on the guy what does in my opinion -- them better and have a good session -- -- -- a little ceiling dripping in your item you're just coming off your nose and I base that fund. So what's the U. What's the problem with the -- outs called gag that's what it's always what's held businesses candidly. Well I had the foresight to throw a tell them I guess that's that's the only guys at an -- -- just you know if you're if you're gonna complain. And legal action session -- right there perfectly blunt about that that's romantic. You go to your jump and rapper -- -- you'll monitor to throw a towel now. Carries. I'm. We're going inside the simple -- mind with the help of Lyndon byers a -- makes -- -- as we do this we do it every new mom Monday morning just about this time. My boyfriend thinks I shouldn't beat it is that he gets random taxed at 3 AM oh -- that's why does he think that that. I've been pleased that they're unity you've got a cough up a former network if you wanna keep the relationship wrong. That's absurd that's a tougher yeah -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- got side by they can't they can't text just aren't crazy texting. There's just causes you got the it's it's gonna -- it -- it relation fender. From ball for -- for everything for everybody gaps like lose my number we're not together anymore. What does it mean when an ex boyfriend comments on and instead -- from a few weeks ago and you haven't seen him for ever. I smell desperation in this tax the -- that she noticed on and -- Graham that an ex boyfriend commented does that mean that he wants to get back together. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe we can have little. -- it after a fragment. I -- 21 year old PC girl off going Eagles who has a serious boyfriend at home in New York. I hooked up with a guy for most of this semester do -- it was just for sex this is comforting -- small after this weekend. Should I tell my boyfriend about it because I feel guilty now on I'm just lose to give you have to feel guilty your way college. And you don't apply my personal life I -- I -- every high school college. Person you know someone leaving high school I mean we're heading to college no growth no girlfriend no boyfriend took cards over yeah. Maybe -- last year maybe your senior year you if you fall for somebody that you have been -- can all time yeah but never tie yourself down and -- you. But you don't you don't don't don't tell I don't -- the whole town boyfriends and -- everything to all alone they read. They agreed to go to different colleges and -- remained true to each other guys do they have French francs down ballot just -- I think. You whereas now -- see you Arabia is so you know what I'm -- return. And things like golf loyal and around over Gary from schools given it via. But hey maybe they participated. In one of those. Promise ball things or whatever it promised ball. And then things that to our area. The fathers are now doing did you see that from dance -- -- the ring did you see that over the no I'm sorry the new trend. Is purity balls. Where fathers and bothers to ask their daughters to purity balls yet. And during the purity ball -- daughter pledges to not have sex until marriage so what do you -- do say no dad I'm not gonna go to the dance with you what a crock I went until I area it's. Yeah they're clean and isn't it panic -- as a daddy thing going on there and went there and it's it's neat that's -- that's where a single father daughter dance that's one thing it's cute and purity balls -- And then go all the father daughter dance his grave yet. Now you I don't know what you -- I'm gonna make. Me crime when you sick and tired marbles there -- argument would applaud the blogger will -- to see where having no ready to abstain from having sex with a with -- she did and what their mom if she can go a step back it's. Outlaw momma are you planning on that anyways -- ultimate here lives. They'll pay it they'll take a vow of chastity and his daughter well can you imagine. Our guys let's let's get to the rest of these seniors. Is there a position I sexual position and I'm more likely to get pregnant man. -- LB would now -- 87 kids out. No if you're a good thing -- I got a good eggs a year ago today it's okay. Not only look at me for a good excuse swimmers Daniels tried everyone -- -- it got knocked out yet though. I've not been trying it's there it's not -- and why hasn't my boyfriend asked me to marry him after we've lived together for four years. Who. -- Yeah after four years it's one that's -- says that it's a -- You're in -- out to me ultimatum you sit here just getting older. The older you get the talent -- way automakers are the way though maybe not an ultimatum on the way order those always backfire. That didn't ask you that -- the only option you got. You're you're you're you know he's either tie the knot this year or are we every day he asked our health -- and I think about. Yeah yeah yeah yeah you get out of this relationship this year NASCAR take at least two years probably three -- Now you're gonna be three years old are only going to be more sagging now apparent that. I'm an -- product but I might -- that was what people are I collectively we just wasted life 413 tax. My ex boyfriend cheats on his new girlfriend constantly would mean what that would mean oh what does this mean they -- -- -- a little bit. He -- you if you keep that means I definitely know you don't care about the other purple. I've got to have a large -- entry in America. Two chicks on the red lava it's LB what are men thinking when you first get up after a one night stand. -- to -- on the court and went where I can't legally do not leave your number. -- you -- she leaving his house Jersey and I think the guys leaving her play a guy sounds like what are we what are we doing and -- -- yeah. Is investment. It just isn't the kids and it is I will say this if you didn't take your number. It was a one race attendees are coming back ready -- -- -- -- -- in -- -- in anyone's guess that you can get with him you know another night of -- -- it. Word going inside the simple -- mind was someone who knows it well Lyndon byers we do that every Monday in the shell. I was at a bar -- my boyfriend Bryan recently bumped into a woman used to work with the talk tour for five minutes with me standing next to him. And never introduced me. What does that mean she forgot her name. A public company. If I could -- that he's hiding something them through. Whereas usually it's like. I mean here so it it -- the name forgetting thing usually when you -- because I had that happen -- -- like why we're trying cannot stand and I don't introduce -- -- -- I -- person's name it but usually you'd think the person -- -- -- next -- -- which gives you but I totally blanked on her name had no -- Well could be recovery could born during the efforts and this is just aren't office. It doesn't wanna save a lot of pressures that moment I think -- -- trying to be normal -- trying to swept her. The benefit you don't know she's an Iraqi out there that doesn't. -- -- -- My husband is a great guy at home when it's just us for one -- of people he's always ripping on me calling me names. It's nothing degrading and I know he doesn't think it's a big deal but it really bothers me why does he feel a need to embarrass me in front of other people. He's a low man on the friend totem pole he's there he's uncool guy you know boxes where I release super cool like Aaron Aaron this summer relations arm arm armament -- City -- and then when you leave his buddies tool on flight three days for. Why is my boyfriend get mad when I complain oh sorry we are -- them on why do guys like to smell their arm pits. -- I'm not one of those people I don't under I've never buy a nano like I applied Toronto got to give these guys do not your own brands demand than -- really hasn't relegated it to Brasilia and anyone can -- easy is it checked well it's -- dislikes. I might depend. And what it does your guy wearing -- -- juice right back in the revenue and ended there's nothing good. Yeah I listen if they're. I just I will just say this if it is that he likes to -- are likely. There is nothing better then -- you know Max announced a richter scale McCarver yourself yeah yeah yeah. Unity unity nobody remembered through windows doubt it is centered on -- -- well I can they saw if he gets that feeling like UV gets to feeling like I'd get 100 scratch my announced the Dan. You -- Snider hand afterward. Corzine you know Tony's saying if you don't -- your face -- west gets an -- you don't smell your hand after the scratching your -- now every day and every -- as I don't think of -- so I just -- -- I try to be sly about it like they -- the adjustment and they they like pulled their arm -- -- back of like to -- the -- that and it's like wait now I mean yeah the fingers tripped over -- No no no no we don't really don't do it it's it. Shouldn't you and viewers president of the words you guys do it in studio yeah anybody. Yeah everybody -- the owner of their own -- their own a man like the order -- Almighty god -- Sorry your image center of the order of your I can't my tried to stand up and I can't smoke played as a thank you you don't like my hands -- Off and have -- I writes I couldn't develop on this it anyway I know him not to -- and -- to -- -- -- is gonna cancel everything I'm an absolutely -- cup and the thing that's going around I would I don't laugh. I could use help putting my socks on that's and I definitely needed help -- I got a little -- go flip flops. I -- Bynum ended up outrage and find them and -- they were certain can't -- -- attorneys -- because every issue. Eat can't leave your shoes out for five seconds it's like days some kind of a communicable disease like it has to be thrown immediately into a closet because god forbid. Some big sits down on the floor for five seconds. -- the world decrees -- -- the way I jump off took them off our right. Larry is there anything else left that's coming in here. -- -- What you had a sickened me the text three now follow our game with a minor thing I think I think that's different today. This that thank you LB that's inside the simple -- mind with the Indian buyers.