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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins 5-1-14

May 1, 2014|

A special playoff edition with Thorty

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hello. -- Hill Man Morning Show presents there's days wins already. Featuring John Darden of the the Boston Bruins. Thursday's -- authority has been brought to you all season long by the city busting credit union authorities choice for his banking needs and also. By EMD -- now. And EMV. Mel war. And there's excitement in the air nothing better shot Jordan then the Bruins and the Canadians in and around that number to the playoffs how are yeah. -- great just enjoyed a beautiful weather window of all it. -- -- now a well you know it's hockey whether I mean that's the thing and it -- -- you know what I mean that's how weird when it's like seventy and you lock into the yards per game -- OK but it -- right. Now and gave. Don't know whether it doesn't matter can take that there's debate Thursday -- start start sneak attack you guys you cloud city. You guys are expected Friday or Saturday. Does that matter but I'm happy to get it on this just didn't we you know nobody knew until Tuesday. Whatever midnight and I -- I guess it. Not not a big deal yeah a couple should seriously. Enough but. -- -- -- -- the you know the playoffs are you know and did you guys talk about it they'll be talks about it or about momentum a lot of times. As much may be is there about. Talent it did did did the way that series kind of turned the last series with Detroit surprise you. I thought. Yes and no one a very popular in going a -- -- sort of the first game but we just didn't like to spend. Forget that underneath that the public we. We control the vote for the most part. -- sort Altman. It's always good Orton predicted to beat them fired. I -- I I was -- pop up overnight after it. Yeah. And you look at that high AEA being able to two be back that's a bad big boost for you guys. He is now the speed -- bring I think an ultimate or give a figure that out -- as -- in the equities. -- but he's got a good shot in cities such -- -- player picked up bit hit our capital plan what a month. Well well lucky me back. -- you guys gonna have your hands full of very kind here -- with we -- Dan agree Aaron and Travis more -- -- Revere prayer. You know a lot of people who could forget the guy it was a sniper and a half in that outlined can be a game changer that gives them that you know they they basically. LA Ivan Sanders there's lot of teams NHL that wing wanna build their team like. You guys don't yours with you know roll four lines and have a four planets is Jews. Everybody else -- second but. Of the much Charles got that depth factor in our. Yeah I played football were up about cheers and help. People think well maybe -- one -- national circles and -- is that he even on the checking line and I'm not. Basically rating is that it -- -- right here because a lot of -- Philadelphia. I don't know much about that that we could -- -- heart -- Good example and for our well. Racks up -- -- want to actually should be a good pass but. What we enjoy that pick partner so should be on. You know -- toward our guest it's a playoff edition of Thursday's with authority and and I know. Quote is taken care several times to say that. The the next game is the only game you think about it there's no difference when it comes to opponents but but but do you. As the Boston Bruins do you guys get more up for this series because of the Montreal Canadians. And expect to wait a rivalry. It's right. The way we approach to look like -- that works sort of gave mom picked up the case no matter who you're playing. But you can feel the energy in the building. In both buildings -- here but what he's others just. Those ninety years. You'd seated right you just can't earlier part it exciting and a lot of well. You guys only beat them one time this season is -- a regular season make any difference when it comes. And I think it so I figured that it isn't there is -- -- -- -- This particular challenges that normally. And for whatever reason. Without trouble on but -- -- now things are now below this. So most. Just maybe we. -- -- -- Won't rule it out and play out -- we did you always want. But what I've been 36. You're not as worried about keeping your older -- Sean. -- it up and I think that's out. Bottom boat out of all more about whatever it away consult Tom and secure and hold up. That we we were talking yesterday about -- that. There's been seven fights in 45 playoff games and I think in 94 was the year that was referenced that that's that. There were fifty units in the same running games did it. Are you are you able to you -- good job about it but is it is it hard to control yourself please do when you wanna knock somebody out. Very typical and I think. W. Going to be. What can handle -- and thought well the better not get like well property to just. And and -- at a try to belly flop now here it is up to. Just play -- the bank during the regular season -- a lot more like tonight a former Washington. 2014. As -- op. Approach and so I guess. For particular topic tomorrow I'll be probably play it you can focus up playing a lot more. And what happens is that that's -- guys that may be. Don't produce much here are back in the regular seat matter but not all of that -- -- -- -- the victory just. Urgent focus on. An improvement over the talking setup or impossible it -- let. And I had a taste exactly grabbing -- tough guys back in in in the eighties. I don't think there are as skilled as tough guys that they're -- now I mean. Coaches in general managers in in in president's warrant want a fourth line. That can that won't be a detriment against another team's first -- second line and give their. Their first second line guys that ample rest needed so that third periods go your way. And how authority how hard is it not to because they're good at it. How hard is it not to be goaded into stupid penalties by these guys. Wish it shouldn't be that I'm here not. -- the regular paper a couple of weeks and so. Will let we've been through a lot them we played a lot -- seven years I've been and we know that. Brady's composure and really if you compare very very skilled and very out on the power play. What is the numbers and they took off -- back and that -- -- where where Clinton -- we'll keep our composure. As far as young guys who haven't been in this situation before who's impressed you the most. Yeah yeah. I think. Always but -- airport. I absolutely terrible looked like. Recognizing. Talent at all the way -- look at -- and -- no idea helping our biggest goat the here. They want it happened on all the way through it needed. It looked like six it was his first here. The way it played with a paltry it you went -- here. Yeah I mean it really is and yeah I wanna mention crude to begin at the stepped up in his -- grade I think it certainly that last series that -- He's playing unbelievable. And it got a bit last year I think that helped tilt you know nobody. Years ago and got here it probably nauert I'm picking up are well built right that our young guys and Torrealba played two games before this year and look up and not whispers here that you went really well in. Try it -- it via or up went really well not their -- in the -- to -- -- is -- result. I think. We're very well look without applicants chop them up. As Canadian are you surprised that Saturday's game is not the Hockey Night in Canada again. Is it that specialize well everybody -- -- there -- a lot of with a lot of one and -- -- did not -- like it -- carriers. -- I don't get over it but I -- There's a lot of controversy because everybody's been saying yes to the fact it's 1230 but that your pal of mine Bob Stoops who was Sweeney sent me text that it hasn't been decided yet to be determined for a schedule well to -- And everyone knows that I I capture. DC and I don't know that apparently the applause from all thirty result people would get you talking. In America shares BBC -- connected Canada as well as some. I'm just seems that the couple are now you can well. A text that wants to know what you did that come. Marsh down when he was losing his cool. Against the -- And I don't pick up Mikey get -- -- up in the it didn't apple crap I want to edit the well up on the shoulder but not -- and it does that epic rock hammer something out -- -- bad but -- I'm not not just here for one is there about -- -- like you said that's it it's actually good thing because usually your -- by NASA on camera doing something. That's the absolutely nothing to do the -- it. Our involvement and easier probably not not that it never got it right opera but let people water spout out half scratch -- you're not split. I think -- I right well listen I couldn't be more exciting I mean this is we're behind accused -- -- this is I mean you guys get through this your best rivalry right. -- got I think you're right up there -- about -- sport but I'll yes I know all I really do yeah. No there's no other north Americans pro teams that I've met more in post season play and the Bruins in the comedians. Are backed. Back it's 34 times that the 34 you're gonna Nixon -- scale. And you all know I mean not without saying it. There's there's I mean I don't wanna get you in trouble you're not you're not on the phone right now but there's one person on that team at the that most Bruins fans would likely to bundle at some point if possible and that's all say about that. That. -- a lot of it goes up or let. Look at individual. -- are. You all that you know he does that tell you. Yet -- had to cut us all right Daugherty will talk to you next week great luck buddy back here there's John Thornton of the Boston Bruins.