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Hill-Mail 5-1-14

May 1, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hours topics include Greg, the Sox and the B's.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit -- to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- -- out. Days being just some of the callers who have been left open the and we'll call it could have been -- This blunder was always who have been -- But it. On WA eight. Should be playing here but I figured out of that group in another -- -- for her mom that's I'm a third mom oh my god did you see that. Stupid story on the news last night about the -- cafe don't come here I'm so jealous I wanna open account cafe and will have. Quote the tiger mother communities and the worst legal of their animals the worst of the there was a line outside that the cat cafe. And the worst was there's one due to walk off that I'm not sure your ally and a -- picture that's. Your own iron -- throughout -- help hire good one yard and they -- cat cafe. I thanked all the pussy was -- And I. They'll mail messages today brought to you by -- turf care your residential and commercial line care provider visit noon turf care dot com. And mention WA AF for a free flea and tick treatment. From the experts at noon turf care less than nineteen hole and. -- -- -- -- And that message that's. Captain it's a work nights I think captain -- lately watching all of them in the -- luxury of the choice otherwise they'll be tempted to leave -- -- -- -- blanket. I'm an American ways that they did but you know Saturday afternoon is looking pretty enticing are -- okay let's get pretty where's would you like going to be a good one. When -- 720 Warren and -- All. Black and then hit the -- I was North Carolina yes. Wind blown back then didn't -- me and him. Yeah. And then message. Them. -- and don't fully treaty and a man. And the message that noise is not -- relaxed these. And you need to critical -- that are -- and no more not paper now known to the bag plastic stated should that be a late uncle like the electric. Wind -- 406. PM. -- -- you're getting ready to play that have. You don't know that the Canadian. Don't let the -- dog food and I can't the government somebody it can't be a liability I don't want to go on the good. -- Netflix. It is funny that he you know the Canadians. Accused of diving yet freer and above the league and I occasionally -- as little overly dramatic and well when he when he went down and grabbed the wrong way back -- -- -- -- -- problem who -- business and its new NHL man and this -- the good players coming to roles right now but in Mitchell minerals. Twenty -- older. I'm here what. Spoken word album I'd run though include somebody important book but yeah. How -- that city there is an outside. Teen west has announced that his next album. Will be three hours on and it will be spoken word that sounds compelling. And we should have a regional listening -- if -- -- Of the coroner or is it there's like finals he's not going to how many times. Says he mentioned his own name -- -- out like a hundred out of that when he does it's usually the best in the world that it. Three hours continue. I can't think of anything worse. Then three hours of listening to Kanye a cock about time. I don't think there's anything hours' sleep 27. Human hero again and that. -- that will happen comment. And disconnected. Wouldn't be Lowe who wouldn't let him dating a married noticed it was a big -- employing because they could record they're calling her own record she's dating authorities in Spanish I don't exterminate down yet. There. -- -- You're ordering what's up Dan. Quickly I'm glad that early in his bedroom -- And justifiably areas could see you repeat it today but given that even today that puts the new. Thanks for teaching him. You know Greg I haven't -- that's scheduled. I'd be willing to have stepped -- to get into the conflict -- Debian blocked the -- playoff game the Boston red side of playing on Saturday. You remember them -- -- the world champions -- and -- the site. Get bandwagon it isn't even cold yet Greg what did you put it on -- thing. I'm gonna come pick Greg and above the -- cycle reminds me of the time I was trapped on the gate and saw an old girlfriend who then promptly -- behind a car. Rather than in the book I'm routinely. And the message -- that it. And reinsert her right there and I. Is there there and the Denver I'll be right there to get -- -- think he won in hand. Are wondering -- you have the cost of keeping that into the studio to sweep up some of them being cute drop the course -- -- -- didn't know that was a guy's method is exactly again and again go back to back to keep me poor inland. Quote I ought to go to -- My. Opponent yeah. Jennifer Lawrence. Named the sexiest woman alive by F HM magazine and I honestly I think she's gotten better looking or heard what the rules. That she takes. You know exposed their beauty better I I didn't think. Hunger Games wise that she was that high now but then just kind of involve American hostel style lines she looked fantastic yeah American Consulate she did agree to -- -- Olmert per cent of them were the keys to be blown competing C -- look at -- There -- -- our victim and not all on the Canadian tour don't. -- -- come away and they couldn't. And -- that Derek Sanderson greatest color guy of all time invented invented the Obama basically invented the homer colored dot. There's terrorism does that legend you know in those days everybody was trying to be the journalists the rye grass -- liars hi Colin as they see it right and we just describe the game and no we're not rooting for the home team. But -- recruited for the home team Betty duties with Fred. Read path to delay right yes he black and gold. You're sick one of the greatest greatest greatest guys ever don't get -- by play I I think Jack in brick do a great job. But Brad and Derek when I was gonna on channel 38 that the the best ever great -- the best track and grow 60 man. Why didn't doubt you would go to -- broke. -- why god I don't know. -- no matter how do you get. The ball. I think every do I go and -- out okay all they are right. Into an ocean access that you know we look at this morning during facts -- that Maryland and round never have a board. Which is not good news for Joseph DiMaggio or the Kennedys and their reputations are being selfless -- there's a I after their a lot of fellows out there there were bad in Iraq I guess I'll will back in those days -- think they cared. Are now. I mean did. Did they care these days I didn't care I don't know guys but I get those days they're like now well -- bank plot. In -- memo orgasm and and wasting your time tell me that I gonna get any -- at a meeting that he has got -- and each and the media is that the mission -- 624. All and -- -- -- -- I don't believe I can still be okay. And I don't know which direction the bill. And that and that is not new for NORAD now is a -- oath about the blue to blow up by tweeted a picture of the bloated about to blow. Here's a Texas says there is something worse than the three hour Kanye album and that is the audio book from Elizabeth -- -- -- kind of knew what. I call her that. -- she married I bet -- I guess I think that's town and a perfect this that I'm actually in and nailed the president Warren impression we. We need to get audio of that food we do -- that I'm not. The number one market value -- won't -- let me sit down to a few. People would -- -- below. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all of those came after that the cheating them. That's irrelevant. My audio from a woman very lovely model who had sex with a shadow person yet. Coming up. At 8:35. On this morning show. -- -- me all. My about what that -- real problem with it don't indicate he still learning and new equipment saying. -- -- sound -- than he did note that something that every little bit and that's something stupid every. I think the whole problem and -- -- where that crew crap presentation here. And -- hit it not -- I was working on yesterday we were in -- I was very concerned this morning amid concern that he didn't have the new -- done by the day of the month that it wasn't up to. Pop -- now. You know I had a product that I don't wanna haven't had a crap product out there for a home on now and have an average on trial. Again the I guess I -- setting yourself up you know produced some amazing that they don't want their return. A yeah that's why LB doesn't go over basic -- I Jorge I think it without an expectation many years I've put priority. Let's hope that dirty to you while banana right yes right. Ever get over it ever get over fifteen goals go. How the last thirteen -- right mediocrity our kids tried their only got used to them and get ten. Hear what you write what you won't want your fighters had happened. Hope and quiet not living up to his last year performance appliance ten goals last year won this -- on the season's over and -- week's -- and -- at the. Which would you rather do. Listen to -- -- three hours spoken word album. Or remove fifty bags of human feces from a house that what if you had to do than simultaneously. He imagined. -- contest yeah yeah.