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John Dooley of Echostor 5-1-14

May 1, 2014|

Our buddy showed up for the breaking announcement of sponsorship of the Hillman Morning show.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And I am delighted to have. Our next guest in the studio with us this morning because he is a huge supporter of this program. And we have. A big financial announcement here this morning the last time. This this individual. Was doing a morning radio program that the next to me. It was in Vancouver Canada and it was the morning of a game seven of the of the Stanley Cup finals and is you. Tipped me Doug LB was you guys stiffed me out now you have to stay here all I haven't I had friends -- -- flying to bend over for the game but they were leaving at one in the afternoon -- you guys that are built who bothered to let me know he was -- until 6 o'clock already I'm sorry you. Had to stay here yeah. -- stay here to handle somebody has to be on the bridge so that the ship doesn't run aground LD and that was that was GO. But John -- the CEO of echoes Dole's Echostar to -- guys Austin is here with us this morning. And we have a big announcement to make and that that is I believe for the first time ever. We have secured a presenting sponsor for the Hill Man Morning Show. For the for the well into the future and that is Echostar and and John and Italy so we. Still wait we want to know we want to say thank you to extensive negotiations we actually didn't get any cash in the deal but we that we do we -- -- we did get some dinners and then Tony. Oh we got it yeah the tournament and LBs gonna get a new way. As a as a part of the sponsorship -- the correct absolutely right link a I think yeah I mean I don't get -- you both get an -- ordeal but I. Can. Think about the things -- sponsors -- echo stores. They have the Zamboni direct and and value of the presenting sponsor of the home in morning John it doesn't get any bigger than the king of charitable causes well yeah I mean you know did. There are doing here it's like that it. -- Philanthropic powerhouse that -- -- -- turn on payments so being in the presence of you know I love giving it could could could. So is speaking of giving I I do -- mention that -- Stiller is partnering with the Red Sox this year. And every time. There is Red Sox hit. You guys are donating to charity yeah mr. I love it but I did I I -- that have Arnold on it yes. I know part and we'll both the Red Sox and -- and stuff and for every hit the month of April we donate fifty dollars to use the cloud upon which this can Casey's. Charity from the truck at Murphy's. And in May we are going to be donating to the great -- foundation welfare testing that means we have to hope that there at such -- a lot of hits. Other Internet and -- they're gonna -- -- they're catching fire as his busiest wanted to get an old you know that the April Sachs brought people. Own soundtrack I mean the move. Fifteen dollars every time they get a hit every -- -- -- -- -- every game and you're continuing that -- -- then I think the season will be done other charities for the months of June and July excellence and I August and I believe they do things with the -- of responds we're not doing it in -- excellent excellent than -- this service this isn't that's fantastic -- well. Make sure of the year what rooting rooting here hometown team. On that so he can -- -- that they're very -- foundation gets great donation from Echostar technologies absolutely we're looking forward to -- and we appreciate here full presentation of this program and then and and we appreciate your support even a long -- supporter of the show. Yeah love the show and happy to be a sponsor and be part of it once again. All right -- into Wimbledon and the the power -- the party input box number what's remembered and I I don't know about how he went -- coast or -- -- -- -- I'm gonna crash. -- sorry to point out that that's -- is close -- tonight the only only -- renovation -- -- unfortunately -- -- an -- I'll be there -- up excuses and -- It's going to be if that's theory text finally barred party nine call at 9:9 o'clock exactly best way to keep LB from showing up somewhere sentiment tactic doesn't know how to read it -- that I thought about it -- -- weekend I don't know I don't know. Yeah right above it to me at the Bruins games I'll be in the thrown boxed up. A tight with -- Kodak company. I. Let's and you without even trying we -- we really appreciate this report that -- Stiller and -- store. Your data center solutions provider the Hill Man Morning Show is presented by echo Stewart for more information you can go to echo stored dot com. -- John great to see a great to see that they know guys go Bruins do obviously I don't know b.s and those socks that's right -- right.