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Masshole Theatre:Glen Gary Glen Ross 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

Another edition of Masshole Theatre which we learn a classic scene in the sales world.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. The Hill Man Morning Show. It's cold. -- right. This numbered if you like to be on the show today 6179311. AA after 6179311. AA after. The play mass whole theater. We of course in this region are blessed. With a -- most distinctive accent in the country. And our own glossary. Of words that are not used and the rest of the country and often times we find it interesting. To reenact a classic film from -- movie. By using actors who were Boyne in her days on air passage and and where do you find these two -- up this time -- proud of young. Couple. Good hometown guys from bridge -- bridge what helped me out ya and they they've really got into it they did a real good job considering it was like 11 PM on -- the indirect and I got Wear Wear down that where -- where are they doing less well. Little over the water and hold called Barrett's Barrett. All right I don't -- -- Other guided it down -- yeah there's nobody -- bat. He's our best you wanna give these guys their their public credit to they want every day after they what are they drive the ball big time fans of the show -- -- -- for a long time. Mark are from Bridgewater and -- beat. And the bridge want to add it all hey I. While you got to be able to tell us what film is the topic of today's mass whole theater. They area I'm going anyway Rick that donkeys regular down. Obviously closes only on their -- Jim Murray and I'm here on a mission of mercy. You can always have a salesman you're Bozo. In members are in the Salah. Big stud from Benny hill college I don't have to sit him -- and you don't know suck no you don't. Because the good news this -- targeted. The bad news is all of is -- one week to regain your jobs be no such a -- kid. What do you think didn't walk offs like Bob being a regular loaded. And you waste and down net nearly gusto begs. You shooters watch the sports -- more than a loser grows that you see now up that's July AM again nothing but nice guy to give a rip. Good -- this soft goal to play real bug is what you think this is abuse -- Israel as Warren's audioblog Papa don't like it. -- -- and can stand did. It's -- that the president. And throughout now line they give it's hit a -- can now. Congressman did on him. He'll lose that crews out I don't think I've ever heard of Honolulu that group got its rare that I'm hot -- little and I -- -- -- -- evident hello dad. -- then Q why did the body that film. All right get better at fighting two guys that every RB you've ever Ben and Matt if you thought -- we've got. No idea that movie -- It is it is it's one of the all time greats anybody who's in sales. Has had some moron manager play that for them in the beginning of the meeting the animal fired up -- About selling tampons -- hey John at the add up oil from negative John -- negative it is not -- or another great movie by the way. -- Ben Affleck who got in trouble over the weekend at a casino talk about that shortly hello Aaron now -- doesn't go. And -- okay so what movie is that Aaron -- -- -- negative. Underhanded. Montana series are getting it up. Alec Baldwin fantastic and I mean what a great cast in this movie Alec Baldwin Alpa chino Jack -- -- Just up on Kevin Spacey unbelievable movie a little -- -- what is it adding Jenny what's up without doubt I would like glengarry Glen Rock a lifestyle. Line pops out self destruct there's -- -- wrote in a -- there is. Of course you know that you you lock in you don't say anything. He just throw that on the screen and then you go go out and sell go out there now do at what's the line in the movie. Now do. -- Alec Baldwin says at the end of his speech -- you haven't seen it. -- now do you does. Offer Christ sake of my back was hurting any I don't know what definitely an excellent. Now do it was somebody will tell me now do as now do on. It's the greatest minds. Yeah great movie. Sheldon and then she -- of the you know. I can't believe we never seen glengarry neurons and a hundred caddies are for closers I don't know copy up pretty well -- us. You're down -- -- surprises of the Cadillac second prize as status to recognize they're dragging it back -- that. Do likewise gentleman that -- hi Alec -- Alec Baldwin comes -- he's the big sales training guy and then he goes now do likewise gentlemen. All fantastic news tonight. Is the number to call if you wanna be on this morning 6179311. AA out. Or you can text the WA AF -- line is 97107. I was the first guy who did that Meyer mark he was the Alan Ball tomorrow. Young right based state in the beginning he sounds actually a little bit like Alpa -- I get here that again to see if he actually does -- they -- I'm gonna anyway yeah does that sound like got out about the chino was from Bridgewater. He sounds like Alpa -- it's -- -- -- it is slightly less -- Bruce who is called the show how many tennis path. I don't know I did our rights. What else -- -- to mention all coming up at 815 inside simple mail. Mind. We'll go in there at 815 -- LB's help and then coming up ads. 915. -- -- old -- -- with the medical student from South Carolina. The woman who is auctioning off her virginity. And I believe that I action hands on a Wednesday is that right so the auctions up but when's when -- open and what is bidding 300000. Or did did -- go up to 500000 over the weekend is that what -- -- it might -- the 500000 dollars. Because Donald Sterling none of a -- and do what's up there and. A quick comment on that that I glengarry Glen quote. I. Guess includes -- glengarry Glen Johnson has a program -- Yes oh it does entail just started this year and beautiful it's just Massachusetts Gregory yes. There and I. I go to good corporate convention career regular coffee -- And it's C got a -- quoted the award com about. Say isn't that fantastic you have a eight if you can't get motivated after watching that scene.