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Dennis Hof: Moonlight Bunny Ranch 5-2-14

May 2, 2014|

Owner and operator of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada called in to discuss his ban of Clippers owner Donald Sterling from his establishment.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And I am I'm very excited about having our next guest on the show again then and I'm going way back here but I'll never forget. We were broadcasting live from Las Vegas and this man showed up with. Border incredibly attractive prostitutes and and generally wherever he goes. He always has attractive prostitutes with -- because that's his job because he because he is because he is Dennis talk any any are beyond the bunny ranch status. Pretty good at what the outcome there what are their order can you match I believe Ron Jeremy was also want to do in -- vote. Zero yeah yeah. It prudent. -- -- So listen Donald Sterling you ban them from the bunny man check in now had he been there before or -- I know you don't always reveal. Who knows that way. Can't wait for you is since the spill from privacy discussion that we can never go from pro war. -- -- ever bigger though this took a favorite place for below. Well you know totally sucks and treat detainees if you don't join the party and -- -- W you have of course showed up and -- -- and beautiful little. Well. It's gonna be back here we don't want to watch it here we go to a recent. To -- in the NBA players who come here. -- Now and I do we have an awful lot I mean -- a bunch NBA guys who were a lot of everybody's gonna -- grants and an airline yeah. He -- in the room. Because I think it's a little bit if everybody. -- little. While we at least once and let you referred to go from there it now didn't. Oh you don't. It to do is is may be like. I really would like to do to do the shell out there one day in and maybe make gravy with Father's Day coming double bringing dad out or something like that. That would be yeah. I was close to being a member of parliament a -- -- the parliament in London once and egotistical leader effects from from. And civil wanted to go. See it go to compare that -- -- That's what he took it that good and I thought you know -- -- Twitter you know a great field. Look at prediction and preview revelations put -- -- -- -- -- you want. Hmmm couldn't we speak with the what it would look like we did it look like -- accident -- including the first move. To keep it. -- think. It's open book to Bill Clinton action it would end in association. With the -- -- -- -- I remember. That you build your use -- they still want to prosecute the labs to quickly. -- Beautiful. Let you know also confirmed -- And I. And let's not that this is still may be listening so let's clarify that we're not friends -- wait a second we've never met this and I never met me. -- Your -- Sylmar area BC on. And clean air well CEO BO OK what's your what's your first name. And a OK a now eight. They've what was your major at Boston University. Well I didn't feel it can mean -- different -- conclude if you look at my hand I don't. Talk a lot about what's good good okay I have a degree in public and and get topology with a -- business. But you have chosen this life and and it sounds to me like you very happy with -- I'm gonna be doing anything except pressure. Yeah and -- plus you get the hang out with Dennis and Dennis clearly. Clearly there was a -- just a little extra room in his bed this morning apparently you and you crawled in there -- free random is that correct. Well I mean. They -- conclude that the bad. Yeah -- is that considered sleeping with the boss. I am at the wrap. You don't see each fret if alcohol was the this -- -- with with Clinton. It was so crude from an infection. Well go Clinton and running and -- pregnant and send them out there. Okay. That he did do did. One man has sex. And that I think given that I'm going to. That's eleven that's what you do for your country right right exactly yeah un -- to turn the president. Is that. Now now how many Boston girls are are working ends prostitutes at the bunny ranch. Yeah yeah. Yeah. That's that's awesome -- you know parents it's -- Lyndon byers by the way. Oh there's that but it's. She's under forty she has no idea if I was that sent out on the hot fifty -- -- my -- my suites what's the oldest able what's the oldest customer you've ever had. Well. I don't. Let. Them. And food -- you lose. -- and an older than sixty and then the next we'll mute button but clearly you don't mind amendments is that's what you do that's your job back that -- You think prostitution -- do you think prostitution should be illegal everywhere yes. I don't know if you want to be be -- everywhere and -- -- about -- and everywhere that you could just decriminalize it. No regulation. -- able to. So you'll absolutely you would be controlled the kind of like the marijuana distribution labs though want to have like a -- -- that what would be cool nobody's view me. Mr. Huckabee partners and we got the bunny ranch. East what virus Boston yeah or included an idea that the -- Now I mean and and you think when it comes -- you are you know I know you guys there's somewhat not specific about your customers but. A lot of the a lot of them or Mary do you think it ends up being a left for them. The best thing that happens don't. -- the -- I mean the last time very technical who helped save it. Well at least -- outfit and they. I mean even if and they end up breaking up eventually I don't. Know -- -- the -- out from believe it is in trouble. -- anything like. Well listen it's so nice for you wake up in and the rollover and and talk to us and I think we're gonna come out there and do the shows and so. As -- be -- As -- EU graduates. He would we would love to have you on the show. That morning when -- -- Erica. Didn't appear at public so much and. Do you miss anything about you. Well yeah I didn't think I actually had any doubt that it could. Are you on -- he's only to smoke show. I am and credit. And and you can email me would -- why -- Baghdad and he -- shout out. All right the women at -- what ADV. IR ET ORA. No -- days. They could level. Thought yeah and I'm sure you can't. I thought they can't put them inspect gone. -- -- -- and things to do what you do -- didn't I have I think it's a public service it's and you grow. Do you ever. I guess I wasn't I put pictures on your Twitter. -- you did. And -- know what they get better here third ticket. So abruptly all right -- he puts in the sense that knee since the new -- -- a couple of all of -- -- to cover require. Good. This different. You are rated wonder. Do you need to -- our focus from our football again the issue is she the one on the right -- the last people. -- the one with the black hair the -- Should put up. Would look and -- dish covered full. And yeah they'll look good look at pictures Gabriel for a while. I got and so yeah. She's she's she's great I am amazed and by the way feel free to throw some picks up it at all doesn't pay off my good friend. Yeah. Sorry he really that -- -- -- it -- just sit together. Oh yeah definitely rest -- this one on the pool is at the pool table at the bunny ranch to pull it would be up here. And if you if you go to -- Large the natural have you. It's not about quadrupling the size of the of the hole on the pool table. -- If they're ready to listen. Dennis a mile -- or -- want to show up down the -- -- -- -- Want to. Are different builder from different but he did offer to very the good luck this woman lately yeah. Good luck with a belt airport and helped us strategic. A little collection it was when we were extreme there. Sterling could come forward cruel just gorgeous black -- its actions go. -- -- You -- it just tortured acting like his girlfriend and I only twenty years absolutely nowhere can look at -- -- just look over. At got a couple -- well. Well wait for it perfect deliberately -- to photograph. Children require. Basically. -- -- billions sent him over the head he's gonna have a complete hi my black and my thought if somebody's. That is a lot of mud on my phones blown up -- you know my -- -- -- -- I'll fight a my embodiment -- brother too much but they can meet but I'll buy the plane ticket sales. Let's let's go get a big article on. We'll have a big guitar because they're focused group Michael there. That's -- the there's no business like show business hi Dennis mafia the man I got guys who thought they should make him reporting greater. Good quoted. I'm sure. My partner girl and Diana -- in a -- you aren't absolute animal. You -- -- some people some people talk about the life some -- -- it. -- there's there's no question better bet that's the beauty but there should. Always a party that's correct it's it's called the product what they call that when -- got to sample the product to make sure that it's up to money is on the equality now you're telling the compare this group could -- -- -- Costco would go to sleep after. You I'm -- to the minute whatever a pilot there's that is hop.