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Whisper Videos 4-30-14

Apr 30, 2014|

Danielle brought up her creepy whisper videos again and see what chaos ensued.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Danielle who's this lady. Ill son though why her daughter whispers yeah I mean look I -- everywhere -- turn. And and Danielle and I discussed this briefly in the opposites morning but this lady is on television yes. Because of her popularity. When it comes to the -- -- the crazy whispering thing that you like it at night hey you guys to put this -- we did. It's called and some are for those who don't know autonomous sensory media and meridian response and basically it's kind of like asparagus. So when you -- certain noises they call them triggers. It gives you. Up with what they call them brain gas and to give you -- pleasant tingling sensation and like the back of your head maybe down your legs down your spine. And a lot of these people listen to this either for the tingles or for a relaxation and to get to sleep and you -- you market. What I mean Elsa has added a couple 100000 subscribers at -- -- -- also like Maria gentle whispering. Heather feather Haley whispering -- these are all people have like tons and tons. Of followers online they do really I mean the videos can range from simple like -- of a bad. That did these people used to be and the phone sex industry in that had gone someplace that the out takes a lot of people don't get offended. When people point out that it's slightly erratic -- to hear these things sometimes it's ironic it's creepy it's not really let me tell isn't that I had the worst sleep problems until it started listening -- -- -- videos I knocked out with a 34 minutes. Wants to be trying to fall asleep because you're so tired from working year asked and then he got somebody whispering in doing weird noise -- -- -- -- -- -- put you to sleep with human like almost hypnotic -- not -- -- right now whatever happened analysts and ended tunes. Up on the radio turmoil in Arabia but I had said China and a crank and yes well I image. I mean if -- have a listen as something that's gonna put me to sleep at night -- I listened to and read. -- -- he's loved in. The guys at all in Wednesday's with the ball -- China. Still isn't so are you there are these weird videos floating around and and apparently if he believes some of -- -- the dead that's written. This is now a major trend for people trying to falsely. And -- issue here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sacrosanct it's. Not he can't complain. -- -- he -- me -- -- cuts because I picked these ones specifically because they reflect different triggers which one is that though that -- -- -- -- -- she does she's a couple of really good here brushing videos -- plays are big in the as some are worlds so they'll do like. I hair stylist roll player or make overall play were it's like you get the visuals to of people like touching your face given our. I wanna know what the stories like this would drive me not like I could involve sleep because I'm like what happens after the makeup. That's because she's taken her -- she takes you want about it 27 minute tour -- I remember correctly. Like her little vanity Dresser and she makes she -- the plastic -- containers together and the -- knowing. OK I'll go through cement. Telling you don't want to tell you oh yeah it sounds weird -- think if you have if I have insomnia you know I don't like Tommy and I -- -- -- -- if you're listening were making a -- video yes check I don't know Feeney is on artists so what's now here's this is it's going to be critical to our rob -- what -- this critical -- hello this is what it's labeled -- a year earlier. Or massage and some are Dimitris from Australia's -- favorite -- some artist. And he's an artist I guess you aren't performance art. But first album was a fast. Any kind of loss and got back in August 1 album was the -- and -- the -- yeah. But it didn't work too well now everybody ignored it involves -- -- excited -- we went to the gradually so sprinkles or big single repeat that jingle trigger for -- Sometimes it's a heavy critical sometimes it's a light one -- does one with a silver silk packaging that people love that this is from the heavier video. -- just a little whispering in crippling of some black sesame paste. -- There patient -- -- -- -- How to videos usually good anywhere between fifty and -- two hours. I mean like people do anything like that and some are classes wondering what -- -- -- She did well the problem is we're listening to it too well in order for people to -- in their cars or whatever you know you got to make -- -- it. Africa -- creole baby but you like these huge productions if I -- my all time consuming -- and -- yeah but -- -- how it works for people. Here's -- Texas says you're seriously. After in the head if you find somebody -- wrinkling of potato chip bags it's not it doesn't sleep inducing and honestly. And do it right out shot -- always -- the famous names dropped object in a it's crazy now. The Texas has what ever happened a couple shots of whiskey -- past and I read items that the way to do it I think I got LBs when you could be the bubble wrap popping guy. Now here they do have -- they do have several bubble wrap up. Hubbub there's good air act it will come up with something up. Welcome for something there with. There's another good one -- pilot's voice who it's kind of funny because people do requests a sale can you do this noise can you do this soundness -- request to fall asleep I just. This is -- that we were living in an interest in time in this we are rare they -- -- -- -- so -- at the end of one of her most recent videos that said that she got request -- kissing noises but which actually creeped her out she's like well good for you guys so here's that little -- -- You can put up. The governance that are within cast. Into our business. Just -- packaged stop and taps. But a believable -- they everybody thinks -- council. That's fine you know I -- -- -- -- -- doctor crime than I did these shows are all reaching out to like Elsa. In doing these and she's the Netherlands so they're you know they're -- these videos about AS Amare but it feel like if you don't wondering if you donate do pharmaceuticals. This is something people laugh yeah now I mean there are a lot of you're going isn't Eric but people have insomnia. Hello Jeff. A guy I don't know about all the recommended that we've been on the market. Yes. And we. Had a goal and we are. I mean he also works well and I've found. Hello Chris. Some guys what's up slaughtered or anybody else thought that the hypocritical sounded like oil and that they had about. What about. Everybody says they'll be what you'd like LB should be like bacon frying north. I can play I didn't even try to get -- you are -- and eat some -- does a lot of beating one -- -- -- that's how I stumbled on -- MR because I was looking for teaching noises like at a diner for -- that we're doing like -- and eating noises and I stumbled -- when -- was like -- some are like what disguising -- -- -- at close range with a Ellis says. A second look at the other -- -- -- -- this is so relaxing it's so weird Al totally admit it's -- but I throw those headphones on and I'm I'm out within three minutes. Every says it's a creepy. What if -- -- easier listening to it to -- that's the process at this this is intent this is it went from ancillary Angel Charlotte she does -- or Charlotte Charlotte and other Charlotte you know you personally now I don't I don't feel no idea at the so she index. Videos she she -- on her ramble and she does the hall from the drugstore but she starts off eating some lovely cookies interpret that he's called Jeremy dodges -- so here. I'm dressed like you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- Newton knew what. A lot of them but to think. That. Yeah. And the -- one would make me hungry I don't -- -- out -- bad guy you know what do you have any. Which generally every chocolate chip -- -- for a aren't pretty hundred I though of course they use the foreign accent wants to that is -- a volley -- English ladies everybody wants to not get but it text just made a great point. If you've ever felt relaxed listening to Bob -- stuff talk while he paint dry that's a classic example of this summer he start he was the pioneer he was -- wrong you know it and he had no idea that in the trees that was the pressure oppose gun. Hello Mike. Very -- once I wonder if that's what you know people followed the same time Nielsen Co. in January -- and -- the so called -- -- want. Well yeah we don't. Know. Go look relaxed very similar another -- so come on I don't quite know volatile like yeah. -- did they some. In my age whenever any show comes on a flawlessly I don't I don't need anybody's whispering or you heating oil Antarctic and British accent hello Noah. Morning morning shall -- yeah. I actually get it straight -- -- -- quote I see and it also an impersonation and auto. Our first nation that we get it -- Shoppach are all capital in this great. She's a lunatic -- wouldn't -- -- I want it I'm in with continents and happens to be a big trend in the world hello Brian. What's up Brian. OK so what should begin a lot of very subsidies. Pay good that I. That week that does say -- like it did. That's it you're gonna need try to watch -- like helix the walking yet and it's got to be silent you what you gotta look every single word. It hit the road with a bag -- goes out -- you can play a critical critical on strike that crippled. The worst riots. Yeah I might might whisper videos are him and his buddies playing Xbox filled. All hours of the evening and not allowing me to sleep because -- tires and under the present but let me an Xbox controller movement buttons for well. Pretty interesting. I guess -- see the -- What what the breathing hearing them. Replay I think it's Grammy reviewing your -- -- in there and you're normal that your brain works and I think you'd be creeped up at the. Necessarily hurt again if you haven't tried it -- -- you know there's some sounds that for some people are relaxing with the -- in the -- sound like smacking a lot of people like -- neck lip smacking the for a lot of people that's like a -- -- -- type thing -- -- that you fixate on it and it drives you crazy Buddha and a below my money. And my -- loads up. I didn't have hit the mark and -- I would live. Bell could play more media minute card if it's Al group really bad -- -- -- -- relax a little bit yeah. Can you go on disability for the AS MR amnesia are not a lot of hints that the kidney continue to -- -- you -- -- you probably got about what -- but I don't think her for a few events and an iron off. Here's the Texas is being held boyfriend deserves an award for putting up -- -- little fury and he's he's that they are not. And listen to when I'm like snapping them up but that's a I think they're playing keep me busy I'm sure I've been there it's.