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Hill-Mail 5-2-14

May 2, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include the new size golf cups, the Bruins lose and Danielle's squirrel.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now teach you to indeed talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show present spill may not. My route but the flip through real problem with the Toledo -- indicated he still learning the new equipment they've -- Get the sound -- believe that -- -- hope that -- -- every day it was didn't set a good competitive every day. I think the whole problem is that the word that. Program out there today. On WA. Eight. Debut this morning yes two positive reviews Serena have that rare kind to every play later in the middle. -- you missed a -- -- we will -- duty fibers though and I don't want an Iranian made -- I was so I was -- I human. This night -- -- I wanna apologize to you guys is that it. I was in the -- -- NHL dot com -- watching me the highlights of of the game last night yeah. I came in here when the opened just fired up I was completely. Out of my mind you I am I sorry -- you're you're you're corner really it was one of those mornings I could use big red in the case I -- and knocked him. -- -- -- mail messages today brought to you by noon turf care. Your residential and commercial line care provider visit new turf care dot com and mentioned WA AF. 483 flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care now -- -- listeners have provided us waited two days -- male voice mail messages on Nat -- and all topics. There's only 712. And hand. Out and I want your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jarome Iginla can use the bigger net last night so maybe that you know -- -- and it's not -- -- that I did that quadrupled the size of the gulf cup is that the PGA is recommending I think it's nation policies myself and thank you don't spend your time on the golf course. Work on your short game. And you'll get better -- -- we're not gonna happen in America of trying to make everything easier for people so they can feel good about themselves bat fly it -- as a professional right. Not everybody Momo the greens are people shoot 59 who may not everybody gets to be a scratch golfer believe me I know it. -- but gotten PGA thinking of quadrupling the size of the cup so -- to make it easier. To get said the ball in there they've pulled back and twelve of them. As noted that what I'm Ed and I -- doing it right. All of a -- and the thing that bad you -- -- that. Might include. -- -- -- -- -- -- Marilyn Monroe we learned during -- -- yesterday never have an orgasm. If I have deaths act it was with the allegedly with several of the Kennedys and Arthur Miller now I would assume that Arthur Miller the play right -- it was not an accomplished man and -- I don't know. Have I seen all the kind of gray -- -- if he's probably sensitive and too little woman's right to I mean I guess that's why women date broke artists he's so busy writing that crucible how well -- or death of the salesman throughout the obscure hundreds I don't think that's an a couple of feet compiled. Am not impressed than mine. English lit -- the president all of your not a non college graduate who played only 720 -- Iran. Open all. Our whole goal tomorrow well the break that -- yeah I did but. And Tony -- twenty -- blue and. That -- 300 grand am getting. And help out there and give it doubled -- -- thought about I don't know. AM -- doctor pepper and being. I know -- involved. That girl was coming on the show and and now she bagged out. OK gonna call on Monday I'm on right now on TV and Alibaba an additional us. We like CBS this morning or something like this CBS I -- Kansas City that I guess there. So they're gonna -- she's gonna come on Monday he had allegedly owns yeah I mean you've -- -- -- -- your virginity off once and fish under the care right she -- there aren't enough. You're right she can only really short deliberately around technically won all the technical version is that a different banks but not particularly oxen and -- -- -- -- -- -- and I'd be pretty -- 200 approximate three Carrey Ali Al -- 300000 dollars is the high bid right now. Hello Paul. And more seat and not worry. And you -- pretty clear. You hear any abatement program wondered -- the locker well. Is that totally together and. The cancer and a -- I'm finished basement that don't cats aren't. Diaries captures the squirrels contrarian. Away from and where to -- real touring into the have a little squirrel. Running the -- she's too little -- you have nestled in a blanket and it's too hot water -- electric blanket little squirrel electric blanket that no. Now you're putting costumes on the world I did not street. And Google handles -- too little squirrel squirrel roller skates -- things like that that we can never grant that's just for that girl and her her -- -- it's in her -- 731. Of them. I'm not going to be able to get up I think and I are. -- -- -- And at what each topic. From Canada exposing himself and his name is puppet master of public didn't know. Again I can't write this gunmen happen brutal and older. I. I think it made it -- group. We want to mention a little bit. At the big man who -- a little including follow them. Your corporate event here -- -- figure but under a message with Google Australia sort of people real. They enjoyed an update -- and Tony and knew what he was doing yeah I believe he was removing fifty bags of human. Waste from a house. But today sure sometime it's messy why nots well you know hours and you really can't. Meanwhile I guess he can cluster at that -- You know you could -- look more critical towards a course that the number of an editor -- and about it generally there's prove on the laws of horrors for current law. That's alarming just the image of it. Twenty or older. Well I got up and the Connecticut. That that female is an -- that's. You get to 8 o'clock at that. At 10 o'clock and we're playing your hill will messages and we're also giving away Bruins tickets. So here's what you need to do. Text the code word gold right now the 9717. UF ten minutes. To text that code word goal GL AL and you'll be entered to win two tickets. For game number two tomorrow at the TD garden that is -- 1230 matinee game. Sign up to get last minute ticket alerts by email. At Boston Bruins dot com slash ticket alerts. That's a Boston Bruins dot com slash ticket alerts but you have ten minutes. To text to the code word goal the GO a L 297107. Starting right now. Looks sleepy -- man. Really expected -- American -- Well let go water all at all didn't quite ability forgotten how all of that. And the message. And -- and -- I didn't do anything illegal owner helping -- you saving wild animals and you're gonna get. Absolutely there the sheer volume -- -- time I've put in an hour and a half -- forward today what are you doing -- before work we would get to do with it but Republicans that need to -- bottle -- and this one honest one. Those are you a whole set up. You're in the dark like shaking were -- dark beating its bottle feeding mentally you are liberal -- on the -- A week's twenty looks and I can see now -- they -- they can go really well. Back into the wire you opened indicated. It -- -- the field and all get paid big big crowd. -- eight feet. Contender mentioned hawk but -- It's a giant -- -- yeah I mean and maybe a puppet and how how how how does a baby squirrel learned to be squirrel is being raised by humans exact. I am not editing it down the debt -- oh no he's adopted. -- Isn't listened as the conflict with mpeg now. You know what about natural at Texas says -- you ever heard of natural selection you know let them when the animals are -- I'm -- analytic dying in its own instead it's not natural selection if your mother -- -- and equipment. The mother murdered and I am I angry rap don't have -- -- three -- -- by not a -- A kid for sure no man. They'd. -- you know that you expect. This to you well. Quick note board yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. And the message. Get the green emails from people who tried a similar videos last night -- that they -- great here's that packet. It there's just a whole lot going on in your home well either it's the squirrels and cats there isn't -- It's a house full of crazy -- but it is a shadow amid all the shadow people wrinkling noises. A wild animals being bottles in his famous a final talk about -- -- -- a whole lot of important. -- mobile. Lot of deranged behavior happening over there. Looks route 400 -- and doing. So -- we're back out now are the only thing that they've already better than area. Are looking up. Nancy. They can demos you know they do -- they -- Johnson and you know some agent and drive LS yeah. I think news world please just like chicken right now it's it's very have you been at the -- and it's a whole lot it's like earth Heatley only beaten by what. You've beaten where usually -- urgently to squirrel. Where is where we framing him work for what. I Sandra I'm so happy to step that Bentley. Guzzlers -- out a little short on Saturday afternoon -- they are tips written an I can't I can't I have a pet party -- the wings I guess Carl -- hang on. If outside gravest of girl that's. Ultimately be huge -- that we we David we it was we didn't barbecued when I was. When I was living in just broke the wetlands and in Jasper Alberta we used to go for like five days. And we are like 91011 to walk each summer you we would hike up into the peaks of the Rocky Mountains like Italy but like. I'm literally above the tree ornament on the way up it would take it day. He got to camp and as it's a first camp to get your main camp them and at first Wii's are always do wild stuff. Barbecue if you Kyle because it doesn't do space to -- a statistical stick through to that of its market. You burn for for the second chance it'll end. And out there like they're not active than most young men and Peter stated it's because you'd think we've got -- go -- -- -- so. -- through like let mom oh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- And know what we. -- -- up and -- the top spot at that. That's -- angry LB's angry just I just the inconsistency. Be it if it's incredible you know to fraternity if you just. Good go good with NHL any NHL network today noted that the game will be replayed. OK yeah I think it's like 1 o'clock. Re watch the game. Just put a check mark on every time somebody gets mugged in front Montreal's net more or in the media in my -- -- -- in an economic corners and and you know or anywhere on the net he did that the much from the -- from -- were ridiculously. -- hands on now. And then watched -- -- key. Taking -- out or released or whatever his name is. In in double overtime and then and then compare that and then tell me I'm losing my mind now that that should have been apparently. Joke. Well you know you don't want especially in overtime. Why they -- -- -- really dictating. You gonna call him in double overtime. You called for penalties during the first second or third period right. But I OK cause I want called the whole entire time 7098. Everybody up and then why do people -- Airport draft -- morning. And now you know now you who and they're gonna win this series and I believe it. I'm worried about it a lot the first one last series here at the garden Chapman 240. Man. There are. Important -- that include. 747. All of them. Think we've been. That I might bring it up -- thank you all and I didn't put out there. Well I thought I wouldn't pick out. I mean I think a lot of. And the god. Who people are upset that they guy won the tickets at the hockey gave me Fuller outright I have them must have a great creature like in places rocket yeah pleased. -- crazy right there was not there was awesome you know and right from the Gekko gone gone Bruins fans for staying in that game you know when they were down two nothing then and -- -- and when they were down 32. It just you now. The momentum. What would have been with the Bruins after after coming back both of those times if they could've won that in overtime you know I mean I -- and trust crossbar -- -- those. Dedicated enormous -- met a couple of upgrade opportunities couple of times -- capitalize on -- afternoon hello Tracy. Hey man. What's up Tracy. The picture on my back in my room that morning and immediately. Put my head and looked at the second week. -- -- And eat. At six I was like all of period especially OK guess entry at the out there -- you want that's okay with me. And back it up so that they. They chasing pop up but you get their name. Half an hour. The fact that -- American originals grows or it was ours looks like Joseph the marble -- -- -- -- breakthrough ejected but like serial killer stuff killing animals like that as the little guys at a bomber used to do a number I'm an officer QE3 -- So again. On the next charitable thing there yeah I agree. -- you're able instantly taken you 22 mango and don't eat in garden mentally you can on injured -- go go go go go go fox Congo who -- -- go to scorer on. We need. Jack -- what do you call from Derrick or his fiance again about to find out how they're first Bruins game was Leno last night 2010. Fiancee if you're listening. And two EE him. Pathetic and they were like in and out there every trick it out and Panama content -- and allow it and it seemed that he. At a depth that -- ever -- Grammer but the their insulin. Man. At least there's no 1130 Finnish time tomorrow you know that the math. I was a kid did shot clock management you do you you know -- double overtime sober Diana and Erica oh you have oh it was the game was a lying residues so are you so that's a real -- I was there. I can't believe it is yeah I -- you must have thought about. Did you stay at the Charles River your ideal hotel of choice there. -- -- you know what I was thinking about it and I you know because it if if I would you know it got. I didn't want appear I was being a -- I don't wanna pay the heiress Serena and much for our first three hours. I'd I'd and a blast it to stay well garage. I I was watching the game would breeze and that second overtime comes -- and -- you know I began my go to bed. And a Guy -- completely captain bandwagon he bandwagon that needs like what are you talking about Agilent that if I'm like it. Thought we think about. You -- 45 AM it was like at four dollars in exactly four hours. All right well thank you are participating this morning during hill mail. Coming apple dock with Dennis -- who owns the bunny ranch. -- -- and Dennis has been in Donald Sterling from there -- so he'll join us shortly hello Tim. What's happening. Look at that yes we agree or in my looks similar that you skipping rocks. Process that didn't happen until the holds -- Holding my story when it was kind of watching. So we. Well you know I mean it seemed to sit down have a drink and eat and watch -- -- -- that about it. Didn't execute that very. You didn't ask you create. Life lesson with Colombia are other people are doing this the door to reverse the shadow of you know I guess is taken -- calls jackass. The charge of those who well at all and that nobody who voted. Maybe hold their morning show is powered by Echostar technologies tiered data center solutions provider visit echo store. Dot com if LB were in charge of answering the calls would have like seven on at once thanks to those sausage fingers. You know like my mighty tar rag GM job. Fitness a -- and and carry -- next well we got a call a winner and just a few moments and make sure that they're actually hockey fan although we can't do anything about it so we'll do that movement but while while we're waiting let's get -- some news in the -- Dennis toppled join as the news this hour is brought -- -- Dunkin' -- introducing -- new chicken apple sausage breakfast sandwich enjoy savory chicken sausage with a sweet -- of apple America runs on -- price participation may very limited time. Here's Texas that I heard rumors that LB is no longer allowed -- -- older vote I don't believe that I. He's like their number one customer of my best friends with field now that works a friend Dennis meant he's the only guy who pays double digits for growth -- African trip he doesn't realize that you can negotiate with the with the death quarter. I did -- dial up now to talk about the latest person to be kicked out of the gym this time it was not. A planet fitness it was now a fitness in Florida. -- grub is the woman's name -- thirteen year old son name they sent -- and the two of them were recently working out at the gym in Palm Harbor Florida and ocean port you know the kid I don't know if you call it just raining and really yeah but the Jim considered at that worked and she came in the --