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Hill-Mail 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend topics include Greg's sickness/back issues and the big Bruins vicotry on Saturday.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unitarian who talk as the Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions pill may not know. Don't let that grow up on WA EA. -- Jackson says I feel like we are one step closer to -- working from home I feel that -- I -- bunch of. Rising don't have the guy in the studio we did you gotta be in here people don't understand you're you're basically the whole sales department of Zimbabwe Colombia -- appreciative. I think it's really -- and I. We have you know like. Like I always say the leads are weak your week all right now we -- -- -- sign on the line which is docket yet. Now I'm thinking about every line that Alan Ball the -- get them to sign on the line which is. -- it now go forward and do likewise. What's my name at the -- that's mine game. Our rights. Whole mail today brought to you by noon turf care -- residential and commercial lawn care provider. Visit noon turf care dot com and mentioned WA AF for a free flea and tick treatment. From the experts at noon turf care. -- 320. Final. PM. I'm Greg you know. In particular please popular morning talk show host the Hill Man Morning Show and I beat -- of the in others -- often I would like I apologize. Well often -- looting -- agreement with the military analysts. Then I'm going to -- And Bob and Poland and blew an incredible action on that game great and look at it -- up. Under that I would I probably -- -- had to I would add this day if I didn't get by if they if I didn't miss the gain because the stomach flu. I would have stayed because priests who was going in -- -- we states. Still every game one and excel and they they loved that game I mean it must -- been so outside -- Kurdistan. Parents crazy and Reagan came to be so great and how well authority. Just saying you know what guys. One goal every five minutes and world we win this thing and what they do spam they scored a goal every four minutes I think that was a back breaker. You'd think so what you Montreal out curse broke Carey Price that the Bruins got elected. He seems pretty confident. -- me. -- control as they had to Montreal with the so. You win one of those up there you come back you win one you think this goes seven he still I -- I was sick. I'm I'm saying it's gone so he's certainly concede that these exit five. Really the Bruins got yeah I think -- of these they should get British look at they should check to check the curse out the lucky curse the lucky -- -- lucky lucky Arabs. Oh that's what it's gonna be this season as they're gonna lose every game one in the series and then win out though. Plus he's got to come out yeah I mean -- -- again the X factors -- officiating in round on Tuesday you know young called same both ways you know that. -- from the point Gallagher is trying to deflected Doug Hamilton takes amount and he was a perfectly clean -- because you Hamilton 64 and Dan Gallagher -- Three he gets a interference -- in front -- -- bogus. Hello Jimmy. Hey they listen we have to go knees three times and -- well. Let that go -- out correct yup so bad -- let that issues ever -- the other day in the shallower. Expenses out. -- let them know I'm on the bottom of the child or. But we're about twenty minutes to get out that -- and I'm looking at a title shot to talk to one. -- I mean no there's not a big money. Jimmy I don't know I don't know about I don't know how to explain it. Other than there's nothing that makes you feel more like an invalid like a helpless invalid. Then vomiting -- because of the stomach flu now and then getting up finishing that. And then. And quarreling crumbling to the floor with a blown back and lying there did you have to call for -- there was nobody around heading Julio went this saint Lawrence University Brees was -- over friend's house. Even if he wasn't it would -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- tell me did you what did you do in defecation are -- yeah I didn't lose I don't know -- control okay now -- do you think classes and have I would tell you if I did. But -- God. Analysts analysts. That was not good -- twelve and older. Boom boom boom boom and and the goal was in the -- is that there's going to be great. -- married when Barrett the that and -- instead of them and -- look back and look at oil and what. Did you do -- we didn't. And the message well well -- oh yeah I think it's Tuesday on the Japanese circus circus circus show that that's really and it's kind of media and what does it because it's the -- he can make the -- well I mean people got hurt really seriously felt from the sale people earning critical there's one person in critical condition yet that. So it's less but -- noticed -- -- -- -- big guy gets shot out of a cannon mini. Before it lands on his head and -- as well because you mean he -- he's that guy getting shot at a mechanic and he should know that it's a risk Greta I don't you know -- -- -- it's weird because he's -- -- -- weird feeling because it's the circuits are you saying circus performers equal funny is that weird al-Qaeda is is well. Is there I mean little lack lack respect because there. These people. We were in Providence then the Barnum Bailey circus yet yesterday and and they were. Suspended in the year by their hair yes in the human chandelier that's called the human chandelier and nothing fell death. And there is video -- on our FaceBook page -- really it's a scary thing there are a lot okay you know if you look on YouTube a lot of people about blood cell -- video from different angles and it's just great it's great to see it from like upside down low. -- -- -- It really is so on and they can't -- when one person is in critical condition I guess -- says that it. How did you see on the show here beyond -- your point Vietnam and the -- come back don't say that. And I don't personally say and the difference makers that they -- they are not mean I'm just expecting you to listen to what's happening all around -- pay the -- That they canceled today's for this morning for his morning performance of the circuits it's cancel. Sinks -- move on old are aren't Greg boo boo welcome go to war in world. What that they get up -- war out -- you all don't let it out in good shape and triggered go to rhetoric it's a bit that could. There are here are pretty it and talk radio blah blah blah well it worked at oral -- create. It's so that you people. Work your butts off every day physical labor. You guys probably throw your backs out every other week and show up at work. And still. -- those forms through right and grab those two by fours and throw all mop on the roof fox and a truck can't even went up. Thrown back hello Matt what a great yes -- -- got a good remedy anybody yes sir. We keep medical marijuana. Well I should get on I'm gonna ask -- about that maybe I should get on the medical marijuana as they can be less active well that will. That you smiled -- Jack yeah you'd be like 400 pounds in like six more tests. Pop -- off on the a wanna pick Erica. They -- don't -- like I guess. You're not gonna get your knowledge you know Mike you got to give Mike -- or credit my shoes he's a hiker. Yeah I -- I mean yeah tonight. -- what is the what's the muscle relaxant that everybody's texting it went out where are those I don't drag -- bunch of different -- that's anti inflammatory is that the whole -- category right trek down I like going way -- trainers never gaming Motrin you can -- he's a Mulligan narcotic -- on -- -- are those what are those called a double. Divine Justice Thomas ankle -- I think is one of them getting an opponent black market or -- -- -- you have to go to a doctor can I buy those from rock I mean it seems like rob would be somebody had to buy drugs from -- -- -- Well as summoning B and exceed accorsi unless you know I'm -- I think we don't know somebody honestly I think a couple of the guys that we're doing astle theater could probably hook me up with some luck Susan by. If I needed it but somebody was saying you know that stuff I was using the bio frees up. Somebody said that there is a bio freeze its just available for the medical professionals like the legit. Yeah bio freeze not the OTC Perry acknowledged I can get some of that legit bio freeze delivered here. I would I would be wildly appreciated I'm. If I could I love you man she she you know and she -- goes -- -- life saving mode yeah -- -- partially my tax it's like she knows everything -- it's an addiction she's been this -- that every kind of pain reliever -- And yes she she she wants to be a doctor -- that's how she wants to be all right starting opposite the -- My -- can't believe little breeze so Charlie that's all I'm I don't wanna. The event and I don't -- people I'll go -- as the only reason I never became -- vet is because I see the vets that I that I know their work -- and their like. I loved that area animal care aspect of it but I wouldn't be able to deal the person being in on me like he -- his tumor it's gonna diary entry didn't like what up. I'm just gonna go home I just followed a sock and I tied to the radiator of the seven days I can't -- people I want some flux are all yeah right that's that's what I go out and -- them a -- my -- gimme some -- -- -- -- -- My -- and not. Combat it better over the counter depth on my different decade got him back he'd. I need so much I'll bring some 800 milligram what does that. Ibuprofen in Korea Alia does that does that a -- after suffering some of that stuff and bring it to afford it won't matter tomorrow because of by feel like the -- I'm Millen and in LV's maybe a I'm not only -- you have to come in if you think you know no way am I lying and play -- -- -- -- not -- I don't know how many do we that the meeting -- Boston and did you were on the radio it's an all durocher who. I love this station. I love this station and I love you people. But that trip in this morning hurdle it was the worst possible thing I have ever done in my life. And if I had known that I would feel like this right now. And -- I get it all -- hard working. Working stiffs are all this stuff because I'm whining. Sorry it's the way it's it's it's what I believe it's what I've lived my whole life. I normally sit here and pocket that's my job -- if I can't do it for the fact named tank I ain't doing it. 6:12. AM. -- And -- specific -- -- Joins me one to 4 PM. Math and that that act which goal. Which one of those those come back go I mean Bergeron was beautiful which went on that that was that I I -- music I like -- like. Birdies -- -- blogs to Doug Hamilton was laser yeah pleaser went back going you know back the other way on price -- on the screen was was there was it was so nasty nasty. Awesome goal black. I think the one that it's gonna break. Price is the burger Bergeron won the -- Williams Nino and a top corner he's like oops my lucky for me or whatever uses rabbits foot -- -- the lawyer busted. Lucas yeah. Hey what's up -- the. Kayak flat yeah I got -- I it will get. It checked and electric shock you are not well. Analyst -- machine that's why I say DO you'll see woody. Am -- gonna get one of those two. Well yeah. But. It. Panel it's shutting your nuts can I just I don't I don't understand is on the way home to straighten Walton. Well point health point now what do what Meister. The little Reno pro sports therapy maybe we'll go live there knowing all that both steel would. Thirty food over there yeah the only it and it's awesome cafeteria derivative. Straight to your parent seeks to England -- -- -- -- Here are a couple of and that's letters noted in edited and I know support. I just love the fact that. Lackey was like that -- everybody's happy everybody hated him to go out there now suddenly particularly after -- and he's the only thing. The only good thing and although Lester had a grade grade after it was that Saturday yes when he had fifteen strikeouts that asks. But they're struggling a little bit but as you always point out there only a couple games back in the order in more -- you bet there's still in this thing. Hello Sophia. I what's up Sophia. Our well -- I'm in severe back pain but I I'm struggling. To make it through. All you can ramp up -- -- that. Where. Up. Thought I -- -- at 100 yeah and I'm on the I'm not home shopping network only Octavia extra shipping overnight it. Look at that tiny tendons. I -- how much of that thing 35 bucks now by the time it gets sent to me at a target RJ my back will be better and I -- supplement. What good -- -- shipment targets against violence there. Any place that as a restaurant in the distillers are and a top guys ignorant genius. -- pizza and hot John. And I'm just feel like I can eat some normal food down to himself yeah. Hello well. It was on what's up well -- are -- -- not Shaq got it it's either the simulation this year gigabyte over crowded out. But Shaq has yet. If you could Shaq is like endorsing every product that there is now. He's on the gold dust that gold medical what's that's the armed gold bond. He's got like some special gold bond foot spray or some. I mean for Athlete's Foot he really is collecting the endorsement dollars Jack. Now see here's somebody says that once you throw your back -- once. You do it every every year afterwards for the rescue line every ten and and and dump it got a big problem is golf like everybody's driving people it is trying to make the film has yet. Courses you won't believe how -- it feels like golf ever again I will just say dispute if you -- trying treaty yourself you don't get it looked at by a physical therapist has yet some African therapy that's it that it won't be a problem you've got to take care written piece there. For crying out loud. Like why. Hello -- I don't feel like Nancy Kerrigan wine and maybe. Hello Brian. -- I can't right. They are we not that I am not are being odd out to be real rebel. -- that the majority would -- it until I got up at radio December 6. -- does the separate he gave back it up well. Well yeah yes indeed immunity -- A great example. Of a man stepped up would be our -- Jon Stewart. Yes exactly not submarine -- dead. And he was out there and plant in -- gave the -- -- you Dave in the motivation to continue on and win that game on Saturday. Not to mention soupy who. Played with a broken leg for five minutes aren't -- -- -- -- What's going so it is thought it was that the answer says yeah right Newark reviewer reckless. Are valid national radio promote job. What do you think. I was tonight let us what you majority. Happy it must come out tomorrow morning Anita -- can't -- -- -- mentioned. I could show. And -- be independent and -- we -- out. Yup Joanna you know that I could I could have that can be good we could do the show from the at the back doesn't improve to a from the from the ranch hello Eddie. Hey hey bill and what's up any -- I'm trying to get to a six feet back was no into machines and all medical code you have to pick yeah. Yeah I would go to chiropractor. Now I'm afraid of chiropractors. Why and how yeah. I I hear some people thought hey that's some -- He's lucky -- he's healthy he's -- he's -- -- once a month that people -- -- out but -- LB US AL he was saying. There chiropractors. When they fix it they fix -- so you have to come back every month for the last year alliance is that pro. Well no it's not up to the chiropractor -- go to. So until insurance company where he just bill you what you can afford it you'll do YouTube illegal. Listen now to explain it to go -- your bones in your body got. Are held together and in place by muscles tendons that speaks Federer got. When a -- when when when your back is out a muscle spasm and it's pulled it is in and it's polling on that so went to a chiropractor. I'm not saying they don't help people -- when he snaps whatever it is back into place. The muscle is still all. Out of place at the muscles still spasm and so that you're you're you're going to be fine Bernard. A day a week a month but that muscle -- thousand and then you're gonna it's better at some point. Because it's -- -- and bingo bank go it's coming out again being your hang down more -- it affects another part of your spine or your neck or your shoulder owner or you know near them. Thanks for -- told him. -- it now about they're brilliant. -- air ready. Yeah get ready. They had great step that it wanted to go to tactic hit and -- -- -- should it poker yes. One people Rebecca Sony issued -- -- And that now I feel for -- tonight I -- I don't you -- not agree with that -- -- in -- -- I understand the pain you're -- it sucks. He can't move everything you do yeah requires moving your guests -- you don't realize that I wanna thank you guys and and and our boss from lawyers for allowing me -- my coach retreated. Or could not -- your back was out and you're not -- -- not stand up towards -- peeing in in Dallas I was -- in a bottle. Mine is thankfully not that bad idea I can still make -- to the -- that the only reason I wanna get pregnant at this point a second wind lead you to believe it. Now he's can say that any time year herder indefinite stay right to marry trying to have a campaign being. I pastime you grew up under him on -- its north. -- well. Hey guys as everybody what's up well and US senate aboard -- there it -- just -- it affect our factories right on your muscles clarity. Fire and so for that reason you don't eighty stay in the east and not gonna help your year a bunch of muscle relaxes. And and we chuck it out because we just makes you focus on the scene even more. What about like the box seats. Yeah any -- and it could you gotta you gotta get through to -- seeking to walk around -- -- -- usually a good you don't think about you know it straight to the blog I guess our drug under our drug -- listeners out there there there -- and yeah just crush them -- seasons and an ambulance came mentioning -- rice coffee to go back to worry about gonna work you -- yeah yeah. -- So everything kind of yeah. Back we'll be fine but you will find you wandering in northern. Gain in the woods still more Xbox or Treo. I mean good luck playing any golf this summer this continues this way. Yeah -- and you know what else might be out. The sand castle contest an oversupply we've been dragged from their wheelchair -- -- and how I get a repeat as champions in the ocean park -- yeah. God yeah do you have do you get breeze there to get a couple of his buddies and you're gonna have the MF deal with -- -- you get that megaphone thing yeah it feels fine. Well I'm not Giuliani is the one cool thing here is all you're gonna be able to do for physical activity is played pitch and I feel like you do like the cards. I do a whole lot of standing out. -- I've never seen this much of your ass and one -- time gearing up in my mind I would let a nice honestly I am -- you argue Q you have to go west you have to -- and have a nice little letter to you know after a 47 year old man I have a nice but you know at least at a hockey early standing. Stuff that the that the -- here's a Jacqui yes hello Jackie. Hi I had a bad back back at them the time -- -- leave and after about two weeks and taking a leave. Happened and the fact it actually could even now I can't take any. Of that pain relief. Right my god it's okay that now I guess -- down. I hope that doesn't happen to me. These people have horror story I mean what -- common trillion yeah. But common thread anybody get we better we -- and reduced to her you know what time this is what we're what we're getting -- getting every out of shape human being you know and everybody's checking in now I mean. -- -- -- Good morning guys -- -- now. Do you think they'll below any more than enough -- -- I think yeah I got through two different situation my back personally. I got two degenerative if they have nothing to do that muscle and you know seen our record helps relieve the pressure that this isn't. They get up Mike -- the chiropractor. And you're an avid golfer even as Dona. Nike George miniature golf bird at the back problems yeah actually became a chiropractor because he went to a chiropractor and you know he plays golf no problem now so I. -- I mean not forever well all these these are back if if you wondered. Be serious for a minute -- it will all just speculating because no one has made doctors not -- to diagnose I'll what ails my friend. Great Italian Alps and we don't know ominous. That doesn't hell I got a feel for you by. This is. Patty -- hello patty. And Arctic island well -- and the severe pain I know I know I -- that act to ensure you know I'm a huge skeptic of the I don't want it to -- acupuncture. I Lulu how I would like hell and I don't want that ever mentions it yes I am young now I am skeptical. Of the acupuncture. I don't think I'm on. Do what I said it's about finding our president on your what like Gwyneth Paltrow what yeah well yeah it's hot and now I should give that a try again 716. KM. If and I -- -- and nobody. Didn't -- that it does. That 7-Eleven. AM. And the yeah yeah. Yeah. Well I guess it's -- tilt it hit it and yeah. At. Anger. And that -- -- listen in here if you've ever had I mean this is disgusting that talked about but if you've ever had the stomach flu. You reach a point where there's nothing left in America and your stomach and it in my personal experience. It is a violent wrenching if you -- and that its ally. Wrenched my back -- as the old peoples that. I mean of them tried reaching what -- -- leaching normally try leaching Yemeni we just at a new amazing run down in the -- can't even go -- -- people look at it -- What -- you. Who recovered the Clinton. Who you calling those secrets. Other ME -- percent across a couple of circles I am I'm pretty safe from singling anyone out there hello glad that the that the. Very very good thing. That's all that at least that's what no least you've been working out but have you been stretching it and strengthen our. Ali I'm always believes that you say about the meeting him at all what yeah well let's listen to you need we the F do you eat night I'll bet he -- out. He had a prayer you know that circulate your keep their beat people that stretch and a leg up. Indicate just don't work it out your -- police aren't where my. Fine people do you so yeah so let us briefly the Xbox 36 -- not a game -- -- -- got to come. -- can't ice ice ice for the first 72 hours. -- There's so many things we are you don't grind to this point. Here's a text that says Greg Hill is to broadcasters. As soupy Campbell is two NHL players and that is true that's why he's here today. Pull back pain. Aren't you worried about getting your co workers sick. He doesn't care let me let me they're detects their you're calling from you started listening I have the flu Saturday what do you bring something good in all very prominent. I think their flu common agility back manage it as the union can get the stomach virus is you've -- more -- than it was fine host. But. They Greg what's up guys. I hope so we're back. What solutions -- You'll see dark period and she's got this machine called a protest that the network. The pro -- Jessica and in. Yes that would officially call there is now is that code for something that's sounds like there is this is this like an Asian massage -- and what is it. I choose to vote get to go Portugal -- the start yeah contract the normal. No pain she doesn't do it. You don't water to treat Tibet at all. You won't do that so what it is it's like. Below promise you measure your -- then. Didn't want to let them make good beeping -- -- remind them -- a different sound of the bottom line. Let's -- simple the surprising thing it's connected with that as he steps are back. You think it's a joke. Tentative. And alerts -- its ten business 500 each visit and that's -- -- -- at that. Listen I'm gonna stop complaining because it's not as bad as a sword coming out your mouth spoiler alert foul ball I know are said to already. Spoiler. Our eyes -- and nineteen. Old man Gregory in 08. April through it on here if you're complaining about the -- -- -- think the fact. -- wanting to pay you want that -- about the crap. -- -- -- -- that it will. That's me -- 22 am. Your record breaking. Why. Don't pay and comedy aren't -- I'd like hey you old -- don't get it by now. And then -- hit a 726. Million. I don't whether it wouldn't regret though I thought and without note. -- -- -- And -- eclipse. I can be part of the problem 646. And again. Oh well you're -- you're. Oh. Yeah. Oh yeah. And that message all alone all alone. Crumpled all alone in -- Lauren asks. Blanket around my shoulders -- trickling down your neck off. And you know the the risks and you know here fat. When the first thing you think when you get the stomach flu as well police are a loser go the way it is what is -- lose a little way. -- 6:13. PM. There are not. -- -- He didn't -- well the ballot so aggressive fed violently. -- -- -- that again actually rerouted. Has it formally -- a thirteen PM. It is -- -- that are not. Well. -- -- Atlanta I'm a a 720. Were Guillen. Pretty good vote -- -- go to college -- part don't think it has eluded the daughter -- it has been grin on. And that -- well. Well that's of course the first thing that LB had to rub in my case was that there's a lot of great hockey players at saint Lawrence University great program. I'm still hoping to change her mind. And maybe perhaps there's a Catholic university in all girls are our universe somewhere I cared where she could go -- it. That makes it worse it really bears and the suppress those via their mission and you're going to mix it with the guys in the boys' school then everybody get pregnant -- I'm proud of my little daughter getting way they'll places shocker a college -- Just seemed like you some cash seems like just yesterday that LB is computing and -- crayons boxed them in my room in my basement. That thinking that I mean Julie and I know. Us and three sons during that night -- must've been -- while she's almost seventeen. Zone she proves them how old was she when she and her cramps forced them from a thirteen years ago -- right thirteen and fourteen and that 2002000. -- probably 2000 or 1990 united. Graduation unions. Especially -- done this year as she deserves it share and it man now I have -- appreciate everybody texting in about a lot of hard work goes into -- and a full vote. I appreciate everybody text. In about what a great party school saint Lawrence University isn't. Yeah about about how it's there miles from any kind of city hear anything to do other than just drink your ass we -- But can really near Montreal can't. Not sure how many times they'll be driving seven hours to watch a soccer game well I don't know I want to -- That's that's when -- that's where you -- you order the chopper yeah maybe -- can borrow do you think Robert Kraft would let me borrow his chopper I don't know -- did your pilots license. Yeah I thought that I knew that he's handling -- I mean I Vineland and he boom at a town. What are those sound Lawrence in 2 hours I -- one of those dream you know I have those dreams of things you're afraid of I have one of those dreams where the pilot has a -- it to a point person -- the plane and I'm Alicia giant and then there's no possible way that I could. And if I think of note that the visit Texas does LB please don't say full ride and Julia and the same yeah. It's I agree Nancy full writers I have a couple days. Higher rates.