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Inside The Warped Female Mind With Danielle 5-2-14

May 2, 2014|

As we do often we ask Danielle to help explain the female mind, this time however even she is disgusted and can't explain why a mother and daughter, or any females would share underwear.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. All right so. Danielle you ready here -- here's the email I got yesterday. Danielle please help me figure out what my girlfriend and her mom do. That I think might be the grossest thing ever. They share their underwear. Oh god no. Don't even -- the -- this not just regular underwear but sexy lingerie and now. A couple of you know we'll. Undoing not end until well. It is that ever and ladies feel freeway and then on this is that ever appropriate. For a mother and daughter each other daughter. A roommate situation eight friends -- nobody should be sharing underwear I don't care that goes through the washing machining gets clean up its. Not something that you should be. You know switch enough for I never understood that giving -- people that have like how could leave girlfriends go through each other's closets helical or doughnuts and I don't know where that talked about but. I know people in a bit and like general -- one thing that doesn't keep me out like under current like underwear thongs panties cheek he's. -- -- boy shorts regular column know. No no no no no. The email says he came home from work last week in the two of them were in the living room trying on each other's underwear. They're not offended that the -- fancy right there mother daughter alana ratio law that sounds like cool I mean. -- changing closes a common. Woman thing started the borrowing clothes absolutely but -- underwear it should never extend the unmentionable and again -- shorten their plane but now it's just. I'm not -- little bar a bit like all of those are great underwear I -- where did you Biden so I can go buy a pair. Techsters savior well you would need camping -- to cover your Africa but. I have my suite mate in college -- head like done laundry wants an error her current so there are two. Two rooms of two girls apiece and so her roommate came back from I think at twelve straight years out early came back from doing laundry answers Monday and she had hamper full of stuff. And Terrence -- a -- her underwear and -- she's like -- did you might do my underwear and she's pretty opens she was like production elect -- -- is really sweet. And Paula is like no she does actually I've borrowed these can I ran -- clean ones. And I thought they were cute but an error was like you know -- you can keep them -- -- and he can have come now don't need him back and got. 401 text from Rhode Island men don't even share under the right. I mean. Now now I've I've never ordered portable did you -- -- their bodies under had a what have they Wear them inside out if they'll discuss this off now welcome what's the point they're obviously doing it because it's nice stuff. I just threw up in my mouth and I'm check is that this tech said. Now that's nasty I think everybody's what about bathing suits a Texan wants -- -- well you know it's tricky because I mean it's technically that you're in the same area at the scene it's essentially the same things I wouldn't. Borrow somebody else's -- Souter became that don't you see this a lot with. With girls that you fitness competitions and pageants they'll they'll sell it -- -- -- -- -- those those. Competition pieces can -- like a couple of great -- -- once -- so there are girls that will rent their seats out and I don't know that Penske -- The Texas 617 text sweet Jesus if I came -- that I wouldn't stop screaming through weeks like you are -- your girlfriend and her mom are. Exchanging and quicker than I know well -- like power or bullying boardwalk angle are still HL. I might tell a happy Friday Jill and I know the NASA moves what's up. I remember in the -- know. He had. And see -- -- on me and I have a couple. Crowd under. And my brother wind up oh -- I. She steals your underwear. And then they have like on my. I don't know -- how old -- sell off your high on the potluck and I. Our Jill what is. Is it about what do you think it is about walking around in underwear girl time -- Jews exhibitionist you think. Yeah Omnia so did -- get it does it send a photo. Yeah. I'm. -- -- That's right I think I. Know yeah. But but but that doesn't gross you out that she's wearing your. And I do I. Go I want to. -- I. That's a month and why shouldn't I there. Fox. The -- thing. The Texan says this happened to me but it was my roommate used to steal land speed and kind of things he bit. Scott we know locking your hundred you're like I mean you know I understand your borrowing my sweater that you buy you're gonna get -- that was the worst. Back in the day when you could smoke in bars and clubs now and like you have -- -- would -- -- they would like -- -- whoever would borrow piece of clothing and then try to bring it back on the -- like you were gonna notice that it was worn out the night before. Obscure reference Rocky Balboa war Apollo creed underwear and -- I don't put that part of -- -- got that. -- -- Somebody is this there that that Levy's mom and still doing underwear but I'm doing her do a lot of talent. If your mom -- do your laundry you're you're -- -- -- viewed daycare you know America I'm not -- that. Thousands of that through a lot of laundry elect the next. I want to. One time here's the taxes as one time I was desperate I had to Wear my boyfriend's underwear -- you ever had a where a guy's underwear if you didn't have any available -- stolen boxers that I feel like that's different -- like like like a serial killer how they keep a Apollo project and college like it yet Sarah fifty pairs of boxers with a date written anonymous and no doubt marks the idea that through the through the of their company props to the got a call them. I -- of my -- pocket and had so funny. The fact that the -- alive. Lot people are at this -- by this as violation ending what you really you have -- you think so your answer to this guy is the press it's grows just. It's completely disturbing than we did have a conversation with a girlfriend and say please stop. Which it shouldn't she doesn't get did you think obviously -- she if her mom are like drinking and you know living room he -- then if you can't and shouldn't the big deal -- I'll stop at a stop a Alison you're gonna be like at home winning -- -- now why you look great like that expect those news shall say yes and that no. Actually rose in one of those the night before with a guy she met over at the continental -- one at the. I mean moon if you do want him on that situation -- drop your -- you just take well dot. I think you know I believe -- -- I think it might depend on what the mother in law looks like yeah -- they have made me I didn't county DA TFR and a couple of I guess it's just cool situation here -- that this is forced oh I'm sorry I didn't did I misunderstand I might I might let me Applebee's America. Danielle here's the Texas says being Ellis has quilts made a -- -- I know guys could dump it or not I don't want any any any past relationship memorabilia I want out of my life. The odd occasion I stumbled across like you know a photo or some -- -- it does not -- that all look at that your deck and thrown out. 50 wait Texas is the same thing is it weird if my life from my mom and all my wife and my mom's swap panties -- ask. I hope you're just being funny tech they're like if you'd like more people -- I would not do this day. I don't know. -- thanks so you -- amended the stocks expensive. I mean specially women wise. -- -- I mean well I just you know it I would just hasn't yes the younger chicks go buy new underwear and maybe you'll -- you know the old underwear to via the older. -- here's my hand me down let alone. Here's Miami -- -- out of pocket or out of fifty bucks. Terrific 33 victory secretly -- get over it. 860. Text my ex girlfriend used asked me to put her underwear on in front of the -- I did you are going to follow up but I bet -- it's -- -- I need more information on the senate but every girls hot enough to -- do anything but a. But -- I feel like it's like a weird Russian bride scenario that she gets there does it. -- million going to put these on their room and models -- the -- all Indians. Update and dance for her in them. Well. That somebody just what you CU who million. As though there's no weird sexual thing you know we got the one point you Steve degrade yourself in front America. Now look for the blinking red light it's there it would that be a turnaround for women are a guy in wearing. A women's underwear I can't speak for women in general -- but for you I don't wanna see my boyfriend in my song not so now. Don't know now -- I think some guys. Like seeing women. In men's underwear like I don't think a -- box again -- is absolutely not exactly and that's amateur. That takes up you know the only thing -- not a frivolous at -- stuff that's now on its -- -- Garrett if you're like why boxers that ambulances here in Atlanta will be short -- with a tank top and Brian Kelly do you fancy like Euro tight package underwear and. That doesn't work from the -- Rocky war Apollo is boxing sure it's not his boxers. You know. That's okay well it like he viruses black says shots uniform exchange hello I'd like to. I didn't and there. -- -- -- Just very helpful -- rather little. -- even the duke. You know community and the men and says he underwear again this morning you know tough economic times. Maybe that's with -- Listen I don't hear about tough economic times because you can go to. You know even like TJ Maxx and -- owls and yet. Pretty decent nice underwear for not too expensive. Moons now I don't hear about economic times don't don't buy you know don't buy -- -- this week he suffered a pair is giving his. Greg there is nothing sexier than my wife. In a button down shirt and a pair of my underwear ads and a man says Shannon I'm hoping those guys in the kitchen making -- moon's brightness. -- -- -- come out of work that I voted ball yeah that -- know that that's that's that's the automatic good morning accessory after the the the outcome with a check and you wake up she's not -- you -- out their issues in the kitchen making director's signature gear boxes that have added on the counter. Larry it is 738. On Dennis -- is coming on at 815 -- ice our pal Dennis Hoff who owns the bunny ranch. Has the end Donald Sterling from ever coming to the bunny ranch. Again for a prostitute so he'll talk about that coming up at 8:15 this morning hey Chris. What's up Chris. I. What are you gonna call does start to. -- -- And he would had no problem in yeah. In the locker room when he was changing get a good hit me then yeah they really know. Well. It wasn't the case event. The big roses grow up a whole count -- it up having the and -- that his taxes is Greg is not been hotter than watching my main neighbor's wife through the window and a button down an affair in my underwear. But at -- I center of the shirt -- The we did a role played the dry cleaner dropped off at the wrong house. And I went to retrieve my share now and then things got sexy. My girlfriend only where's the bikini briefs from Rite -- She hordes of them she is 74 pairs of them. Is -- -- a place where you would go to get -- but where are not necessarily want to get their country and they weren't for you I'm familiar with the -- familiar with you -- sequence that. Your reference when Harry met Sally he always wanted to know what happened to Sunday will resist big mystery what happened to Sunday underwear is on its -- underwear days because of god. And all right. -- Morgan get -- hill mail message is coming up in about ten minutes old -- number 6177795463. Of course. A disappointing loss for the Bruins in game number one a potential topic for hill mail messages Lee one on that subject now. We have learned that all go -- Shea. Who resigned as head of DC after. Is a serving as a consultant that the agency kids at the same salary that she was that before cracked when children where does appearing in dying final paperwork to be involved in the same salary. -- -- -- company consultant cent in salary half job full well it's like -- and now it's like full salary half a recognition as about what that is yet.