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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact? 5-1-14

May 1, 2014|

LB stood strong as we learn about a celebrity unable to have an orgasm, the #1 reason men cheat, and have they ever cancelled a Kentucky Derby due to lack of booze?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- please I don't believe such things there's nothing unsanitary home. You drink yeah there's got to be a lot of would be man CD and not only name you blather about. It's time -- -- facts she -- -- attacks though like this guy says it doesn't matter they can make a hole the size MLB's head and I still won't be shooting -- -- I thought well let you know. -- -- Called out you wanna play and win tickets for the rock star energy drink mayhem festival. Which is happening on July 22 the number to call. The be a part of Baxter Max this morning is 6179311. AA 617931. One area. I think all golf courses should remove the sand traps is -- red sand traps are meeting and pull away Liz. What's up Liz. I'm Italian excellent where you calling from. I'm more right now I'm thinking but I'm I'm an island right -- what do you do. I quit my god -- now I am self employed and I hit a little while an artist are you are you. Asleep whisper artist's performance and they wanted to -- -- -- -- I don't laconic but that make quality jewelry. Some idol is in America. There are 2.2. Eleven to two point 11 I guess that's you I should say. -- for every household in America. Over two cats for every household. Danielle throws everybody else is numbers -- -- -- is that a factor smacked. Barack acting white you can say more. Every result here and there aren't -- management act you're going to act on that I would just say this. We do hoarding story a -- dead cats in freezers once a week this is back it's back LD nailed it it's absolutely I didn't mean. Sorry Liz hello Jason. 100 OR EG I RJ. The number one reason men cheat on their lives. Is kids. The sex stops when the babies are born in fact or smack. I'm getting married next. Are. You gonna go fast up to unveil what the after that -- well. -- unwholesome well tonight and I I I I'm I disagree rich Barack Paula you're gonna what would you say it is what. The number one reason that men -- if it's not about the kids. I is not about it's it's it's a bit nagging -- nagging nagging nagging -- to do this do that where were you what you do on what's going I'm not I'm sorry that that that is the number one reason that men cheat kids are born and there's no wars that -- bill. I don't -- bill how are you. And then bill in 1955. The Kentucky Derby was canceled. Because of a statewide. -- shortage it was the only time. In a 139. Years that the Kentucky Derby has been canceled factor -- Are in fact you go back you know our big -- being that I am a kernel. From Kentucky unofficial official journal of Kentucky yes add to that is a fact that is back yes I'm sorry it's -- that there has never been prepared. I've ever been merited -- -- at Kentucky and take an open open doesn't go jog. Let actually although they were risking it when they made you an official colonel that -- -- I think that it not I thought Jack Daniels while signed by Jack Daniels needs Haniyeh came to the studio that's pretty cool in my. Maker's mark in lately LA makers must be really good stuff you wouldn't stuff. All right John -- rob. I'm -- from rock that John Marilyn Monroe. The lovely sexy actress never experienced an orgasm with any of her many lovers. -- Porsche Mac. Our goal where backbone that fact let's lift. I mean how could she have an orgasm when ER JFK coming to the party -- -- and I transport about why she -- February -- Bobby involve -- you know it admit no one would ever know on this summit or Barack its facts. -- -- -- that I that you don't let you told she told that particular friend is still looks. A way in the bathroom she told their friends are never gonna believe -- as I've never had a normal but she told Audrey Hepburn the pop out and are there have been there and -- the -- I mean. How dare she do that to the great Joseph DiMaggio. You know I mean -- Active Republican tears were joke not a know what I was so good -- video and I -- Kennedy's abide by it in -- How dare the world know that Joseph DiMaggio is not an accomplished or role. A pleasure provider if they are really -- at the end or she -- jima but -- just like oh oh yeah yeah yes right there Maryland yes this is that the that the. I just finished I think is great every Kennedy tried to give kernel -- ethnic and -- good about it and they're they're just awful and bad name political joke there somewhere around. Yeah just imagine what you eat you know first there was JFK and that's gonna happen and he's like look I don't I'll bring Bobby up. Both India and human body couldn't do it as -- not in contact with the Teddy when they did that even -- -- -- know Washington a cook at.