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Are You Smarter Than a Comic Book Nerd: Larry 4-30-14

Apr 30, 2014|

Our good friend Larry from Larry's Comics called in to discuss Wolverine's impending death and turned the conversation into a battle.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now they Hill Man Morning Show presents a great look great knowledge geez I can't imagine. In the news. Sounds gay but it's not. Instead news in the comic book world Wolverine is very very old times that a 130 year results -- -- there. The folks at marvel decided it's time for him to shuffle loose this mortal -- they're killing him off -- say this is big. For the comic book merits we're there nobody goes the way you move now when is that gonna happen. I don't have a specific timeline in front of me these sick who is that the the have like the old -- right amount but some. Some industry experts say that we may see him come back of course it's well it's a what good is like announcing a dramatic gathered character fees. But honestly now I know they say on track. Well joining us who is interest thing perspective I'm sure on this is our pal Larry the comic book married the supreme of comic book -- of the world. We haven't had on the -- in quite some time Larry good morning. Good morning why. Is America how's how is is -- is Larry's comic book still in operation. Larry's wonderful world a -- true all smashed store operation gossip and Burrell and listen this is the nerd world abuzz with the news this morning. Let -- -- did a lot of mixed feelings about that okay yeah I blew up in the 80. I am really read more into you mold Lyndon fire terrorist group. I. -- the only. Thing that really likeable country okay it would all the rain and it would have been about. Yeah I realized I guess forgive my ignorance I didn't realize Walgreen was Canadian. -- -- if you need. That's why he's that's why he's so awesome now. He's pretty cold he's easily and he came on a slew in 1970 or the last page of hope comic. He would easily -- model most. -- -- -- He's oh he's their most popular that's awesome and those is big news that they're just -- you have. Tell us that it literary it's it's big news -- and yeah I think kids can. Wolverines somehow. Contracted elect a supervisor or burnt out ratio -- track was -- -- super gonorrhea. That's a good guy who brought it could be good at and TD we don't know its own aesthetic vampire strip -- like -- Now on Larry would you be up for an impromptu are you smarter than -- comic book -- right now on Wolverine if I get some adult so don't let it roll because it's been quite some time so if you call right now 6179311. Area. You know what I have tickets to go see Lisa Lampanelli. At the Wilbur theatre. On Saturday Lisa Lampanelli is at the -- over on Saturday so enemy if you call right now 6179311. Area. And you know -- comic books like Larry I mean nobody knows. Kevin Smith -- nobody nobody knows likely. I mean even -- Larry Larry Holmes chairman -- -- -- Kevin Smith on your show yeah -- you did you you absolutely killed by the by the it because right now. And he can -- area hook up with tickets for Lisa Lampanelli at the Wilbur theatre on Saturday may third. Like these big model scale watery bloody -- except that it could be something behind it won't bring and what might call initially. In agreement not. When people. The movement of the -- I mean I guess I I think the movie world has burned tomorrow but really you know placing big in the movies and -- and yeah choruses that. I Hugh Jackman doesn't wanna be. I mean yeah that could be -- -- that could be what it is -- let me grab Steve. And gets these to see if he can -- do area -- stayed. All right but I'm not oh my god look a lot of -- Iraq's. Really appreciate that. Steve what is -- what is his real name. Sorry folks I know her -- and our what does it. Seeing the power the that the say now that -- Larry Larry laughing he's not being he's being respectfully but and I thought that. It nails it every single time I rights. The view -- You are unfortunately not a winner but I got to figure out how to dump you okay. Let's get the GO NC you know to tell Larry just knew right off the bat he's like forget about that they gel. How -- -- -- Is. Not a really appreciate that. On in which comic did Wolverine makes his debut. I believe it was an incredible Hulk comic well every kind of indicate SE yeah yeah -- you have -- People which argued that -- 181 matches first bowl appearance but any good comic book -- know. It didn't help when he won eight jets from Alaska on the last page 1974. That Q what are blazers that this does this stuff get you chicks I mean that's the only thing we're. Never. Struggled to get somebody good portion of her merry meet her record -- and -- track. A year or so yet but she into the comic books. What could not not conventional that we -- we're due to meet. We met analyst from lowly medical OK. This is. June day. To play are you smarter than a comic book -- -- generate. -- -- -- -- Well it Gerri what are also all night we really appreciate that what Jerry what is the metal and wolverines clause calling it a lot. You that no idea. What that Larry and it. If the net and we got on Larry there are there are bonus points available on this question when it comes to what they're actually made us. I'll actually do you know that. -- know what they did have that blocked opponents clients that Basra actually made of what. And the -- rapid and yet correct absolutely and so he'd meet him and yeah. Is that meanwhile -- I think I only have one question -- so we'll see it is -- can go up against -- and went full -- -- -- caress as well as its address. And they're aware -- originally two options for what kind of animal on which character would be based what what's the other option. I'll wrap it Billy -- which obviously being of course all of it today. Are. You. Really thought was one of the very. And the other room Tom it was it was going to be seeing were people when they meet secretly he is and. To the correct Larry. Absolutely correct nailed it. As -- actually what does a beaver was either a Wolverine or beaver. They want to see which Canadian animals were most popular -- that too easily calling Larry and what are. Okay. Understood the question talk about what a free you're gonna base that are right I think the weapons projects in the -- now huddle and. And I would talk I'm usually well -- and he's brought. Larry take it -- Said -- in Ohio I think we'll call that perhaps a victory for Christmas yeah definitely victory heavily -- -- -- -- All right Larry it's a big comic book news today looks like Wolverine is dead. And I'm now burner for now are now well and I'm not a good and -- you are. Returns to comic shock seen them you are -- dead -- or break year and a half. Really so yeah so basically I mean somebody dies there's no truth then it. Does the bad message storage you know. No truth to it whatsoever -- bad message to the American people -- I write -- just come back from one puts the -- -- the -- everybody knows it can't die in the comic book world. Since the Ruth built -- athletes I. I'm -- get this topic can you do not that. Thought the cable from the Bruins series I think you kind of a war that left pretty cool like that to now -- in particular blue chip rivalry does sound so excited. It will get up who Larry's comic books that lol correct Larry. Absolutely we bio comics. And I download squad out. But they -- comics and they don't -- -- and they don't hang out with any checks -- and -- -- -- Taylor. -- does Larry semi team albeit WA AF dark comedy you're so we aren't gonna hang on during his parents give me answers all too little brother. Nice work that. That's Larry that comic book guy.